Merkel, Scholz, Maas, Navalny

No state can be made with this government and no journalism can be expected from ARD-currently. “Not war, peace is the father of all things,” said Willy Brandt, the first of the four Social Democrat foreign ministers in the 71-year history of the Federal Republic. After him and after decades of pause, the degeneration of the SPD also made its way into the Foreign Office. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, then Sigmar Gabriel and finally Heiko Maas settled on the descending transatlantic branch. After that, only Mickey Mouse can come. Incomprehensible, but true: In stark contrast to Brandt, Maas today seeks provocation and confrontation with Russia and lives as suppositories of the USA everything, but also really everything that is ordered from Washigton. He has Merkel’s blessing. Both rely eagerly on the short memory of their constituents, or on their apathy. Time to support the memory of some of the most evil machinations of this team. The daily show doesn’t bring it.

For agnostics and others: The God-is-dead-theology is documented. If the all-kind was still alive, Maas would be called Heini by first name and would not be foreign minister. His ideal court supplier, the German Society for Foreign Policy, DGAP, would have remained unborn or at least not launched a transatlantic-imperialist like this one:

“The Case of Navalny fits into an increasingly negative image of Russia in the West, which is characterized by the Skripal attack, the zoo murder, the hacking attacks on the German Bundestag and the attempts to interfere in the election campaigns of various Western states.”

None of these accusations are proven with facts. Not even half-debatable evidence speaks for them. Maas speaks like the criminal Goebbels once said:

“If you tell a big lie and repeat it often enough, people will believe it in the end. … That is why it is vitally important for the state to use all its power to suppress dissent … the truth is the greatest enemy of the state.”

It is the conbudser of thoughtless mainstream journalists and sneaky political strategists with the findings quoted at the beginning about the consolidation of anti-Russian attitudes and the suppression of dissent. In this field, the “fact finder” also makes his name and the institution of the ARD-current particularly dishonor, as his contribution about Navalny shows.

Poison mixer sat at work

If one checks the allegations for factual content and logical consistency, then nothing comes out of it. Let’s toast:

The Skripal case has not been resolved. The British authorities have simply made father and daughter Skripal disappear. The horror tale of the Novichok assassination of the two, carried out by invented Russian intelligence killers based on the script of James Bond films, had become so unsustainable that they were simply banished from the headlines and left the “case” of oblivion. Was there anything else?

The “Animal Garden Murder” – cheese leaf journalists can’t be distracted by these deflated metaphors, but Tagesschau editors certainly don’t – more precisely: the motive and background of the murder of a jihadist violent criminal in Berlin’s Tiergarten – is also absolutely unclear. In the dock sits a Russian, of whom one does not even know the name with certainty. On the basis of razor-thin, abundantly constructed evidence, the Attorney General, as the government’s top but instruction-bound plaintiff, claims that the accused is an intelligence contractor. There is no more.

The perpetrators of the hacking attacks on the Bundestag are still unknown. Highly professional hackers are not easy to track down, they can always make false tracks. Of course, our political elite suspects the Russian secret service as cold-mouthed as it is unproven. Russophobia down to the tips of the hair. On the other hand, it has been proven that the US snooping services have long since been caretakers with us and that the NSA even intercepted the chancellor’s mobile phone. The Merkel phrase “eavesdropping among friends, that’s not possible” is the world’s most stupid statement by a leader on a ruptured intelligence attack on his state in the Guinness Book of Records.

The alleged Russian attempts to interfere in foreign electoral processes are also demonstrably only propaganda bouts. However, they are constantly used to justify increasing state control over the exchange of public opinion. The Muller investigation against Trump, initiated by the US Congress, has unequivocally shown that there was nothing true about the intriguing cabal called “Russiagate.” Nevertheless, the Russians are still accused by the German side of trying to manipulate democratic processes abroad.

The stories under the Rubrum Navalny experiment are unmatched in inconsistency, stupidity and distance from reality, as well as hostility and danger.

In fulfillment of his AgitProp mission, the fact-finder of the ARD-aktuell had the influence agent Silvia Stöber inject poison, an author with a privileged employment contract and a modest view trained by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. Your article proves how cheap ly replacing facts with opinion and making good money with bad journalism.

Incompatibility, what is it?

The fact that incompatibility rules also apply in journalism has obviously not been talked about to the ARD-aktuell editor-in-chief, and certainly not with the responsible NDR broadcasting councils. It is actually known about Stöber that she attended an Intergovernmental Conference in Georgia, which was supported by the Atlantic Council, the German Marshall Fund of the United States and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. It should be noted that the ARD journalist did not act as a reporter, but as a contributor alongside ministers and NATO generals.

The second author of the article in question is Patrick Gensing, editorial director of the Tagesschau Fact Finder. From him one knows from his own confession, whom spirit child he is:

“I think you can win people over more if there’s an attitude in journalism than if you’re kind of just amassing facts. (sic) In my view, this is not journalism at all.”

Oh, I see. So mindset rather than facts. “People win” instead of informing. The new unit of measurement for bad journalism in a state of emergency: “genesing”. The, yes, what is he actually believes that he should actually reverse the state-contractual obligation of public service broadcasting to provide fact-oriented, objective reporting in fact-free influence. If he hadn’t also stammered this in the quality German of a BILD reporter, one would reach for the scream cushion.

He shows his “attitude” rather unabashedly:

“Russia always rejects any involvement – and strikes back with disinformation … Attacks, accusations – but no details on the actual topic … This is how Russia often reacted when the Kremlin was criticized.”

Gensing and his like are demonstrating an absurd understanding of the law: if Russia does not prove that the accusations are inaccurate, then they are just right. The article is peppered with such accusations under proof reversal: … apparently by Russian authorities …, “… presumably …”, “… it could be revenge…”

It distinguishes this “fact finder” that he does not admit mistakes and does not correct the wrong things. He reflects the unquestionably anti-Russian statements of the government as undeniably correct, he consistently refrains from counter-research ingely and consideration of the Russian view.

Without a sense of honour

Journalists who were reacting to political conformism are not interested in why the German government continues to refuse to grant Russian investigators access to the German investigation into the Navalny incident and the preliminary investigation results. Several Russian requests for legal assistance have been “examined” by the Berlin judicial administration for weeks, and none has been met so far. It is obvious that the blood, urine and tissue samples taken from the patient Navalny at the Omsk hospital and then at the Charité in Berlin should be re-checked and checked by independent institutes outside Russia and Germany. This would be the way to trace the truth. The German refusal can have only one reason: Merkel, Seibert, Maas & Co. have something to hide, say the untruth and manipulate the public. A bad copy of the British Skripal farce.

Navalny, the “leading opposition politician”, got in their way, brazenly moaning as he is known. Almost four weeks after his alleged life-threatening poisoning with Novichok, he is as expected to son himself and mopsfidel again in media attention. Despite his medical first-class care in Germany and the extremely expensive personal protection granted to him, regardless of the German hospitality, which also included his relatives and his political entourage, he was incensed to insult the former chancellor Gerhard Schroeder as a corrupt “running boy of Putin” paid out of black coffers.

Chancellor Merkel should have rejected the accusations immediately, out of self-respect and out of respect for the dignity of the office that Schroeder had held before her. Navalny abused his guest right. For that reason alone, Merkel should have asked him to leave the country. Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the SPD chairmen were also called upon to show a clear edge. But they, too, only confirmed their lack of style and lack of honesty.

And how did ARD-aktuell and the other mainstream media behave in the face of this scandal? They seemed to be him off. Her conspicuously neutral rumination of the Groschenblatt interview could not hide it.

Bigmouth in State Protection

Greater depravity and a fargreater renunciation of political decency were inconceivable. A racist Bigmouth, who has been convicted several times at home, including for tax fraud, just a month before the alleged Novichok assassination with the Politreklame-Institut “FPK” bankrupt, is still allowed to recover safely in Germany at state expense. Great. Merkel can say of luck that Schroeder spares her from having to protect her protégé Navalny even from German prosecution for defamation; the political collateral damage of the Navalny affair to Germany is enough. Schroeder only took civil action against BILD. Navalny is too small to meet in court.

Norbert Röttgen, zero number in the chair of the Bundestag’s Foreign Affairs Committee, also failed to provoke Schroeder. His jealousy:

“The fact that Gerhard Schroeder, who is in paid service in the Russian oil and gas business, is involved in the cover-up and blurring of responsibility in Russia is filled with shame by many in Germany. (…) That’s also true for me.”

Those who sit in the glass house should not throw stones. Had the so shameful lord, himself a running boy of the Amis on the “Atlantic Bridge”, not wanted to become the chief executive of the Federal Association of German Industry in 2006 in addition to his Bundestag mandate, because he could not get his neck full enough?

The social democratic “Russia expert” Gernot Erler croaks from another murky pond. Putin should prove that state Russian authorities are not involved in the Navalny case. Schröder is right when he says that there are no certain facts. But:

“If you look at this from a purely legal point of view, it is true, but of course not politically. … It is also difficult to prove that Putin is behind this attack. But this does not change political responsibility and it must be shared by Russia. And we can no longer accept that this saying, which keeps coming back – “no evidence” – is the only answer.”

In Brandt’s and Wehner’s time, a social-democratic exponent would have received a lift from his party leadership for this equally devious, defamatory and stupid lyrise of sayings. Today, such right-turning segregationism is a political norm. If “the Kremlin” adopted such ways of thinking, he could legally hold Chancellor Merkel and the German state protection responsible for every relevant murder in Germany, from the munich Oktoberfest to the attack on Berlin’s Breitscheid Square; Moscow could impose sanctions, for example, turning the gas tap on the principle of “Like you me, so I tell you”, referring to far-right networks in the German security apparatus and German democratic deficits.

Sanctionitis is endemic

With which we come back to Maas, he almost would have fallen through the sieve. His sanctioned demarches are basically only high-frequency cries for help, but please finally take him for full. Whether with advances in the UN, Syria, Libya, Ukraine or Belarus, not to forget the South American and Far Eastern realms: everywhere the man played only pups in the perfume shop, instead of his office for the benefit of our country. Now, in fact, he has obtained new EU sanctions against a few supposedly guilty Russian officials. The Tagesschau offered himself as a stage on which he could let off warm air again. Well, at least he no longer asks to think about not completing the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

Moscow has, of course, announced counter-sanctions. It would be original to refuse our state guest Navalny to return to Russia until the alleged Novichok attack has been properly clarified. Then Heiko’s cabinet colleague Horst Seehofer would have to see how he copes with the “most important Russian exiled opposition politician” and his effect-hating.

It is not excluded that Maas himself is knocking off the Olive Greens out of sheer addiction to validity: their “expert” Stefan Meister, a well-qualified employee of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, has made the recommendation to put pressure on Russia with a “robust EU mission” in eastern Ukraine. Start a war that violates international law in order to end a civil war in Ukraine that hinders Western business dealings: not even Maas can come up with such brain-cracking ideas without green tutoring.

At the beginning of our deliberations, the sincere peace politician Willy Brandt had the floor. Finally, let us quote Frank-Walter Steinmeier, once a henchman in Schroeder’s war of aggression against Yugoslavia, which is contrary to international law, and later a contributor to the preparation of the bloody coup d’état in Kiev. Today he gives the pastorally souring silver poplar:

“Enemy images, mood-mongering and campaign journalism are an abuse of this fourth violence, as well as a continued violation of due diligence”

He psalmoded at the opening of the new Springer building on 6 October in Berlin. He no longer has to fear that a journalist will hold his mirror in front of him. The editors in the ARD capital studio would be called for such critical news journalism.