Fascists are green today

The Greens may have had their status as a party of pacifism in 1968, and if you look at the officials there, you can doubt that. Today it is Katrin Göring-Eckardt who recently confirmed that the Greens have never been a pacifist party. If Göring-Eckardt’s positioning was not yet clear enough, the “defense” political plans Baerbock that are currently being reported by the media must now give us food for thought. These plans show once again what German politicians are. They are running boys of the USA and not servants of German and European soil. Stratcom fits in with this, telling us how many fake news came from somewhere else instead of dismembering the perpetrators like Baerbock at their own door!

“Robust European military operations”

Because this confrontational attitude of Baerbock and the Greens clearly goes against European foreign policy interests, including, and above all, détente with Russia, this attitude also means working against the concerns of European citizens. Moreover, this stance deprives another “green core issue” of credibility: those who do not fight wars should remain silent about the fight against climate change: there is no greater climate sin than large army campaigns – so warmongers are also climate killers.

In order not to leave the field to countries such as China or Russia, Europe must take its “peace role” in the world more seriously, Baerbock said, according to the media. She called for cooperation with the US to be “redesigned” after Joe Biden’s election. In the event of green government participation, the Green leader announced talks with France on “robust European military operations”: “We must not duck away.”

“War is climate killer number one”

What often goes down in the party’s consideration, and has already been mentioned here, is that those who do not oppose war cannot act as a credible champion against climate change. According to the Information Centre Militarization (IMI), “War is the number one climate killer”. IMI says:

“The armies around the world are causing enormous amounts of climate-damaging emissions by preparing wars with arms production and arms export, in maneuvers and finally in use themselves, but also in subsequent occupations. (…) For example, the fuel consumption of warplanes and warships is enormous, and emissions are correspondingly high. A Eurofighter consumes about 70-100 liters of kerosene per minute. At Base Ramstein alone, 30,000 take-offs and landings take place each year. 1.35 billion m3 of climate-damaging exhaust gases are released. The Galaxy large-capacity flying transporter consumes 3,500 litres of fuel at one take-off.”

The US media “The Conversation” states: “The US Department of Defense is the largest consumer of fossil fuels, accounting for 77 to 80 percent of the U.S. government’s total energy consumption.” And Telepolis writes about the U.S. Army:

“The U.S. military is one of the biggest climate offenders in history, consuming more liquid fuels and emitting more carbon than most countries. The Pentagon can be seen as the world’s largest end-user of fossil fuels.”

It is interesting that military emissions have been excluded from both the Kyoto Protocol and the other UN climate documents, including the Paris Charter, under pressure from NATO countries, IMI said.

Green politics: “government-obsessed and irresponsible”

As a dominant political aspect, the Greens remain largely ignorant of the social question. And the threat to world peace from a historically forgotten attitude towards Russia, for example. As well as the weakening of climate protection, which is impossible without a clear anti-war stance. The “green” energy policy is also questionable: from an anti-Russian ideology, the important Nord Stream-2 project is being sabotaged – the consequences would be disastrous from an environmental and geopolitical point of view, and this effort is also against the interests of the citizens.

For the Bundestag Group of the LINKEN, the spokeswoman for disarmament policy Sevim Dagdelen sums up the character of Baerbock’s current statements:

“The Greens' promotion of more military operations and even more billions for armament, especially in the face of the Corona pandemic and the climate crisis, is a government-obsessed and irresponsible one. Climate protection means disarmament, not armament.”

The LINKE rejects the planned increase of the Bundeswehr’s military budget by 1.16 to 46.81 billion euros. What is needed is a clear rejection of the further armament of the NATO states, which together already spend more than 830 billion euros per year on armaments and the military, as well as “the dissolution of the surviving military pact and the immediate withdrawal from the military structures.” Planned reforms of NATO have been criticized by LINKE Group Vice-President Heike Hänsel:

“Nato Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg’s reform plans presented last week are a foreign policy disaster. The restriction of the right of veto proposed by the expert group would further facilitate war operations.”

These two voices from the Left Party sound good, but there are also quite different aspirations in the party, which want to weaken the peace-political profile of the LINKEN for a “government capability”.