NATO fascism

NATO uses double standards for its opinion-making to bring the population closer to nuclear downfall: what NATO accuses Russia of, THE NATO state of Turkey has been practising in Cyprus since 1974. Nevertheless, current plans for armament are justified by an “annexation” by Russia.

NATO has said for years that Russia’s actions in the Crimean crisis marked the rupture in which a new security environment emerged for the so-called free West. On April 1, 2014, the Süddeutsche Zeitung read:

“Through the annexation of Crimea, Moscow has undermined the principles of partnership,” the alliance says. And suspend military cooperation with Russia."

Prayer mills, the military hammers their narratives into people’s brains to justify their armament, deterrence and war strategy planning in front of the public and those responsible for government, as Die Welt reported on 8/11/2017:

“About three decades after the end of the Cold War, NATO is strengthening its command structures for the first time. The defense ministers of the alliance states discussed in Brussels the plans for the construction of two new headquarters. They are a response to Russia’s perceived aggressive policy. “The command structure must change as the security environment changes,” said Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

This is not only about command structures, but also about arms programmes, which the European Union also joined: the so-called European Swearing-in Fund, the military cooperation of EU states in the Pesco Pact, EU battlegroups and other military projects such as military mobility, all of which are aimed at ‘defending’ the EU territory together with NATO. Looking at the map, it is clear that this militarisation is directed against Russia. This is confirmed by various NATO and Bundeswehr strategy papers such as this on the NATO front-of-the-table presence EWFP:

“In response to Russia’s annexation of Crimea, which is contrary to international law, and a continued destabilization of Ukraine, it was decided at the NATO summit in Warsaw in July 2016 to start in 2017 as part of the Enhanced Forward Presence (EFP) in the three Baltic states and poland respectively … a so-called Battlegroup.”

Die NATO-Propaganda rechtfertigt mit der Krim auch noch die nukleare Hochrüstung, wie Medien berichten:

“… Experts say a new president could quickly expand and expand the arsenal. The trigger for the arms race: the Ukraine crisis.”

NATO, on the other hand, had decided on what it called ‘modernization’ of the nuclear arsenals in Europe long before the Ukraine crisis worsened. The disinformation of the NATO military raises the question of what military strategy is behind it. Der Spiegel wrote on May 16, 2012:

“In the event of war, tornadoes of the Bundeswehr’s fighter bomber squadron 33 could be equipped with them and used under the control of the United States.”

Current NATO plans, “annexions” and the Cyprus question

Currently, the Bundeswehr is planning to purchase F18 fighter bombers from Boeing, whose main purpose is the deployment in nuclear war: These air force jets can accommodate the new nuclear arsenals and reach a target area. This costs around ten billion euros in the purchase and entails far higher succession costs. The money for the sword of Damocles over the existence of every human being is then missing in services of general interest, health, ecology, infrastructure and education.

Now the NATO legend, according to which one only reacts to the “change of the security environment after the Crimean crisis”, implodes very topically and again: NATO measures double standards for its propaganda in order to manipulate the formation of opinion in its sense and to bring the population closer to nuclear downfall: What NATO accuses Russia of, the NATO state of Turkey has been practising in Cyprus since 1974: The violent land grab of Northern Cyprus is currently being further expanded by the Turkish authorities in the direction of an annexation: Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently declared that a “reunification of the island is without chance. Negotiations must now be held on the establishment of two sovereign, internationally recognised states.”

He opens his salami tactics to implement his violation of the law with the plan to colonise the seaside town of Varosha in the Turkish-occupied part of Cyprus. To this end, the Bundestag’s Scientific Service states in a legal study commissioned by Sevim Dagdelen (LINKE):

“… The opening up and Turkish Cypriot settlement of Varosha then appears in this sense as an unacceptable step towards cementing the division of Cyprus….”

Conclusion: Turkey, as an aggressive state, must be placed under an arms embargo, as Sevim Dagdelen also demands, according to the Frankfurter Rundschau. Nuclear armament and armament, as well as the escalation of tensions against Russia, must be replaced immediately by a policy in line with the Treaty on German Unity, the preamble of which states to work for a European peace order that takes account of the security interests of all states from Portugal to Russia.