Russian crusaders and German hypocrites

Der Spiegel Online published a large video interview with the Green politician Jürgen Trittin yesterday. He claimed that Putin had “lost control of Russia.” He had broken his “promise to bring stability to Russia”.

The proof: the opposition leader Aleksey Navalny was poisoned. The doctors in Omsk, Siberia, could not find traces of poisoning. And even the doctors of the Berlin Charité suspect only one poisoning and cannot give exact information, let alone explain the course of the crime. But a presumption of German doctors is enough for German politicians to demand harsh measures against the “Putin regime”.

“Left” as leniency

When leftists, or those who were once leftists, stand up for “German interests” abroad, they get a big stage in the German media. Why: Leftists are seen as credible in the pacifist part of the German population, more credible at least as CDU politicians. One remembers how Joseph Fischer justified the deployment of the Bundeswehr in Yugoslavia in 1999 with “Auschwitz”.

Unfortunately, these leftists, or those who were once on the left, are too vain to say to themselves: Stop, I am not taking part in this game!

Russia spares Germany with criticism

It is striking that failures against the Putin regime always come only from Germany. Not a single case has been known in the last 30 years that a well-known Russian politician has moved on to the “Regime Kohl” or the “Merkel regime”, even when Germany was waging war in Yugoslavia. Moscow’s criticism has always been limited to Washington. Germany was spared.

One could say that German politicians are ungrateful. What is certain, at least, is that German politicians are quite conceited and self-referential when it comes to Russia. They seem to interpret the cautious style of Russian policy towards Germany as a weakness in order to please the teacher’s position, instead of building the foundation for a peaceful future together with Russia and renouncing excessive criticism.

“Angela Merkel has lost control of Germany”

Imagine if a well-known Russian politician would declare in a large Russian medium that Angela Merkel had “lost control of Germany”. There are far-right cells in the KSK and the Bundeswehr, and in the city of Hanau a right-wing radical has carried out a massacre of migrants.

With such a statement, the Russian politician could not rely on assumptions, but on facts that are acknowledged even by the German defense minister and the German interior minister.

Unthinkable: German politicians call for action against corrupt Ukrainians

Jürgen Trittin calls for the “confiscation” of the properties of “corrupt Russian politicians”, such as former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, in Italy and other EU countries. That would be a “worthy support”. Well roared, lion. But why don’t you roar when it comes to Ukraine?

Imagine german politicians demanding the confiscation of funds hidden in offshore zones by former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. In 2016, it was known that the Ukrainian president is the owner of secret companies on offshore islands. With the help of these companies, he hides his income from the Ukrainian tax authority.

There would always be reasons for action against Poroshenko. Under the former president of Ukraine, critical journalists were persecuted as “controlled by Russia” and forced to flee abroad. Poroshenko is complicit in the deaths of 13,000 people. During his tenure, the Ukrainian army and far-right volunteer battalions waged a cruel war against the breakaway Donbass.

Imagine that Jürgen Trittin, Norbert Röttgen, der Spiegel and the taz would demand clarification on the numerous cases of persecution of dissidents in Ukraine, they would publicly show solidarity with the Ukrainian journalist Ruslan Kotsaba, who was imprisoned for sixteen months in a Ukrainian prison for a call for conscientious objection from February 2015 to June 2016 and was attacked several times in Kiev by Ukrainian nationalists.

Imagine if the major German media had reported on the fact that Ukrainian nationalists shelled the Ukrainian television channel “112” with grenades in June 2019 because the TV channel wanted to broadcast a critical film by the US director Oliver Stone about the coup d’état in Ukraine.

Imagine if German politicians protested when Ukrainian nationalists set fire to the Ukrainian television channel “Inter” in 2016 for alleged “pro-Russian positions”.

Ukraine is something of a “liberated territory”

We can wait a long time for German politicians to show solidarity with the dissidents and the imprisoned journalists in Ukraine. Ukraine is regarded by German politicians as a “liberated territory”. In Ukraine, Russia has nothing more to say. A great success of Western politics! That is why a devil will be done to criticize Kiev or to demand something from Kiev, even if a Western-oriented liberal journalist like Pavel Scheremet is allegedly murdered by Ukrainian nationalists with a car bomb.

Black-Green Crusaders prepare government coalition

There are no differences between the CDU and the Greens in foreign policy. Trittin and Röttgen strike the same sharp tongue with regard to the Putin regime. The CDU and the Greens could form a governing coalition of the new German crusaders and hypocrites. They form a front in the virtual struggle against authoritarian rulers in Minsk and Moscow. The difference with the crusaders in the 11th century is that the signs of the new knights do not feature a cross, but the euro sign. This currency stands for German value-making, but also for low wages, impoverishment and German big man’s addiction.