Western self-deception

When the White Helmet founder Le Mesurier committed suicide in Istanbul in November 2019, this was an issue for the German media. Clearly, the enemy image of Russia could be fired. At that time, it was not yet known to the public that shortly before his suicide, Le Mesurier sent a letter to supporters of the White Helmets, including the federal government, in which he admitted to having embezzled their donations. This was revealed by several months of research by the Dutch newspaper “De Volkskrant”. Accordingly, the donor countries agreed to keep the fraud case secret. This apparently also applies to the research results from the Netherlands. If the White Helmets used to have a regular place in the reporting, the deconstruction of the myth is now ironically concealed.

26,000 euros per month-this lavish salary was paid by James Le Mesurier in his capacity as head of the “non-profit” Mayday Rescue Foundation registered in Amsterdam, which secured the financing of the Syrian White Helmets mainly by governments of NATO states as a kind of sponsoring Association. The money flowed in streams. Over the years, countries such as the Netherlands, Germany and Great Britain have supported the White Helmets with more than 100 million euros. To this day, it is unclear where this money went. Later audits could no longer find any documents where the “larger transactions” went. Especially noteworthy: The Dutch Foundation was apparently only one of the three pillars – the other two pillars of the “financial group white helmets” were two commercial companies in Turkey and Dubai. Where exactly the 12 million euros of support from the federal government went, whether, for example, Islamist rebels in Syria were financially supported via the detour of the White Helmets, nobody seems to want to know exactly. While development aid organizations that receive subsidies from the federal government must provide meticulous information about every Cent spent, the Dutch foundation apparently maintained an accounting system that is more like a black hole in terms of transparency and Compliance.

It is different with the buzz, the white helmet, the founder of Le Mesurier in person from the cash register stolen. In addition to his unreasonable salary, which is higher than that of the Chancellor, these are cash bonuses for himself, his wife and other senior staff. The exact sum is not mentioned by “De Volkskrant”, but a specially appointed auditor describes the newspaper’s bonuses as “excessive”. For example, the Le Mesuriers are said to have financed their bombastic wedding in Istanbul with the funds of the NATO countries. In addition, there are forged receipts in the amount of 43,000 euros. Particularly interesting in this context is the valuation of the transactions by the auditor. De Volkskrant quotes him in connection with the “excessive” salaries and bonuses with the words: “But the donor countries knew this and had given their consent”. The federal government will probably have some questions to answer. In any case, the Bundestag has not yet been informed on any of these points.

And this is no coincidence. A few days after Le Mesurier’s suicide, the donor countries ordered a forensic examination of the books of the Mayday Rescue Foundation and agreed that the entire affair should be classified as secret. By the way, the revelations of “De Volkskrant” were based on that very test. What the newspaper published on Friday has been known to the federal government since November 2019 at the latest. And yet it did not inform the public or the Bundestag about the fraud case at the organization, which was probably brought into position like no other in the PR war against the Syrian government.

In November 2019, this battle of the PR war was long lost. Already in the summer of 2018, the first members of the White Helmets were flown to Germany with a positive asylum notice. At the time of Le Mesurier’s suicide, it was actually only about damage control and the maintenance of a created myth. An article in the SPIEGEL, which reads more like an obituary of a martyr, shows how this myth was cultivated after his death.

The created myth has it all – its own Oscar-winning Netflix documentary, The alternative Nobel Peace Prize and an accompanying media campaign that is unparalleled in its lack of criticism. One does not want to shake this myth even now. Otherwise, you would have to ask yourself why you yourself were uncritical for so long and went on this PR campaign on the glue. And so much self-criticism is obviously not to be expected of our media. With the exception of RT Deutsch, not a single German-language media has reported on the revelations from the Netherlands. It is better to call truth commissions to come to terms with the fictitious reports of Claas Relotius with great fanfare, in order to end up as a great Enlightenment thinker. But the big lies … one would rather not be reminded of them.