The good Russian Navalny

Navalny an opposition politician in Russia who fell ill on a flight. The good Russian Navalny is, of course, Kremlin critic and Putin critic, making it the fascist’s best friend of Germany. For this reason, the good Russian is treated in the Charite who will surely also find the poison, which doctors in Omsk could not find. Of course, the typical Atlantic trolls do not tell us why we in Germany should be interested in politicians in Russia. The pitcher has no time for that either, because Russia is evil and we are the good ones!

The good Russian Navalny

In contrast to German propaganda, I would like to translate two articles of Russian news so that everyone can make their own picture.

The first Article is from RIA.

OMSK, Aug 20 - RIA Novosti. Alexei Navalny’s condition remains stable, said Anatoly Kalinichenko, deputy chief medical officer of Omsk Emergency Hospital No. 1, reporters.

“Intensive therapy continues. We have progressed in diagnosing the disease, received dozens of studies on the parameters of blood condition, brain function, other organs and systems. Active treatment continues. (…) Not only are the doctors doing everything they can, the doctors are actually working to save his life,” he said.

When asked whether the head of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBC) was in danger of death, the physician stated that as long as the patient is not discharged from the hospital, there is always a certain danger. Kalinichenko recalled that he did not have the right to reveal more details about his condition without Navalny’s consent.

Treatment and diagnoses are monitored by the regional and federal ministry of health.

It had previously been announced that the plane used by Alexei Navalny to fly from Tomsk to Moscow had landed in Omsk. The blogger fell ill on the flight and was taken to hospital in a serious condition.

According to FBC spokeswoman Kira Jarmish, Navalny was poisoned by something that had been put under him and is in a coma. Kalinichenko, on the other hand, said that there was no certainty that this was a poisoning, but this version is also being considered.

Piotr Filonenko, director of the “Vienna CoffeeShop” at Tomsk Airport, where Navalny drank black tea, told RIA Novosti that he would cooperate with law enforcement in investigating the incident. According to the airline S7, the FBC boss did not eat or drink anything on board the aircraft.

The airport is ready to provide its video recordings. Airport police have launched an investigation.

At the same time, the lawyers of the FBC decided to file a complaint with the Investigative Committee (note: this is the supervisory authority of the law enforcement authorities): they are sure that the incident falls under the criminal law clauses “Attack on the life of a civil servant or a public person”. Navalny’s doctor Anastasia Vasilyeva flew to Omsk.

The FBC (Anti-Corruption Foundation) has been included by the Ministry of Justice in the register of NGOs performing the functions of a foreign agent.

The second is from the Russian News Agency Tass.

Peskov: If navalny is confirmed poisoning, there will be an investigation

The best doctors are brought in to treat him, the Russian president’s spokesman added.

MOSCOW, August 20 /TASS/. The Kremlin knows from the media about the serious health of blogger Alexei Navalny, and the best doctors have been called in for his treatment.

“Yes, the media spread sathings, we read this information and know that it is in a serious condition. The doctors are now doing everything necessary, the best doctors of Omsk have been called in,” Dmitry Peskov, the Russian president’s spokesman, told reporters.

He noted that, according to the media, the Omsk doctors “use telemedicine methods and consult with specialists in Moscow.” “Of course, like every citizen of our country, we wish him a speedy recovery,” Peskov added.

When asked whether the head of state was aware of this case, the Kremlin representative replied that “there is no need for special reports in the monitoring of the media (reports on the main media publications submitted to the President of the Russian Federation) TASS) this information is, of course, contained.”

At the same time, Peskov assured – if the Kremlin or the Ministry of Health receives a request to transfer Navalny to a foreign clinic – that it will be decided quickly. “If they contact the Kremlin or the Ministry of Health or any other authority, we will decide on such a request very quickly,” the press spokesman said. He noted that “many Russian citizens, although the borders are closed today (due to the pandemic of the coronavirus), travel abroad for treatment.”

When asked if Navalny may have been poisoned, Peskov said that “the results of the analyses are not yet available.” “Therefore, all assumptions are just assumptions as to whether it is poisoning. This needs to be confirmed in the lab, we just have to wait for the results of the analyses,” he added.

If the version of the poisoning is confirmed, Peskov said, it remains to be seen what poisoned Navalny. “We are waiting for the results of the analyses. I think the doctors are working to treat the patient and do everything possible and necessary. They are also fairly open about detailed information about what happened,” the president’s spokesman concluded.

Law enforcement authorities will launch an investigation if the tests indicate that Alexei Navalny was poisoned, Peskov added. “First of all, we have to wait for the final tests to help the doctors determine what happened, what caused this situation, which was the cause of Navalny’s loss of consciousness. After that, if there is poisoning, if there are explanations, or if the law enforcement authorities make the decision for other reasons, then there will be an investigation,” the Kremlin spokesman said, stressing that such an approach is normal for every citizen of the Russian Federation.

He did not comment on the information about the arrival of a large number of law enforcement officials at Omsk Hospital, where Navalny is located. Asked whether Russian President Vladimir Putin received reports of the incident with Navalny, Peskov noted that “the general situation in the media reports is absolutely accessible to everyone, it is available to the head of state in the press’s observations that he constantly receives.” The spokesman for the head of state pointed to the transparency of the situation, because “doctors regularly inform about what they are doing and what condition the patient is in.”

Asked whether the Kremlin considered the situation with Navalny to be a special situation in the context of his critical attitude towards the country’s leadership, Peskov stressed that “the current government has many critics,” including among Russian citizens. “Of course, it is a serious situation when the life of a Russian citizen is in danger. Both doctors and law enforcement officers take every citizen’s life equally seriously,” the president’s spokesman concluded.