NATO states plunder northern Syria with impunity

For years Turkey has been plundering Syria’s infrastructure with impunity. Between 2012 and 2015, about 300 factories were dismantled in Aleppo and brought to Turkey. From Syria’s industrial capital Aleppo, Turkish forces lost machines and goods on trucks and transported them to Turkey via the Cilvegözü and Ceylanpinar crossings. “Looting” and “Terror” are part of the vocabulary if you want to tell the Syrian story.

Over 300,000 people had to flee

In October 2019, Turkish troops invaded Syria and today occupy a strip of Land in the Northeast. The area is controlled by Turkish military and pro-Turkish mercenary troops, who misleadingly call themselves the “Syrian National Army”. Turkish President Erdogan called the Invasion “Operation spring of peace “and said the goal was to establish a” safe Zone”. In reality, 200,000 Syrians had to flee from the Invasion and over 100,000 were permanently displaced from their homes, farms, jobs and livelihoods.

Turkish military turns off water supply

In Syria looting continues on an industrial scale. Militias supported by Turkey dismantle electricity poles in the border town of Ras Al-Ain, which belongs to the “spring peace"areas. Turkish forces control both the city and the nearby Allouk water station and pumping station, which supply the city of Hasaka and the whole Region with clean water. The Turkish armed forces use water as a weapon. To make the population compliant, they turn off the water. During more than two weeks in August, with temperatures around 38 degrees, there was no running water for almost a Million people.

The civilian population was forced to queue for hours for a few sips of water from a tanker. Those who could not pay for the water had to be content with the polluted Springs. Judy Jacob, a Syrian journalist from Hasaka, reports the following:

“The residents of Hasaka and the surrounding area were forced to turn to unsafe water sources … Many people suffer from fungal diseases, bacteria and dirt in their hair and body because they have to use water that should not be drunk or used for personal Hygiene. Because of the high temperatures and the spread of infectious diseases, the people of Hasaka are exposed to diseases and epidemics. If the situation does not change as quickly as possible, the spread of the Corona Virus will be devastating.”

Recently, 17 wells and three pumps have been restarted after Syria and international forces put pressure on the Turkish government. The main reservoirs were filled again and water also returned to the surrounding areas. However, the population is still living in great fear.

“It was a brilliant idea to lead democracy in the name”

The US has also deployed occupation troops and militias, which are supported militarily by the US, in northeastern Syria. The proxy army is incorrectly called the “Democratic Forces of Syria”. How she came to this name is revealing. It gave its name to itself when it was placed under the financing and control of the US military. U.S. General Ray Thomas gave her guidance the well-meaning advice: “you need to change your Branding. What do you want to call yourself, in addition to the YPG (Kurdish people’s defense units in northeast Syria)?“Within a day, they would have chosen “Syrian Democratic Forces.” “It was a brilliant idea to lead democracy in the name,” said the US General.

USA lays hands on Syrian oil

Within the Syrian-Kurdish population, there are numerous groups and Trends. The US is financing and supporting the secessionist forces and urging them to ally with the Turkish-backed jihadists against the government in Damascus. The violation of Syrian sovereignty is extreme and grotesque.

Before the war, Syria was able to supply itself with oil and export enough to earn foreign currency. But the largest oil reserves are in eastern Syria, where US troops and US-backed militias have established themselves. To finance their proxy army, US forces have taken control of the main oil wells. US President Donald Trump probably considers it a brilliant move to finance the Invasion of Syria with Syrian oil.

In November 2019, Trump said: “We keep the oil … The oil is safe. We left troops behind, just for the oil.“Recently it was announced that a little-known US company has secured a contract for Syrian oil. “Delta Crescent Energy” will not only manage the theft of Syrian oil, but will expand it further.

What would citizens in the United States think if another country invaded the United States via Mexico, established bases in Texas, financed a renegade militia, and took over the Texas oil wells to finance everything? This is exactly what the US is doing in Syria. In addition to stealing the oil, the US is doing everything it can to prevent Syria from tapping alternative sources. The “Caesar Act” threatens every individual, every company or country that comes to Syria’s aid in reconstruction with penalties.

The US administration seems to be trying everything to destabilize the Syrian economy and harm the Syrian currency. Under pressure from Lebanese banks and as a result of US sanctions, the Syrian pound has lost massive value. A US Dollar costs 2150 Syrian pounds instead of 650 a year ago.

Pressure on the grain farms

The rich wheat and grain fields make northeastern Syria the bread basket of the country. There are reports that the US pressured farmers not to sell their crops to the Syrian government. A year ago, Nicholas Heras of the influential Center for new American Security said: “Assad needs access to the grain harvest in northwest Syria to avoid a bread crisis in the areas he controls… Grain is a high-profile weapon in the next Phase of the conflict.”

It seems that the US is following exactly this strategy. In May 2020, Syrian Journalist Stephen Sahinouie wrote: “Apache helicopters from the US occupation forces flew low over the Shaddadi area, south of Hasaka, on Sunday and dropped “thermal balloons”, a thermal weapon. The grain fields literally exploded, while the hot, dry winds intensified the conflagration. After the drop, the helicopters flew low and aggressively over the houses and scared the population to death. The message of the military maneuver was clear: do not sell your grain to the government.

USA control vital border crossing

In order to plunder oil and the economy even more efficiently, the US has managed to move even more heavy equipment and military Hardware through Iraq’s Kurdish regions to Syria in recent weeks. In the south, at the strategically important Al-Tanf border crossing, they have established another base and occupation zone. This is where the borders of Syria, Iraq and Jordan come together. The highway from Baghdad to Damascus also passes through this border crossing. The US controls this border area to prevent Syrian reconstruction projects from Iraq or Iran. As Syrian troops approached the crossing, they were attacked on their own territory.

International aid for Syria flows mostly to the last stronghold of al Qaeda terrorists in Idlib, on the northwest border with Turkey. The US and its allies obviously want to support the armed Opposition so that the Syrian government cannot retake the country.

Disregards international law and UN Charter

The US and Turkey show how easy it is to violate international law. The occupation of Syrian territories and the attacks on Syria’s sovereignty do not take place in secret, but in public. However, the legal Problem is not the decisive one. Much worse are the Prevention of clean drinking water and the burning of grain fields to create Hunger. This action violates not only the law, but all principles of decency and morality.

The summit of hypocrisy is reached by those US foreign politicians who complain at every opportunity about the decline of the rule of law. The USA is the country that is driving the decline to the top. In his speech to the UN Security Council, Syrian ambassador Jaafri said: “international law is like the Lamb left to the care of a pack of wolves.”