Riots instead of informing

ARD-aktuell is splendidly sploffing the US sanctions against the International Criminal Court and the deliberate erosion of international law. O how well this Merkel sentence sounds: “Germany’s economic and political weight obliges us to … the rule of law and international law.”. He could easily give up the maker of a 8 p.m. daily show. In the defence of international law, however, neither the Merkel government nor the ARD-aktuell editorial team stand out. On the contrary, when, in early September, when US President Trump imposed sanctions on senior members of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, and Foreign Minister Pompeo even called the fundamental institute of the international legal system a “thoroughly broken and corrupt organization,” the chancellor did not feel called upon to object. And ARD-aktuell did not ask her either.

Fatou Bensouda, Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, and Phaskiso Mochochoko, Head of The Court’s Department of Justice Relations and Cooperation, were barred from entering the United States. Their property, as far as the US has access to it, has been frozen. Pompeo expanded the assault to include a threat that whoever helps the two sanctioned men would also be punished. For years, the US administration has been trying, with intimidation and gross mockery, to prevent the International Criminal Court from investigating US soldiers and CIA agents and their clients suspected of serious war crimes in Afghanistan. The ICC responded strongly to Washington’s claim that US citizens were above international law:

“These acts of coercion against an international legal institution and its officials are unprecedented and constitute serious attacks against the Court of Justice, the system of international criminal justice under the Rome Statute and the rule of law in general.”

Clear edge. Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas was no longer able to hold the water. He had to sit down as a real international law keeper in scene:

“The imposition of sanctions on two high-ranking ICC staff … through the United States … we cannot accept it. … We also know from our own history that a strong and independent international organisation is needed to deal with serious international crimes. We… consider it a serious mistake that the US has decided to take this further step. We… call on the United States to withdraw the measures.”

But that’s it from Berlin. The political clown Heiko Maas probably does not even admit to himself that such a smooth-ironed German press statement passes the US president’s ass. He did not dare to summon the US ambassador, brush him thoroughly and send him to Washington with a peppered protest note under his arm. Such manly actions are taken out of the way by the embarrassingly incompetent at the head of German diplomacy only in the face of Russia’s ambassador and for far worse reasons – despite the fact that the Russians do not take it as full as the Americans.

However, the outrageous attack by the USA on an international legal institute supported by 123 countries also received little attention in German quality journalism. On tagesschau.de, a paltry 08/15 excerpt from agency news appeared – for the minority of readers, not for the majority of paying viewers. Only the German publicist Andreas Zumach made an appropriate comment – at a Swiss forum. He called Trump and Pompeo’s attacks a “crime against the international administration of justice.” The ICC contracting states and also the Federal Government must react “clearly and decisively” to this.

Intercession at St. Navalny

They would have to, but did not. It was more important for the political-media complex of the European “western of values” to list the Navalny Posse in many files and to maintain anti-Russian images of the enemy.

Be with us, Navalny! Stand with us against your evil compatriots! You pillar saint, who are “opposition leader” against Putin and even swallows away an attack by Novichok water bottle like nothing, the most deadly nerve poison from the more sinister Kremlin! You courageous champion of democracy, who now even wants to have your underwear from Siberia reinforced with Novichok, when you entered the dumbest modern history of the lying Baron of Münchhausen! Did you graciously notice how ' Heiko threw herself into the fray for you? He even summoned the Russian ambassador Sergey Nechayev!

In any case, the Tagesschau has expressed this gratefully and many times. The comparison shows how often the names Bensouda and Navalny appear in their broadcasts, showing how surreal and abusive their news offerings have become. The chief prosecutor of The Hague tribunal has been mentioned 20 times in twenty years. Navalny made it in about 200 posts – in a month.

As usual, the Tagesschau is silent about the monstrous crimes of the leading nation of the West. Against this background, can we call real satire what can be read on the Website of the Federal Foreign Ministry about the relationship with the USA, with our “ally”, with whom we still maintain “community of values”?:

“Transatlantic relations are based on historical experience and shared values such as democracy, freedom and the rule of law. … German foreign policy is always committed to a close, partnership-based relationship … with the USA …”

Merkel and her ghostly cabinet hump in front of the" friends " in Washington. However, the US is not a haven of democracy, as our foreign minister suggests here. Rather, they turn out to be a cruel imperial power and, internally, an oligarch-dominated construct in which the super-rich can buy almost any vote and in which elections can be manipulated to such an extent that not even a majority of the votes cast is decisive in the awarding of the presidential office.

Behind the face of the superpower

The rule of law is not a feature of the United States: your wars, your extrajudicial executions (including by drone), your arbitrary imposition of sanctions on all those who are not welcome, your violation of internationally binding treaties, your everyday racial discrimination, your frequent execution of the death penalty (for delinquents who have been on death row for decades) and also your state-terrorist action against Julian Assange show how little the US respects the rule of law.

“Tell me who you are trading with, and I will tell you who you are; when I know what you are dealing with, I know what can become of you,” Goethe wrote 200 years ago. Today we have the Daily Show. But ARD-current, says nothing critical about the reality of the USA. The submissive transatlantic course of this editorial team is nothing more than an admission of journalistic cowardice.

If these writers brush against grain, at best in the form of slightly derogatory insults against President Trump’s human and political weaknesses. But only when he talks harmless nonsense, not when he fires missiles at Syria, because the evil Assad “kills his own people” with barrel bombs and poison gas. ARD currently considers those killed by US missile slaughders or US mercenaries worldwide to be “terrorists” or “collateral damage.” Trump, on the other hand, is considered a particularly good person in the Tagesschau when, for example, he presents a “Middle East peace plan” in which the rights of the Palestinians are trampled underfoot.

Away from selective jurisprudence

The ICC has learned the lessons from the criticism that it practises selective jurisprudence and has exclusively condemned Africans. In the meantime, he is also investigating Europeans and even Americans. That this has only been happening recently is to be understood as a consequence of the American obstruction policy.

US President Clinton signed the statute of the ICC in 2000, but had the signature annulled shortly thereafter and the statute not ratified by Congress. Nevertheless, he could not prevent it from becoming valid under international law. The International Criminal Court is now in principle also responsible for us crimes. That is why the US is actively trying to prevent the transfer of US citizens to the court of justice through bilateral treaties with ICC member states. They sabotage the work of the ICC by applying considerable political and economic pressure.

Because of their global military commitment, hypothetically all US powers have to fear that they themselves or some of their soldiers will be dragged before the International Criminal Court. Of course, only hypothetically; since 2002, the Pentagon has been authorized by US law to intervene with the Army, Navy or Air Force in the Netherlands and to “liberate” us citizens there if they are tried in The Hague for war crimes. Any Questions?

Two years ago, then-US security adviser Bolton attacked the ICC in a particularly vulnerable manner, calling it “downright dangerous.” The United States would not support this court, would not cooperate with it and would not join it. Bolton added :

“We let the International Criminal Court die.”

However, this unquestionably important news was currently withheld from the millions of viewers of the evening broadcasts of ARD. On the other hand, the Tagesschau offered Pseudo-information about Navalny demonstrators in Russia and about the alleged use of “barrel bombs” in Syria. This was no excusable mistake: the transatlantic Hamburg influence agents dressed as journalists deliberately attributed greater news value to the demonstration of several hundred supporters of the Russian professional opponent and racist Navalny than to the US threat to ruin the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

One bomb every 12 minutes

On March 15, 2019, there were tagesschau.de a report with rarity value about investigations of the ICC:

“Did US soldiers commit war crimes in Afghanistan?”

was the hypocritical title question. In the Text below then softy-clean this:

“Soldiers and intelligence officials are alleged to have tortured and otherwise pressured detainees in Afghanistan, according to a court investigation report”

Question mark in the title and a weakening “… should … have” in the Text. Language softeners of the Tagesschau, reserved for the use of naming US war criminals-as if it had not been known at the latest since the judgments of the European Court of human rights and proved that US military and CIA gangsters abducted people and tortured them in their secret prisons. As if we had never heard of democratic model governments like Lithuania and Romania – and not only them! - the CIA’s torture and abduction programme in 2002 and following. actively supported. They were sentenced to pay compensation to the tortured. One of the plaintiff torture victims was even taken to a CIA secret prison in Thailand and tortured there under the responsibility of the prison director and torture expert Gina Haspel. Haspel became head of the CIA under Trump.

Secret US torture sites were also known to exist in Poland, Italy, and-no wonder? - in Germany.

Of other small stuff, which also fell under the Tagesschau office tables, there should be no more big talk here. For example, it is not the case that in their spatially and temporally unlimited and illegal “war on Terror”, Americans have killed at least half a Million fellow human beings, mostly civilians who had nothing, absolutely nothing to do with terrorism.

How many civilians have the US military killed since the founding of the UN and the application of international law under the UN Charter 75 years ago? The estimates range from 8 to 30 million, depending on the data base.

In the era of US President George Dabbeljuh Bush, the Air Force dropped a total of 70,000 bombs on five Islamic countries, without a declaration of war, without any justifiable reason. Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama increased the scope of the mass murder to a total of around 100,000 bombings.

Donald Trump has already twice surpassed the Obama"record" with 200,000 bombs in his first term. In view of the murderous zeal of the Air Force, the arms industry temporarily stopped producing bombs. It may well be that this mass murder is not in Trump’s mind, but marks the state run by the military-industrial complex; some observers even claim that the real power of the US president does not even extend beyond the fence around the White House in Washington. However, this does not absolve the US president of his responsibility and guilt.

But ARD-aktuell does not even report on such US presidential statistics of horror under guilt-reducing aspects. Their audience certainly does not come to the realization, due to extremely US-compliant news, that the foundations of the value west rest on mountains of corpses. The US kills people hourly, en masse and methodically. Even today, an average of 121 US bombs are dropped worldwide, one every twelve minutes, around the clock.

The Tagesschau has plenty of Expertise in embezzling or marginalizing such essential information. A classic example of this is her handling of the internationally acclaimed documentary “costs of war” by Brown University in Rhode Island. This study shows that since the attack on the Twin Towers in New York, a total of 37 million people have been forced to flee as a result of US military intervention worldwide. ARD-aktuell reported on the investigation, but immediately had an" opportune witness “light fog candles: their” Analyst and Syria expert " Charles Lister was allowed to doubt the results of Brown University from the hollow stomach. The suggestion that “Analyst” Lister is nothing less than an expert, but all the more a transatlantic water carrier, has been carefully avoided.

Public-law Narkotiseurs

How can, how has it been possible to keep the monstrous crimes of US governments and their attacks on international law and the administration of justice out of our social discourse and even out of our consciousness? How is it possible that no one in Germany reaches for the pitchfork and calls for the march on Berlin, when our transatlantic-trained political personnel talk about “Western values” and invoke the “partnership”, even “friendship” with the USA? How could it happen that we paid even a second’s attention to the lie stories of the government spokesman and the Berlin Charité about the gallows bird Navalny?

Tagesschau & co. – here ZDF and DLF are explicitly mentioned-narcotize the political consciousness of the audience. They organize a community of superstitious. They create illusions and present them as reality. On a regular basis, this takes place without hesitation, taking over lying politicians ' speech bubbles (“humanitarian Intervention,” “I have learned: never again Auschwitz”, “fighting the causes of flight”, “the Bundeswehr serves to secure peace”), it is difficult to expose the reality conveyed by mass media as an Illusion."

How does ARD-aktuell convey US exceptionalism that is hostile to the rule of law? Does it fulfil its legal duty to provide objective and comprehensive Information, to promote international friendship? No Trace. In view of this bottle warehouse, where is the supervising NDR Broadcasting Council? O Jammer, O Jauche: the fact that this honorary club critically accompanies and controls the programme offer on behalf of the public is not noticeable anywhere. He has never issued a public reprimand for the misuse of the Tagesschau for anti-Russian Propaganda.

The liver cheese, this box-shaped broth sausage, is known to contain neither liver nor cheese. And there are also many unappetising ingredients in the daytime programmes. ARD-currently only transatlantic warmed up, pre-chewed and with mustard from Berlin-provides information on basic geopolitical issues of our time. Without buckets, of course.