Wars, interventions, blockades and regime change

On September 1, 1939, fascist Germany began the most devastating war in history by invading Poland. Worldwide, it led to the devastation of many countries and the death of 60 to 80 million people, including 27 million in the Soviet Union alone. The Soviet Union bore the brunt of the war and made the greatest contribution to bringing down German fascism. This results in a responsibility of today’s Germany towards the successor of the SU, Russia, which we must not forget. This does not matter in current German politics. On the contrary, Berlin is taking part in the aggressive course of the US and NATO towards Russia and is even sending larger German army contingents to large-scale maneuvers in the East, as far as the Russian border.

The Second World War ended 75 years ago. We are still far from a world order that can create and secure peace, and the Situation is not getting better, but is rapidly deteriorating.

We are currently experiencing massive retrogressions in terms of disarmament, détente and international cooperation. At the same time, the arms spending of Germany and its NATO partners is climbing to record highs, as is the volume of arms exports.

And this at a time when tensions in the world continue to increase. In Europe with Russia, in Latin America with Venezuela, in the Middle East especially with Iran. As we saw in January, with the drone murder of a high-ranking Iranian military, the aggressive policy of the Trump Administration can escalate the conflict militarily at any time.

A renewed war in the Gulf could easily become a conflagration, with the nuclear powers USA, France, Great Britain and Israel on the one hand and Russia on the other.

In Europe, too, the threat of nuclear war is greater than most would be aware of. Seventy-five years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the nuclear powers are modernizing their Arsenal and the US is making a renewed effort to make it usable, in part, by developing tactical nuclear weapons with “limited explosive power”.

All this prompted the experts of the “Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists” to present the Doomsday Clock at 100 seconds to 12 at the beginning of the year, which is as close as ever. They thus estimate the danger of war to be greater than at the time of the Cold War.

It is high time to take decisive action here.

Germany must stand up for détente and compliance with international law, and must clearly reject the role of Atlanticists such as Röttgen, Merz and the world’s greatest hypocrites, the Greens. grant.

The lesson of two world wars instigated by Germany must be:

However, it is not only military conflicts that affect many people and contribute to the growth of refugee flows, but also the increasingly frequent economic wars. The increasingly extensive and sharper economic blockades of the USA / EU are also causing casualties, from the collapse of the economy, the supply of essential goods to medicine. Even if Western governments assure us that their arbitrary blockade measures, which are arrogantly called “sanctions”, will only be directed against the" regimes": once they effectively restrict the economy, trade and financing channels, they inevitably hit the population first. UN resolutions regularly stress that, regardless of how they are justified, any action that affects people’s lives and health violates applicable international human rights and humanitarian laws," in other words, is a crime.

Despite appeals from the UN and aid agencies, they were not suspended at the beginning of the corona pandemic, but were intensified against Cuba, Venezuela, Syria and Iran.

Therefore, claims such as: