Empire or Nation?

We want to try to draw our attention to a fact that is difficult for the West to understand: the American people are going through a crisis of civilization. It is so deeply divided that the presidential election is not just about electing a leader, but about determining what the country should be. Neither side can accept losing, so both could resort to violence to impose their position.

As the presidential election looms in the United States, the country is splitting into two camps that suspect each other of preparing a coup. On the one hand, the Democratic Party and the nonpartisan Republicans, on the other hand, the Jacksonians, who became the majority in the Republican Party, without sharing their ideology.

Empire or Nation

Remember, as early as November 2016, a media manipulation company led by agit prop master David Brock raised more than 100 million dollars to destroy the president-elect’s image before his ceremonial inauguration. Since that point, even before he could do anything, the President of the United States has been portrayed in the international press as incompetent and an enemy of the people. Some newspapers have even called for him to be assassinated. Over the next nearly four years, his own administration has repeatedly denounced him as a Traitor scarred by Russia, and the international press has strongly criticized him.

Currently, another group, the Transition Integrity Project, is planning scenarios to topple him in the 2020 election, whether he loses or wins it. It has become a state affair since the founder of the TIP, Professor Rosa Brooks, wrote a long article in The Washington Post as a regular contributor.

The TIP organized four role-playing games last June. It simulated different results to anticipate the reactions of the two candidates. All participants were Democrats and Republicans (ideologically speaking, not ‘Republicans’ in terms of party affiliation), none of them were Jacksonian.

Not surprisingly, these figures all believe that “the Trump administration has regularly undermined the fundamental standards of democracy and the rule of law. The Trump administration has introduced many corrupt and authoritarian practices.” These figures therefore concluded that President Trump was trying a coup d’état and considered it their duty to plan a ‘democratic’ coup as a preventive measure.

It is a feature of today’s political thinking to stand up for democracy, but to reject decisions that run counter to the interests of the ruling class. Moreover, TIP members are happy to admit that the US electoral system they are defending is deeply ‘undemocratic’. It should be remembered that the Constitution does not ascribe presidential elections to the citizens, but to an Electoral College consisting of 538 persons appointed by the Governors.

The participation of citizens, which was not foreseen at the time of independence, has gradually prevailed in practice, but only as a guideline for the governors. In 2000, for example, the Florida Supreme Court reminded george W. Bush that he should not be aware of the wishes of the citizens of Florida, but only of the 27 voters appointed by their Governor of Florida.

Contrary to popular belief, the United States Constitution does not recognize popular sovereignty, only the sovereignty of governors. Moreover, the Electoral College designed by Thomas Jefferson has not functioned properly since 1992: the elected candidate no longer has the majority of the wishes of the citizens in the states that overturn the election.

The TIP has carefully examined everything that might happen in the three months between the election and the inauguration. It admits that it will be very difficult to determine the results, as postal voting is being used in times of epidemic. The TIP has deliberately failed to investigate the possibility that the Democratic Party will announce the election of Joe Biden despite insufficient vote counting, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi will swear him before Donald Trump could be declared a loser. In such a case, there would be two rival presidents, which would mean the start of a second civil war.

This possibility encourages some to consider secession and unilaterally declare the independence of their state. This is especially true on the West Coast. To prevent this process of disintegration, some are calling for California to be divided in order to provide more members of the Electoral College to its population. However, this solution is already an opinion in the national conflict, since it favours the representation of the people at the expense of the power of the governors.

In addition, in March last year I mentioned the coup attempts of some military personnel, to which several high-ranking officers later referred.

These diverlies bear witness to the deep crisis in which the United States is in. The “American Empire” should have fallen apart after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. That was not the case. It should have reinvented itself with financial globalization. That was not the case. Each time a conflict came to resuscitate the dying. It will not be possible for long to postpone the deadlines.