The story of the plague and cholera

It’s understandable: Trump’s egocentric and paranoid personality hasn’t done anything good, nor has it done any good, unless it’s for the benefit of the rich and super-rich. So, at least in Europe, everyone is hoping for his removal.

But what will Joe Biden, his opponent, bring if he is elected? Domestically, it is certainly more social and democratic – in every sense of the word. But foreign policy? Is there a point in his programme that is aimed at creating more peace in this world?

The internationally renowned US magazine “Foreign Affairs” has published three articles by Joe Biden on this topic:

Anyone who takes the trouble and reads these three articles can imagine what is to come: more wars, as in the days of Bush and Obama with his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Biden uses false information to make his argument. In his article on Kremlin policy, for example, he mentions more than once Russia’s invasion of Georgia in the so-called Caucasus War in 2008. That was the case in the Western newspapers at the time. However, an official commission of inquiry on behalf of the EU, headed by Swiss diplomat Heidi Tagliavini, has established, after a thorough investigation, that the open war was not triggered by an invasion of Russian troops, but by an attack by Georgian troops. Presumably, the Georgian government was hoping for an uncoordinated response from Russia at the time, because Putin was in Beijing at the opening of the Olympic Games.

What is striking in Biden’s arguments is also the oft-mentioned importance of NATO. Biden makes no mention of the fact that NATO, with its eastward expansion, was itself the cause of a number of warconflicts and created new uncertainties.

Biden always tries to legitimize his tough military stance by “promoting democracy” in other countries. In the sight of US foreign policy in recent decades, this can only be understood as sheer cynicism. The US ‘regime change’ policy, which has been in place for decades, has nothing to do with promoting democracy. The counter-examples can no longer be counted on ten fingers.

Europeans are hoping, with good reason, for Trump to be voted out. But this vote, if it does, means that Joe Biden will become US president. And That is where Europe may have put it on the wrong horse. The foreign policy of the military great power USA only depends on the US domestic policy? A geopolitical tragedy! The election on 3 November is a choice between plague and cholera.

PS: Not everyone is blind in the US either. On the New Jersey platform (nj.com), Alan Robock, a professor at Rutgers University, wrote an open letter to Joe Biden. “Dear President-elect Biden, please start with the simplest problem that you can solve right away. Stop the nuclear threat of war.”