The censorship at ZDF

The Lanz had visited Linnemann who apparently once once in a lifetime as a politician told the truth and that deleted the show from the media library to put it later again to put the corresponding truth cut online.

In the Markus-Lanz broadcast of 2 December, Carsten Linnemann was asked about the current lubricants, apologies of course the Corona aids and then excited about the fact that the aid companies favor while the middle class runs out of money and if he receives help is already indicated as a precautionary measure because of fraud.

But one should not be surprised about this, CDU, CSU, SPD, The Greens, FDP are friends of the economic oligarchs. No one should be surprised by this, so incompetent people would not find work in the real world and receive pension payments through corruption.

The newly cut show can be found here, at 55:20 the cut is also visible and compare the whole thing once with the crucial minutes that have been removed.

Here again written:

Linnemann: So, and that’s why I was surprised… Lanz: Moment. But again: this highly sensitive topic, we are now talking about multi-billion-dollar corporations… Linnemann: The design of these programmes, Mr Lanz, we are not discussing in the German Bundestag. Whether there are write-downs in it, or what the details are, that’s what the executive branch does. That is basically the right thing to do. We decide on the monetary framework, where is the end and how can it be, uh, that… Lanz: But you already know that… Certain trigger words are taking place now, so Starbucks, for example, is a company that has become conspicuous, for example, because – in recent years – they pay virtually no tax in Germany. Linnemann: That’s the problem, I say, every pub, every restaurant, they have the problem… Lanz: And Starbucks does that affect? They also get 75 percent of November sales reimbursed? Linnemann: Starbucks is of course a very interesting case. Yes, firstly. Secondly… Lanz: That means the numbers in Germany almost… Oh, I have to be careful now, little taxes…? Cerstin Gammelin (journalist and talk guest on the show): They have tax-saving models. Lanz: Tax-saving models, that’s the nice word for it. Linnemann: In Germany, you have to pay 15 percent income taxes, so-called corporate taxes. Total corporate taxes about 30 percent. Lanz: And German taxpayers now stand for 75 percent of November’s sales? Linnemann: Yes, plus they are allowed to continue to do the out-of-home business. Let me be clear: I have nothing against the pubs, the small restaurants. After all, they didn’t make any sales for weeks or months. But that kind of corporations, yes, I don’t want to say doing the business of their lives, then I’ll get tomorrow, I’ll get tomorrow, Mr Lanz, you’re to blame, I’ll probably get so many emails tomorrow that it’s not like that… Lanz: Moment: You are to blame when you make such a law. Linnemann: Yes, it’s OKAY, I just explained it… Lanz: And I just ask. I honestly can’t believe what I’m hearing.