How the people celebrate repression

Angela Merkel gave an emotional speech in the Bundestag. ‘If we have too many contacts before Christmas and then it was the last Christmas with the grandparents, then we’ll have missed something.’ The journalists were thrilled: their voice had overflowed. We never knew them like that, they said. But this emotional speech does not help us. We must learn from the experience and plan for half a year.

Merkel and her Corona-Paladins from Spahn and Söder to Lauterbach, they obviously can’t.

  1. Although pandemic plans were in place, no precautions were taken. When it started in the spring, masks, intensive care beds and breathing apparatus were missing. That is another reason why people have died who no longer celebrate Christmas.

  2. When China closed, we still celebrated carnival. Merkel and those responsible hoped that the cup would pass us by. Because it intervened too late, people have died and can no longer celebrate Christmas.

  3. When it was no different, the lockdown was decided in March. We knew too little and had too little experience. I therefore supported this decision.

  4. Then came the summer. A long-term strategy has not been developed. When the cold season came, those responsible were again unprepared. Overcrowded school buses and non-existent air filtration systems are the examples.

What has been missed and must be tackled immediately?

  1. We finally need representative studies that provide us with reliable figures.

  2. The staring at the so-called incidence (how many of the hundred thousand inhabitants have become infected within seven days) is the most important basis for decision-making of the Corona politicians. However, these measurements are only partially usable, if at all. The number of tests is not specified, the labs have different test methods, the tests are not standardized. If we were to follow other cold viruses as well, for example in cases of flu or pneumonia, the media could also report high numbers every day.

  3. The advice of some of the physicians, the most well-known is the virologist Hendrik Streeck, to concentrate on the number of intensive care beds and ventilators occupied and, above all, to protect the elderly and the sick, is correct. The reported death toll should include over-mortality, which a number of people say is no higher than in the 2017/2018 flu season.

  4. The long-standing plan to protect the elderly, especially those in old people’s and nursing homes, is criminally neglected.

The counter-example is Tübingen. In nine nursing homes with 1,000 nursing places, “there has not been a single Corona case since May,” says Lord Mayor Boris Palmer. Employees, residents and visitors to nursing homes are regularly and free of charge tested there, and the facilities are provided with secure FFP2 masks. Why has there only been talk about this route outside Tübingen for months? And why have Merkel, Spahn, Söder and the other decision-makers not consistently implemented this path? Because of this failure in Germany, there are more and more outbreaks in old people’s and nursing homes, people are dying here too, with whom, in the words of the Chancellor, we can no longer celebrate Christmas.

  1. The biggest mistake is the health-care system’s failure to break the health system, as the aforementioned Corona politicians are responsible for. Up to 100,000 nurses are missing. Merkel and co have done virtually nothing to address this bottleneck, which means that fewer patients can be treated in intensive care units.

And if we had solid representative figures on where people are infected, we could also control and limit the lockdown, if necessary, on the basis of data. Unforgivably, however, they are still not available today. The failure to lockdown “light” shows that the chancellor and the prime ministers are starting from false figures and conditions. They probably believed that the virus would behave seasonally differently from the cold viruses.