The stupid ARD

There is no package leaflet for risks and side effects. In the competition for the worst case of hypocrisy, Germany has once again won the European Cup: ENforced EU sanctions against Belarus, and also blocked against Turkey. The Merkel government secures the refugee defence with a bribe to Erdogan and pretends that it is concerned with human rights and as if it wants to "fight the causes of flight". Meanwhile, the refugees are intercepted outside the EU borders and locked up in depraved detention centres. For once, if a few hundred migrants are allowed to enter, the government is staging it as a humanitarian high office. It is not to be expected that the Tagesschau coughs off the incense and provides enlightening fresh air. "Love to be a part of what the stuff holds," is the Hamburg motto.

Most of the ARD-aktuell's contributions on the topic of flight/asylum are detached from the political context and thus popular stupidity. The Tagesschau is carefully silent about the multiple reasons created by capitalism and the cause of mass exodus. Just don't touch! The Chancellor herself has come forward with her "We can do this", behind which, of course, no quality journalist can stand behind. Although Merkel's brazen "we" in the fall of 2015 was merely a cheap siphoning off of her subjects' willingness to help, the Tagesschau still provided aid a year later under the titles "The chancellor's new tone" and "Merkel admits mistakes."

"We can do it? An empty formula. 2015? Must not repeat itself. The real politician Angela Merkel changes her tone and adjusts her course in refugee policy" Tagesschau

Merkel's defiant insistence on "doing nothing, but sometimes talking about it nicely" culminated in the central false statement that migration to Germany is unregulateable, that it is "not in the power of the Federal Government how many people come."

Sneaky politics

Merkel, as we know, was a leading FDJ official in GDR times and was therefore dialectically trained. However, it is not known whether she ever had to analyse the Marx-Engels correspondence on the subject of "forced migration" as a homework assignment. It is only clear that it does not draw acceptable lessons from the philosophers' knowledge of the form and consequences of flight, about the losers and, above all, about the exploiters and profiteers of migration. Since 2015, it has only become clear how opportunistically the chancellor is to deal with a solution to the refugee problem. Contrary to what she claims, it does absolutely nothing about the causes of flight; instead, she has her War Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and Heiko Maas, the calf-biter in the Foreign Office, make aggressive contributions to the increase in mass exodus. Even if ARD-aktuell reports on the humanitarian aspects of the flight objectively and without xenophobic undertones: the leading and corporate media, from the Tagesschau to the Spiegel, do not oppose the quarrelsome government drive with critical-analytical news.

"The causes of the number of refugees are largely outside their own country," Merkel said in October 2015. The continuation of this simple diversionary manoeuvre is such that, in order to combat the causes in question, the situation in the refugee camps in the region around the countries of origin must be improved and border management must be discussed with Turkey. By simply passing on this speech bubble, Tagesschau & Co. promptly committed their

"journalistic core mistake to provide a platform (and) to create the impression that nonsense has a justification,' even to provide a platform for off-the-cuff views."

The heavy lot of the ARD-aktuell editors: When the chancellor gets a verbal pacifier out, they have to nibble on it and give the demonstrative smear on air.

Even after five years, there can still be no question of improving conditions in refugee camps outside the EU. Thousands are waiting in the most primitive circumstances at the EU's external borders for a chance to escape the misery, wars and terror of their countries of origin once and for all. As you know, their desperation culminated in them burning down a camp in order to use this act of desperation to draw attention to their terrible situation.

State terrorism

The German-EU's policy of foreclosure and foreclosure has even more brutal consequences: since 2015, more than 16,800 people have drowned in the Mediterranean, including countless children. The main countries of origin of the refugees are Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. The mass exodus from there is to blame for the war terrorism of the UNITED States, NATO and the EU.

Moreover, the EU sanctions imposed by Germany against Syria are plunging the civilian population into further misery and driving them to flee. The sanctions are even worse than the Islamist mercenary gangs can. It cannot be written and said often enough about what the Tagesschau fails to send: the Federal Government not only does not make a finger crooked against the mass exodus from Syria, but it causes the misery there, politically and militarily.

Nevertheless, Foreign Minister Maas rattles off the Middle East, in a tight communion suit and with the hosts of "Western values" in the suitcase. While he strives for equal footing with the carpet edge during official visits to Washington, he once again gave the great teacher in Lebanon. While 85 percent of the country's grain reserves had been destroyed there in the devastating explosion of a high-storage facility and 25 percent of Lebanon's economic power was wiped out by infrastructure damage, this did not prevent our master diplomats from talking arrogantly like Count Koks of the gas station:

"We will once again make it very clear to those responsible that we are ready to help, but that the country must be reformed, corruption must be combated and further EU aid linked to it."

Lebanon, with a population of just 6 million, is granting asylum to 1.5 million Syrians and Iraqis. In doing so, it bears a humanitarian burden that dwarfs everything that rich Germany could demonstrate in this regard. Maas had no more than a consolation patch to give in Beirut, but with his cheque for one million euros he organized a giant brimborium; "Germany alone" will contribute a total of 20 million euros to eu emergency aid. A slap in the face, measured by the plight of Lebanon. Olaf Scholz, a former mayor of Hamburg, issued more than twice as much, namely 47 million euros in evaded taxes, to the Cum-Ex-businessmen of Germany's largest private bank, M.M. Warburg, without shrugging off the wimper.

Maas finds every fat bowl

If Maas had handed over his small donation with the remark, "You long-suffering Lebanese are shitty to me by the way," that would at least have been honest. Our total foreign policy failure had to play out again. And ARD-aktuell disguised the slightly extortionate appearance with uncritical snooze:

"However, the EU now has the opportunity to exert influence on the political class only through the much-needed aid money."

She could have judged the Maas appearance in a completely different way, as the Russian example shows: as a kick in the fat bowl. In this, our ministerial actor is an unsurpassed champion.

ARD-aktuell surrounded the embarrassing alms of the grand speaker Maas with a daily show-typical cloud of insubstantial information:

"Germany has so far mainly supported Lebanon in the care of Syrian refugees."

The fact that Germany helped to plunge the Syrian Arab Republic into chaos and thus trigger the waves of refugees in NATO's interaction with the USA, Turkey, Great Britain, France and with jihadist head-cutters was deliberately ignored by ARD in this pseudo-message. However, it would have been imperative for a clean message design to show this and the whole context:

The beleaguered Lebanon has to be used to protect the "values west" from more refugees, but only gets help in the tip format.

Who has to pay for this?

"We can do this" is not a cheap project for us. However, it is mainly our own poor who pay for it. The cost of immigration in Germany in 2017 was 20.8 billion euros. In the following year, expenditure amounted to a further EUR 23 billion. This is 25 percent of the amount that the federal government pays in annual grants to the statutory pension fund (91.1 billion euros). Nevertheless, the Tagesschau did not even attempt to illuminate the supposed contradiction between the casual "We create this" attitude and the "compulsory" austerity policy.

In the years leading up to the pandemic crisis, politicians and media people could not do enough to complain about the inevitability of the already shrinking pension. Because taxpayers' money has to be raised to secure them, these loudspeakers repeatedly proclaimed the imminent collapse of the pension system, saying that it was "no longer financially viable" to the usual extent. They spread fear and terror, which regularly served as an "argument" to keep pension levels low. The "Agenda 2010" delusion on the decline of statutory pension insurance and the ultimate goal of old-age poverty has not been abandoned.

No one, certainly not the Tagesschau, took the microphones out of the political lamenters. No ARD capital correspondent reminded the lords in the Reichstag that there were still barn-gate-sized tax loopholes to be filled. That the top rate of income tax could be raised back to the level of the Helmut Kohl era, to 52 percent (instead of the current 42 percent); that an adequate inheritance tax and a wealth tax that is seofable to the welfare state could finally be introduced. Not to mention the fact that since the anti-social love services of the SPD finance minister Hans Eichel at the money nobility, Father Staat has refrained from taxing the sale of corporate shareholdings. And not to mention the refusal to organise a consistent regular tax audit and to punish large-scale tax fraud with large-scale expropriation of the guilty.

The Consequences of Mendacity

Chancellor Merkel has made a significant contribution to the division of society with her policy of sitting out, with insincerity and cynicism on the refugee issue. She has made "Mutti" and was all too happy to be glorify herself as a democrat. But it only adorns them with a hypocrisy. If the AfD won just 4.7 percent of the vote in the 2013 Bundestag elections, the extremely xenophobic party almost tripled with more than 12 percent four years after "We can do it" and has since become the third-strongest faction in the Reichstag with 89 deputies.

In keeping with the legal trend of society, the compulsion of the exchange of ideas constituting for democracy is atrophying. The "MSM", the mainstream media, are significantly involved in this. Instead of critical situation alimony analysis, they promote skewed "political correctness" and help to blur the difference between the essential and the irrelevant. Horrific examples: The Tagesschau was outraged by extensive film coverage of the Trump-Biden "TV duel" and scornfully called it "the most chaotic debate of recent years" with "savage battles of words" between the two candidates. However, our leading German TV news institute did not say a word about the fact that the US took a wedding party in Yemen under drone fire and killed 15 people in one fell swoop. The Tagesschau expresses pity about Syrian refugees, but the fact that the US is now training ISIS jihadists to underground terrorists in Syria is carefully concealing it.

The willingness to accept language regulations has increased in the media and in society. Those who did not want to be banned from critical thinking and the willingness to listen to the dissident first, instead of driving straight over his mouth, are branded as outsiders and often as fascists. This is also in keeping with the "We create this" platitude.

The Roots of Evil

The reason for the loss of our social binding power lies in the rampant class difference between the wage-earners and the poor on the one hand and the super-rich on the other, the multimillionaires and billionaires who can easily ignore the unbearably indifferent "we create this" noise. It is not they who bear the brunt and the consequences of taking in refugees, but the poorer part of the population (immigrants included). The hardest hit is for low-income earners: they have to endure even more wage pressures, cope with the worsening shortage of affordable housing, and cope with significant price increases for necessary goods and services. This affects them and their fellow sufferers in short-time work, and even more so the Hartz IV prisoners, much harder than the better-off, not to mention the wealthy.

In 2017, there was still a meagre real wage increase of an average of 0.9 percent. But the recession was already looming as a deep dark cloud on the western horizon. The Corona pandemic, on the other hand, only acted as an accelerator. Average wages are now down around 4.7 per cent; in the low-wage sector, for unskilled and semi-skilled full-time workers, the wage losses are already twice as large, at more than 9 percent. The majority of those in the top of the pandemic crisis, on the other hand, were hardly affected. However, we do not learn about this from ARD-aktuell. Just don't upset anyone, just no facts!

Poor prospects

No ruler admits to the Tagesschau that the reasons for the mass exodus are to be found in the murderous export policy of the "Western Community of Values": in the predatory and murderous imperial world trade system, in the wars with which the West overwhelms its competitors and opponents as purported "rogue states", in the deadly subsidy policy of the Western powers and in their global robbery of agricultural land. The Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs confronts this only with distracting half-truths:

"The main causes of flight and displacement are violent conflicts, massive human rights violations and eroding state structures in countries of origin and transit. Economic motives can also cause people to leave their homeland."

Who is the culprit is not there. That Minister Maas and his boss would have to take their own noses when reciting such phrases, nor would he. Instead, smelly self-praise:

"Central element of our precautionary foreign policy is a deeper commitment to peace and security worldwide." (ibid.)

Ah, yes? However, the refugee detained in Greece does not feel any of this. He has arrived in the final station misery. No one is doing anything to at least allow him to return to his home country. Nor does the Federal Government, although he and most of his fellow sufferers come from war and terror-ravaged countries in which the Bundeswehr participates: from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq. The creepy cabinet of Merkel is not obliged to make amends for them, it does not recognize a categorical imperative. Corresponding calls from well-known social scientists are not echoed in the Reichstag.

Pressure on the sack of laughter

The chancellor downtapping her mantra of "fighting the causes of flight" at every opportunity, but the oligarchs make only one on Rudi. It awakens longing for earlier times, when a Herbert Wehner was still thundering:

"Es gibt Würstchen in diesem Parlament, die sind den Mostrich nicht wert, den man auf sie streichen müsste, um sie genießbar zu machen."

These "sausages" were actually recently convened by a 24-member commission to advise and clarify for a year what is meant by "causes of flight". Another a priori superfluous, well-endowed club for well-deserved party elements and for "experts" on state kneading, led by Bärbel Dieckmann (SPD) and Gerda Hasselfeldt (CSU).

If one had not long since hardened from the news offers of the ARD-current, one would jump with laughter at the Casperletheater of our politics and media in the Rhombus. The Tagesschau, worried that it could inadvertently report on the nonsense in the Reichstag so objectively that the water rises in the eyes of a significant part of its audience, preferred not to report the causes of flight in the first place.

On the other hand, her journalistic attention to the following process is quite different: Chancellor Merkel has now rolled out the red carpet to her Belarusian counterpart svetlana Tichanovskaya after the state service on the Russian decal Alexei Navalny: official reception in the Federal Chancellery. This is unequivocally German buddy to form a Belarusian government in exile. The United States, the Poles and the Baltics are pleased with such advances, but it alienates many European neighbours, including some EU members, who adhere to democratic rules.

Minister Maas, who without consequentially recognized the corrupt Venezuelan Juan Guaida as interim and counter-president and was then allowed to watch the US-speaking Hampelmann make himself impossible, has long since found his master in political stylelessness in Chancellor Merkel. However, the Tagesschau will not tell us that the political treatment of Guaidi, Navalny and now Tikanovskaya is absurd theatre. She is trained in real satire, and when she spreads what the government tells her without a mask, she sees it as journalism.

The great Karl Kraus is confirmed again: "It is not enough that one has nothing to say, one must also be incapable of expressing it.