The total war

It is no surprise that the “Bild”, the tabloid for some Germans, and “Die Welt”, the intelligence sheet for the others, are currently shooting from all journalistic pipes against Russia. Its owner, the media group Axel Springer, already owns more than 42 percent of a Us-American locust company. And his corporate boss, Mathias Döpfner, occasionally uses the keys himself so that his editors-in-chief know what to write. Above all, however, there is a clear instruction at the top of the Group that all publications of the Group must respect the friendship with the USA – and thus the North Atlantic policy. German freedom of the press according to the Western model.

You can live with that. There should be such media companies as long as they do not have the majority in the media market.

Less good to live with the current pronouncements of the German government, namely the defense minister Annegret Kramp Karrenbauer, known as The AKK, the German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. After the suspected poisoning of putin critic Alexei Navalny, Germany was ready to take it to the Charité University Hospital in Berlin, and Russia agreed to this approach, even though Navalny should not have left an imminent trial because of Russia. However, the Charité Clinic then delegated Navalny’s investigation to a bundeswehr laboratory, which was the first step in the military abuse of the incident. The Bundeswehr laboratory found, who wonders, “evidence” of poisoning and later also provided the message that the poison used was a nerve poison from the family of novichok poisons. This was the second step towards politicising the case.

Beyond good and evil, the ensuing statement by German Chancellor Angela Merkel that there was now proof that navalny’s plane crash was the result of a “crime” and that “only the Kremlin can give an answer” to some questions about this crime, that is, the Kremlin is responsible for the crime.

But that is not enough. There was a press conference on this matter, at which the German Defence Minister Annegret Kramp Karrenbauer appeared, who is responsible for the military laboratory of the Bundeswehr in her political function. She spoke several times about the use of “chemical nerve agents” and also about “chemical weapons”, which are banned internationally.

Finally, german Foreign Minister Heiko Maas also appeared. He said, among other things, that ‘we will now immediately inform our partners in the European Union and NATO through the channels provided for this purpose’.

From the suspected attempted murder of a single person to nato involvement

Suppose Navalny really should have been killed. Suppose Navalny really should have been killed with a nerve agent. Suppose – though very unlikely, since Navalny has never been dangerous to Putin – that the order to do so really came from the Kremlin. How does the German government come up with the idea of making this “crime” against a Russian citizen in Russia an issue of the Bundeswehr and even NATO?

ACCORDING to the Founding Treaty, NATO is a military defense alliance against armed attacks by other states. Again: against armed attacks! What does the suspected poisoning of a Russian citizen in Russia have to do with an armed attack on a NATO state?

It is known that Saudi Arabia is killing its own citizen in its own embassy in Istanbul (jamal Khashoggi case). Israeli intelligence agency Mossad kills a Hamas official in a Dubai hotel (the case of Mahmoud al-Mabhuh). Not only does the US still know the death penalty, the US has already killed under previous presidents, not least under Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama, and it is also killing dozens, if not hundreds, of “hostile” politicians and army members of other states even in other states, with a deliberate incorporation that innocent civilians are always killed. And how does the world react to this? Are there sanctions against Saudi Arabia? Are there sanctions against Israel? Are there any sanctions against the US?

But now that a Russian should have been poisoned in Russia, by whomever, Germany declares that the poison is a banned “chemical warfare agent” and informs “the partner countries of the EU and NATO on the designated channels”!

NATO is a military organization and has so far waged more wars of aggression than defense, contrary to its own statutory requirements. With the conscious involvement of NATO, Germany has now not only made navalny a geopolitical issue, it has also made it a military issue. If an armed conflict breaks out somewhere in Europe in the near future – not an unthinkable option, given the massive interference of the current German-led EU in Belarus – then Germany is clearly partly responsible.

Where are the Germans who whistle their government back in this scandalous history? And where are the state lawyers who call on the German government to distinguish between civil and martial law?