The western propaganda operation against Syria

Documents reveal how Western intelligence agencies have used international media to create misleading media coverage of the situation in Syria. Virtually every aspect of the so-called “Syrian Opposition” has been “cultivated and marketed” by public Relations companies, according to the documents, the authenticity of which has yet to be confirmed.

An article on the Website of “Grayzone” published documents revealing large-scale Propaganda by contractors of Western governments and media against the Syrian government.

Author Ben Norton explains that the leaked documents show how contractors to the British government have developed an advanced Propaganda infrastructure to encourage support for Syria’s so-called “political and armed Opposition” in the West.

Virtually every aspect of the so-called “Syrian Opposition” has thus been cultivated and marketed by Public Relations firms supported by Western governments, from their political narratives to their brand, from what they said to where they said it.

The leaked files reveal how Western intelligence centers have used the media by carefully producing English and Arabic-language coverage of the war in Syria to generate a steady stream of so-called “Pro-opposition coverage.”

Us and European contractors had trained and advised” Syrian opposition leaders “at all levels, and these companies had also organised Interviews for so-called” Syrian opposition leaders” on Mainstream channels such as the BBC and Channel 4 in the UK.

More than half of the people employed by Al Jazeera in Syria were trained under a joint program between the U.S. government and the United Kingdom called “Basma,” which has produced hundreds of terrorist media activists.

Thus, the PR firms of Western governments not only influenced the way the media reported on Syria, but also produced, as the leaked documents show, their own Pseudo-news propaganda stories, which were broadcast by major television stations in the Middle East, including BBC Arabic, Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya and Orient TV.

Full-time PR for terrorist organizations?

These UK-funded companies have thus acted as full-time PR for terrorist organisations. One contractor, called InCoStrat, claimed to be in constant contact with a network of over 1,600 international journalists and “influencers” and used them to promote discussion points for “the Opposition”.

Another Western government contractor, the ARK, has developed a strategy to “rename” terrorist organizations in Syria and “soften”their Image. The ARK boasted of providing Propaganda for " the Opposition, “which was broadcast” almost daily” on the major Arabic-language television stations.

Virtually all major Western corporate media had been influenced by the British government-funded disinformation campaign uncovered in the leaked documents, from the New York Times to the Washington Post, from CNN to the Guardian, from the BBC to Buzzfeed.

The files confirm reports by journalists, including Max Blumenthal of the Grayzone, about the role of the ark, the contractor of the US-UK government, in promoting the “White Helmets” in the Western media. The ARK managed, therefore, the social media accounts of the white helmets and helped to make the Western-funded group an important propaganda weapon of the so-called Syrian Opposition.

The documents are mainly Material produced under the auspices of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The documents not only highlight the role of these Western intelligence actors in shaping media coverage, but also shed light on the British government’s programme to train and arm terrorist groups in Syria.

Other materials show how governments in London and the West have worked together to build a new police force in areas controlled by terrorism. Some of the British government contractors whose activities are exposed in these documents were on the ground to support Jabhat al-Nusra, a Syrian affiliate of al-Qaeda, and its fanatical offshoots.

According to Ben Norton, the magazine “Grayzone” was not able to independently verify the authenticity of the documents. The content, however, coincides with reporting on Western destabilization and propaganda operations in Syria and with reports by Max Blumenthal, for example.

According to Norton, the documents were procured by a group that calls itself Anonymous. The unidentified informants said they wanted to " expose the criminal activities of the British FCO and the intelligence services “and declared:” We are declaring war on British neo-colonialism!”

The leaked documents were mainly Material produced under the auspices of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office. All the companies mentioned in the files were contracted by the British government, but many also carried out “multi-donor projects” financed by the governments of the United States and other Western European countries.