Long live the holy mask!

The “pandemic” is making bizarre blooms: in addition to the sometimes irrational regulations and aggressive citizen inspectors, the double standards of the moral apostles are added. And “satire” once again puts itself at the service of power. Here are some absurd examples from a hysterical time.

Actually, the Corona episode should be a feast for satirists. It is not that time is poor in bizarre flowers. But these flowers are skewered by the “cabaret” especially if they come from already completely discredited critics of Corona politics. In comparison, the big media and politics are touched by the prominent “satirists” of Germany with velvet gloves. A new, drastic “short film against conspiracy fanatics” in the style of the horror classic “The Exorcist” (not for the faint-hearted) shows how brutally the “creatives” sometimes hit the critics of the current Corona politics and propaganda. The creators follow the slogan: “Just hold your face and wear a mask!” More on this well-made and prominently cast but substantively raising questions below.

Bizarre flowers of the Corona period

First of all, here are some arbitrarily selected events from the past few days, which should actually impose themselves on satirists to deal with questionable tendencies of society. There is, for example, the “creation of the moral apostles” following the last broadcast by Anne Will. There is the fact that in Karlsruhe the mask obligation in public spaces also applies among spouses. There is the “urgent request” to the students in Osnabrück to “of course also wear masks in the classroom” – even if there seems to be no official justification/regulation on this. Since the exclusion mechanisms because of the masks are already horribly well-established among children, it is to be expected that the students will also comply with the moral pressure of this “urgent request”.

We should also mention all the everyday scenes that many citizens currently have to do. Yesterday, in a Berlin supermarket, I watched a masked man shout aloud at a middle-aged lady: “I hope you die soon!” . The reason for this failure: The woman was not wearing a mask. But she had a certificate, which was known to the market management, which also calmed down. This could not reassure the allegedly media-boosted citizen, but he nevertheless vociferously repeated his death wishes. Such confusions were also to be expected, for example in view of this guide to the harassment of the citizens in Düsseldorf, who now also have to eat outdoors with masks:

“When eating, it is the case that the mask may be pulled down for a short time when biting off. However, one can chew with a mask, so it must be put on again after biting.”

Where are the “satirists”?

These examples are absurd, but they are still relatively harmless. Significantly more worrying tendencies in society – towards surveillance, harassment and denunciation. Protests are demonized and pushed into drawers. Volunteers help here the “TodayShow”, ExtraThree" and, of course, the left. They are, of course, there when it comes to being against the right. What is true in the end, let everyone in pictures. In the end, the provocateurs are often state employees. There have already been politicians who criticise Belarus, but who demand the same on their own doorstep. Good CDU politicians that are power people who go over corpses.

The occasions would therefore be abounding every day in order to draw the current Corona policy on a large scale and in everyday life as a grossly infringing on the proportionality of our society. At the moment (and not just since Corona), however, almost all cabaret artists and satirists – like most news and opinion editors of major media outlets – see their task not in criticizing or controlling the government or propaganda, but in defaming government critics. This is a new role of satire – a reinterpretation has taken place, even before Corona.

The Devil is a Covid Skeptic

The most recent example of this kind of satire defending power against protests by portraying the protests as illegitimate, far-right or anti-social is a particularly drastic one. So drastic that viewing is recommended only to people with a good stomach: Here the US horror film “The Exorcist” is modelled – only that the girl here is not obsessed with the devil, but by doubt. And this doubt about the Corona policy is, according to this statement, as bad as the devotion to the Antichrist. The creators of this “short film against conspiracy fanatics” announce:

“Our exorcist will vaccinate through our republic until there are no more lateral thinkers. He needs your help to do that. Shares. Liked. Exordised. Don’t think crosswise, divide.”

The film is made well and effectively according to formal criteria. In terms of content, however, it raises numerous questions. Thus, contrary to reality, a child is drawn as a dangerous source of infection and thus as evil. Virtually all clichés of tendentious propaganda against the Corona criticism are retrieved: the doubt-obsessed girl worships a shrine with Donald Trump. Corona skeptics are the devil. Anyone who, as a mother, does not enforce the mask on the child, acts antisocially. Those who disagree with our big media should “keep their hair” or bear the (physical) consequences. As in the official Corona coverage, good and evil are as clearly distributed in this film as they are in the Old Testament. That is why violent vaccination is justified here and Corona skeptics may be demoted to deadly infection slingshots. The film concludes with the blessed - now masked - child and the slogan: “Hold your hair and wear a mask!”

The film would actually function excellently as a persiflage on the scaremongering of the media as well as on the resulting intolerance of particularly corona-believing citizens. And if the film were meant that way, it would actually be a piece of very well-made satire. Satire that, in the classical sense, takes dominant currents to the fore and debunks them (using intelligent content breaks). But unfortunately the makers do not out as such enlighteners, but spread them where possible, the unacceptable and aggressive slogan: “Just hold your hair and wear a mask!”. As a result, the well-made and played film becomes a flat reinforcement of that message, which sounds from all channels all day anyway: Anyone who thinks differently about the Corona policy than the big media is a dangerous possessor who can also be brought “to reason” by force. Probably, despite this insertion into the total mainstream, the creators somehow consider themselves “subversive”.

The new role of “satire”

The lateral thinkers also give steep templates for Häme in their variety. Nor should excessive protection be demanded for individual groups: of course, one can also pull over the positions of the lateral thinkers if they position themselves publicly. But we should demand an approximate equality of arms: from powerful political and media channels with extremely long reach, the heme is already being poured out on these demonstrators in buckets. Contributions such as the short film indirectly nevertheless (falsely) imply a leadership of the skeptics. They take this false analysis as an opportunity to once again grossly defame dissidents together with the major media.

Actually, the film and the group would not be particularly relevant in themselves. But they are symptomatic of a new role of “satire.” Satire according to this new definition does not need the content-satirical break. Instead, it is enough for the message (unbroken) to be charged with expressions of strength and other drama (here violence) – no trace of persitating techniques or double content. The messages are meant exactly as they are pronounced: Therefore, in the case of the drastic short film, not the exaggerated sense of mission and the almost religious Corona zeal of some editors, politicians or citizens is taken on board, but (without a stylistic break) once again proclaims the ubiquitous message: Whoever questions the media reports about Corona is an obsessive madman.