Poor people in the big city

The idea of the panels is an integral part of the neoliberal policy and at the same time a cheap concept for waste disposal, because the focus is on the products of the panels goods whose expiration date has been reached or exceeded and which therefore may no longer be sold. Since the disposal by delivery to the boards is Cheaper Than a chargeable disposal on the garbage. Not even transport costs arise because the boards pick up the food.

The number of people who pick up food at the 940 food tables in Germany has been increasing continuously for years. In 2019, it increased by 10 percent to 1.65 million people, ten percent more than in the previous year. Since the beginning of the “Tafelbewegung” (“table movement”), which was initiated by the major global management consultancies, the state authorities have strongly promoted the institutionalization of the tables, also in order to keep the measurement of benefits for payments according to the social code II / Hartz-IV as low as possible.

McKinsey, the Global Management Consultancy, now has a lot of experience with the social system in Germany. She is also responsible for the dismissal of hundreds of thousands of people who were employed in the company she advised. McKinsey also played a major role in the Hartz concept and was a member of the Hartz Commission.

The motto is always that social benefits and corporate taxes must be reduced.

Panels as a result of a failed social policy

From a socio-political point of view, this comprehensive table offer is extremely problematic, since

and the large influx to the panels is the sign of a failed social policy in general. A social policy that is responsible for the fact that large parts of our society are excluded from equal participation, keeps these people materially short and then permanently patronizes, humiliates and Sanctions them with the social code II.

Life as a board - " customer"

However, you get an insight into the practice of table work when the users of the table have their say. Then you hear that

and that everyone is aware of the fact that this is a friendly gift that can also fail.

It is amazing that such a movement as the table movement has grown across the board with the help of a management consulting firm. Cheered on by the media, it was also suggested that anyone who is not well can use the tablet in case of need and he is “fed through”. The high acceptance of the panels among the population is the result of a Mission that wanted to demonstrate the welfare state in order to discredit “social romantics” who advocate the welfare state.

If the state, represented by the parliaments in the federal government and in the federal states, were to take the welfare state requirement of the basic law seriously, it would have to ensure through its legislation that food donations to the needy by civil society organizations and welfare associations do not have to exist.