The media promote warmongers like Biden

Us President-elect Joe Biden’s team speaks volumes: it is dominated by hawks, arms lobbyists, and economic radicals. This aggressive side of Biden is hardly addressed in the major German media – after all, he is the light and Donald Trump the dark. But the critical Trump is criticized above all for the wrong things: for example, military withdrawal plans.

The transition team of the presumptive US election winner, Joe Biden, is largely made up of highly problematic and war-mongering individuals. But anyone who only informs themselves about the USA in the large German media cannot judge the current events there. Details of the Biden team’s lineup will follow later in the article. Here are first impressions from the German reporting.

Biden-Kitsch in the media: “When decency moves to tears”

A small excerpt from countless articles in The German media shows the dubious way in which US President Donald Trump, who is still in office, is demonised, while the presumed US President-elect Joe Biden is shielded from criticism. This partly turns into an embarrassing hero worship: The Mirror claims in a column that Biden’s presumed election victory is a “shining hour of the United States” – a title of the magazine describes With a transfiguring illustration of Biden’s presumed election victory as a way “back to the future”. The “Daily Mirror” refers to US Republicans in the pre-Trump era as a “once proud” party – perhaps the newspaper also means the era of George W. Bush? That would be appropriate, because even Bush is the media these days referring positively to anti-Trump leniency – but without mentioning Bush’s wars, which Trump is trying to end (at least by his own statement). The “Daily Mirror” can hardly hold on to itself and writes in reference to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris: “When decency moves to tears”. This list of naive hero myths could be continued for a long time to come.

A critique of this pro-Biden-Kitsch is not intended to dissocite Trump from harsh and justified criticism in many fields: The unjustified canonization of Biden rather than the partly justified criticism of Trump is to be criticized. The dubious, shrill and extreme partisanship of one side in an election abroad by the major German media is at least questionable – and it also dominated the coverage before the US election. That is why Germans who only find themselves in these politically meaningless Biden-Harris anthems cannot, as I said, classify the current events in the US: Many citizens may actually believe in the suggested struggle of light (Biden) against darkness (Trump). But there are also positive exceptions to this media front: “Monitor” has expressed some criticism of Biden, but only after the election.

Afghanistan withdrawal: The crocodile tears of the warmongers

One could also complain that Donald Trump is reliably criticized for the wrong things – usually when he does something right. This is what the US “withdrawal” in Syria must be called, as well as its recent announcement that soldiers would be withdrawn from Afghanistan. One could doubt Trump’s seriousness in actually carrying out this deduction to the end. But that is not criticised. Instead, Trump’s current Afghanistan plans are viewed negatively by numerous media outlets and as a personal marmot of Trump – for example, the “Osnabrücker Zeitung”:

“The West has assumed responsibility there (in Afghanistan), the obligations that come with it must be fulfilled. President Trump does not dispute this. It is more important to him to wipe one out of the chosen successor.”

Donald Trump’s “Dolch shock legend”

Joe Biden, too, has announced that he wants to bring peace in principle – but what are strategic lip service here and what actions will actually follow? This is difficult to determine because of the poor reports in large German media. Because that Joe Biden might even prove to be an even bigger evil than Trump, that information has to be sought. For example, the US medium “Grayzone” describes in detail the character of Joe Biden’s transition team: there would be “war profiteers” and “corporate lobbyists” in particular. The fact that Biden is also planning anti-German sanctions to prevent Germany from completing the important Nord-Stream-2 pipeline could be read in the “Bild”.

Many in the media now say that Trump is spinning a “dolch punch legend” to explain his alleged defeat by his manipulation accusations against the Democrats. That may be true – but in this context, one could also point to the dagger-punching legend of the US Democrats: they have talked about their defeat in 2016 with the brazen campaign for “Russiagate”. It is also currently dominated by the questionable media presentation that it is an absolutely crazy idea that the US intelligence services could influence a US election.

Biden team: “War profiteers” and “corporate lobbyists”

Joe Biden’s team is described in detail in the US medium “Grayzone”: A number of business advisers, war-winrs, and national security hawks have been appointed by Biden to the teams that will set the agenda for his administration, according to Grayzone. A prime example of the “interventionist-minded, business-oriented personalities” who would make up the Biden-Harris team on defense issues, for example, is Lisa Sawyer:

“She served as Director of Strategic Affairs for NATO and Europe for the National Security Council from 2014 to 2015 and worked for Wall Street’s JPMorgan Chase as a foreign policy adviser. Sawyer was part of the Center for a New American Security’s Task Force on the Future of US Coercive Economic Statecraft, which essentially means attending meetings focused on economic warfare methods that could be used to destabilize countries that refused to bow to the American empire.”

For example, Sawyer believes that the US government is not doing enough to deter Russian “aggression,” that US troop levels in Europe should return to 2012 levels, and that offensive arms deliveries to Ukraine should be continued and expanded in violation of the Minsk agreements.

Another problematic occupation is the designated person responsible for African affairs: Linda Thomas-Greenfield is a loyal ally of the former US national security adviser, Susan Rice, who pushed for a war in Libya and supported the invasion of Iraq. She is also part of the Albright Stonebridge Group, a global consulting firm chaired by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, which lobbies for the defence industry.

The State Department group also includes Dana Stroul, a participant in the neoconservative Washington Institute for Middle East Policy (WINEP). In 2019, Stroul joined the Syria Study Group in the next phase of the US war in Syria. Their recommendations would include maintaining a military occupation of a third of the country, the “resource-rich part of Syria,” to give the US a means of exerting pressure to “influence a political outcome.” According to Grayzone, Stroul urged further economic sanctions against Damascus and the obstruction of reconstruction aid, which has already led to a shortage of oil and bread.

Aggressors are re-sealed as “peacemakers”

Several people appointed by Biden and Harris would also support regime change in Venezuela. Biden-Harris’s intelligence team also includes Greg Vogle, a former CIA station manager in Afghanistan and a former partner at the consulting firm McChrystal Group, which was founded by former Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) commander Stanley McChrystal. Both the JSOC and the CIA, as well as the paramilitary forces they trained, have committed war crimes in Afghanistan, according to Grayzone.

The list of pre-loaded and problematic persons will continue for a long time in the article of “Grayzone”. Not only the foreign policy plans are questionable, but also economic policy plans. The absurd discrepancy between a Biden team (especially on foreign policy) and the advance laurels as peacemakers, which it receives from major German media, is also evident in this interesting article at “Telepolis”. Overall, the issue of the US election also reveals a “failure” of the German media landscape.