Trump, Covid and the oligarchs

On closer inspection, the multibillion-dollar aid package for the US economy benefits the direct victims of the Corona pandemic less than billionaires, hedge funds, construction and other large corporations, Robert Reich explains in one of his recent video calls. He calls the stimulus package “Trump’s Worst Attacks on Workers.”

Hidden amid the nearly 900-page bill, At Trump’s request, Congress has housed tax gifts worth 135 billion dollars to millionaires and hedge fund managers under the title “Modification of credit for prior year minimum tax liability of corporations.”

Since taking office, Trump has ensured that his rich friends get even richer. Reich criticizes the workers and employees, on the other hand, that he has let them down.

As another example, in addition to the tax gifts to the super-rich, Reich cites the prices of drugs, which are the highest in the world in the US. During the campaign, Trump had railed against the “usury prices,” but nothing had happened since then. On the contrary, gilead Sciences, the manufacturer gilead sciences, was supported with 70 million taxpayers' money for the development of the drug remdesivir, which is now used to treat Covid-19 patients. Nevertheless, the company is now allowed to charge 3120 dollars for treatment with Remdesivir. Poor people without health insurance simply cannot afford such treatment.