Off to the final battle

Nordbank, Cum-Ex, Wirecard: from the looks of it, something that is not necessarily part of the anomalous business behavior in the financial world is used in a Phase called the summer hole in the media to effect the exchange of political personnel.

The latest case about the supposed German digital Primus Wirecard, which has been described as a scandal, is now intended to overthrow Finance Minister Olaf Scholz from the political stage.

Not that in the three cases mentioned at the beginning there would have been more consistent action in the sense of many observers, but to reduce the scandalous to a figure in the federal cabinet is a feint that has it in it. It is intended to distract from the fact that highly risky speculation, systematic tax evasion and professional concealment belong to a business model that has long been established and has long established itself as a trait of the financial industry.

The crisis of Legitimacy of the system

If one believes the statements of the gazettes, in which shrink signatures run rampant under the name of analysts, then an attentive politician could have prevented all this. This is the dream, or even just the misconception, which is to settle in the minds. It distracts from the Standard. And this Standard is the incredible.

It is idle to speculate on how this could have happened. The attack on state action by the financial industry has a decades-long Tradition. The fact that this system has now, in another crisis, spread in such a way that it is no longer possible to speak of a Balance between the political system and that very economy, and that the glaring differences in living conditions can no longer be concealed, has led to a fundamental crisis of legitimacy for the political system.

Wherever the financial sector has secured the Pole position in the era of economic liberalism, violent outbreaks occur. Whether in Brazil, the USA or in France: the population has recognized the Problem and coveted it.

The dissolution of community and the common good

Even if the revolts are not necessarily underpinned by sophisticated programs and theories, and one must rather speak of revolts based on the gut feeling – the dissonances are recognized. And it was recognized that now, in another crisis, the financial economy is blowing into a final battle.

Now, we hear the crowing like wildest Roosters in the industry, an abolition of cash, or the destruction of state pension and health insurance systems, and we would have come a huge step closer to liquidating coordinated state action. The result is the dissolution of community as well as the common good and the dictatorship of the coupon cutters.

The fact that things are getting worse has also arrived in the government circles. Do not think anyone, there would not be known where the rabbit runs from. Accordingly, any tentative effort, an Initiative emanating from the political System for more control, is blamed on the media foreign Legionaries. So it is essential to look closely at these movements.

Finance as evil

The profiteers of the decline of state action are intent on expelling as soon as possible all those who spread only the Aroma of a change of heart from office and replacing them with new, compliant figures.

That the Propaganda actually works can be seen on a daily basis. Rescue packages for already, this should not be forgotten, shredded States in the south of Europe represent an attempt to prevent the worst of Erosion. And prompt the spiritual pupils of economic liberalism yodel already the way of the lazy Students in the South, which are also corrupt and treacherous. They are reminiscent of Crash syndicates such as Nordbank, cum ex players or Wirecard. They are the evil at stake.

And another small tip: please keep a Journal about the uprisings that already exist. They increase and they show that the belly sometimes works more precisely than some heads.