Kamala Harris

She is just a heart attack away from the Oval Office. Such are the evil tongues in Washington. Because if 78-year-old Joe Biden were to suffer heart failure as a future president, Kamala Harris would be the first president of the 50 states to be called the United States of America at the moment. For the United States was probably as divided as it is today in the Civil War (1861-1865).

Joe Biden is now counting on a woman who, as the daughter of a Jamaican father and a Tamil mother in the Us, is considered “black” and is apparently expected to win votes from the black community and Hispanics. When “black lives matter” is shouted outside on the streets, this strategy is obvious, and the pressure was correspondingly high. A few days ago, a hundred prominent black Us citizens wrote Joe Biden in an open letter that if he did not put a black woman as a running mate, he would lose the election. Black women make up about 16 million u.a. votes in the United States.

An old white man is now to be replaced by an even older white man, and all the polls predict a comfortable majority for Joseph Robinette Biden, called Joe. You may have your doubts. Hillary Clinton, too, saw the polls and the media as safe president, but with polls, that’s one thing. Under the drumbeat of the leading Media of the East and West Coasts, which is directed to the Democrats, many people are frightened that they might be thought of as politically incorrect. They tell something, but not who they end up giving their voice to. In addition to the other statistical sources of error, there may well be an inaccuracy of several percent.

The US left is not enthusiastic. The left wing of the Democrats is firmly convinced that the elections can only be won if the slightly ageless and colorless Daddy Joe has a woman with robust left positions to her side.

Criticism also from the left

The left attacks Kamala Harris as a tough law-and-order woman. “Mother Jones”, “Left Voice”, “New York Times” and others create lists of her “sins” in the past as the chief prosecutor (Attorney General) in California: She has put blacks innocently in prison; it had refused to prosecute Catholic priests on charges of child abuse; she once threatened to send parents of children who skip school to prison, and in doing so she laughed; She said she was responsible for the fact that many people had been imprisoned in connection with marijuana. And so on and so forth. A left-wing platform such as “truthout.org” accuses her of, as attorney general, of preventing the state from paying for the surgical gender reassignment of transgender inmates. Black lives matter, the US left thinks, but with the skin color of Kamala Harris alone, not much has been gained.

Also positive points

However, all of this also overlooks all sorts of positives in the balance sheet. For example, Harris set up the first environmental justice unit in San Francisco and worked with BP, Chevron, and ExxonMobil, among others, for pollution.

Apparently hardly burdened by knowledge of history, the left in the US has been fond of talking about a fascist regime for months and portraying Trump as a fascist. A stupidity that should help Trump on the campaign trail. Certainly, police violence and the problem of latent racism belong in the public domain. But one does not get rid of the impression that it is no longer at all about the protection of social minorities, but only about election campaigns. The Democratic Party has used the protest movement and constantly poured oil on the fire to portray Trump as a racist. The shot could backfire. Because if the picture storm goes so far as to have the statues of presidents of the United States torn down, then in the end people will agree with Trump, who is talking about vandalism. And it could get him more votes.

Left candidates do not guarantee success

The establishment of the Democratic Party calculates differently from the left. With Trump’s election victory, it was noted that the US as a whole has moved far to the right. It is believed that positions of a Bernie Sanders or an Elizabeth Warren have no chance of solid majorities. Therefore, the election of Kamala Harris as vice-candidate is strategically logical. She drives in the middle of the party, which means that neither domestic nor foreign policy can be expected to surprise her. The New York Times calls them “pragmatic moderates” and “reliable allies of the Democratic Party establishment.” While Harris says he wants to push for a ban on fracking, he supports left-wing MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal, but it remains to be seen what remains of those promises after the campaign.

Joe Biden called Wikileaks a “high-tech terrorist organization” and argued that Julian Assange was an enemy of the United States. Kamala Harris saw it similarly.

No one should therefore delude themselves that under the Biden-Harris duo, the US will return to respect for press freedom, as provided for in the First Amendment of the Constitution. What was still true for the Pentagon Papers is no longer possible today. Journalists who make criminal state secrets public must expect to be prosecuted as spies and, like Julian Assange, disposed of in high-security prisons.

Trump’s enemies will remain enemies

On foreign policy, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are much less prepared for big course changes. The aggressive policy against China, Russia, Syria and Iran will continue. Venezuela, Cuba, and North Korea will not get rid of their role as rogue states. Biden has already proclaimed “we need to get tough with China” and emphasizes the military and political role of the UNITED States as the leader of the so-called “Free World”.

Kamala Harris, for her part, is an iron-clad supporter of Israeli settlement policy and a welcome guest speaker at the congresses of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the main pro-Israel lobbying organization in the United States. The senator’s brilliant career as a woman of color in administration and politics has earned her the name “the female Obama”. She saw herself as the “top cop” of California.

The theatre, which has been performing since last Tuesday, may seem paradoxical in Europe, but it is typical on the US political stage: Donald Trump wants to see the red danger in Kamala Harris. The Trump team couldn’t think of anything smarter in the campaign than to place the conservative Kamala Harris not far from Bolshevism. In a promotional clip, it says that Joe Biden has “handed over the reins to Kamala and the radical left.” Trump’s press release predicts in a downright biblical tone that Biden and Harris will “satisfy the socialist mob seeking the destruction of America.” Harris would cut funding to the police, raise trillions of new taxes, destroy jobs, and open the borders.

Election campaign is election campaign

Trump’s enemies pay it home to him in the same coin. George Packer, a well-known US publicist who writes for The Atlantic, said of Trump: “He has authoritarian tendencies and has done enormous damage to American democracy (…) But unlike most successful dictators, he is lazy, uninterested, impulsive, and incompetent. That was the only luck of the Trump years.” And when asked what Trump’s legacy would be if he was re-elected, Packer said, “The worst president in Us history. And the president we deserve because we elected him twice.” (The magazine 32/2020)