The pirates of Albion

In the past first days of July, the Supreme Court of Great Britain issued a ruling that allows reasonable assumptions about a gross violation of international law. With the decision, the High Court denied the Venezuelan government access to about 30 tons of gold bullion worth more than one billion US dollars, which were entrusted to the Bank of England at the beginning of the new millennium by the then government Hugo Chávez as security.

The decision followed the seizure by Deutsche Bank in June 2019 of 20 tonnes of Venezuelan Gold, which had also been deposited in the Bank of England and had been offered by the Nicolás Maduro government in 2016 as collateral for the issuance of a $ 750 million loan-a foreign exchange-against-Gold Swap. Theoretically, Deutsche Bank had the right to do so, since Venezuela had not fulfilled its installment obligations, but unilaterally announced a loan agreement with a term until 2021. Venezuela did not challenge the attachment. But as early as mid-2019, this seizure signaled a political Dimension and escalation that explains not only the current British court decision, but also the new Venezuela sanctions issued almost simultaneously by the European Union (EU), which since the end of June 2020 have been extended to 33 senior officials of Nicolás Maduro’s government and the freezing of their international assets.

The offensive of the “parallel powers” and their recognition by the USA and Europe

The most dangerous attack against fiscal sovereignty, not only of the Maduro government, but of the state of Venezuela in general, was launched by the Opposition with two measures. On the one hand, on 15 January 2019, the Opposition-controlled National Assembly called on the governments of 46 countries to block Nicolás Maduro’s government’s access to Venezuelan Foreign Assets. Literally, the resolution stated that the authorities of these 46 countries should “ensure the protection of assets” and “instruct the supervisory authorities of financial companies to explicitly prohibit any handling of assets”. The same Petition was sent to private banks in this group of countries, which includes the 28 members of the European Union, the USA, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Bulgaria, Russia, China, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

On the following 23 January, the president of the Venezuelan parliament, Juan Guaidó, appointed himself “interim president”. Six months later, at the end of July 2019, Guaidó nominated a parallel “Ad hoc Board of Directors” of the Venezuelan central bank (BCV). The regime Changer, financed and instructed by the United States, declared at the time that the opposition Board of directors was “the only legitimate BCV representation to international bodies” that would henceforth “manage” the finances, including Venezuelan accounts with foreign banks.

The usurpation of the central bank mandate had a direct impact on the seizure of Deutsche Bank. After the gold price in June 2019, the Venezuelan landfill was now worth 860 million dollars. Thus, Nicolás Maduro’s government, minus the interest and processing fees, was entitled to repayment of a difference of 110 million US dollars. Deutsche Bank suddenly faced the politically explosive decision: who has the legitimate right to the amount? The official government of Nicolás Maduro, or the parallel “government” Juan Guaidó?

Since then, the 110 million US dollars have not been paid out, which also brought the political environment of Guaidó on the palm. The ultraconservative Venezuelan lawyer Carlos Ramírez López, who is active in the US exile and likes to pretend to be an expert in international arbitration, spread the ridiculous legend that Nicolás Maduro had pocketed the debt payments not paid to Deutsche Bank and that both had “conspired” with the aim of defrauding Venezuela of 3 billion US dollars.

As we know, there are no limits to Delirium. However, the reasons given by the British High Court in early July for the seizure of around 30 tonnes of Gold could now speed up the decision for Deutsche Bank’s disbursement beneficiary. Judge Nigel Teare ruled: “Her Majesty’s government recognizes Mr. Guaidó as the constitutional interim president of Venezuela. Consequently, it does not recognize Mr. Maduro as the constitutional interim president of Venezuela”.

Donald Trump Intermezzo: before Corona all are equal, but some are more equal than others …

Speaking Of 110 Million. Illuminated by the media spotlight in a more subdued way is the proposal of another prominent head of state and billion debtor of Deutsche Bank, namely US president and entrepreneur Donald Trump. Trump’s corporate empire has borrowed more than $ 2 billion from Deutsche Bank since 1998, of which 95 percent plus interest has been repaid so far, according to financial market data.

When he took office, however, Trump still owed the Bank $ 350 million, of which two-thirds have reportedly been stalled since then. “But the corona crisis is also causing severe losses for the Trump family’s hotel empire.” Because of the pandemic, operations at a number of Trump facilities had been halted or at least severely restricted, so the $ 2.1 billion tycoon and head of State begged for a $ 120 million deferral, which Deutsche Bank served with pleasure in stark contrast to the treatment of Nicolás Maduro’s government.

With nearly empty state coffers at the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Venezuelan government made a humanitarian appeal to the Bank of England in April. She asked that part of the seized Venezuelan gold reserves be sold and that the proceeds be transferred to the United Nations in support of pandemic measures in Venezuela. Only after the British Bank refused to do so did the government of Nicolás Maduro file an international lawsuit at the end of May for the surrender of its gold.

Piracy by appointment of Her Majesty The Queen…

Could the British court decision be an ulterior “late revenge” for the assurance of the terminally ill Hugo Chávez, who warned in February 2012 that in a new Malvinen/Falkland war against Great Britain Venezuelan troops would fight on the side of Argentina? That the British Tories have not forgotten this seems as possible as the implementation of Chávez’s Wink by Nicolás Maduro.

While the British Mainstream, including The Guardian, kept a low profile, there were protests from the ranks of Labour activists, such as columnist Fiona Edwards, who called the court decision a “theft”. “The British government’s justification for stealing Venezuela’s Gold is based on an outrageous imperialist mentality and policy. Here, the British government presumes to know better than the Venezuelan people and to decide who is the president of Venezuela,” Edwards commented.

“In whose name, based on what rights, with what Expertise does this new Sacred alliance of NATO-occupied countries, which calls itself the European Union, dare to sanction Venezuelan officials or to recognize usurpers elected by no one? Their incorrigible state of being constantly occupied by extra-continental troops obviously makes them forget what sovereignty and independence mean, and that the Absolutisms of the Old Continent do not (anymore) appoint or depose captains general or viceroys in America. I propose to send you a copy of our Declaration of independence to see if you will be encouraged to declare your own,” scolded and ironised, in turn, the award-winning Venezuelan writer, playwright and Essayist Luis Britto García.

Aram Aharonian, Uruguayan journalist and co-founder of the Venezuelan foreign TV channel Telesur, wrote, " national and international law no longer count. The spectacle of the London commercial court, which has decided to hand over in the United Kingdom, 30 tons of Venezuelan gold reserves held not to the Nation but to the virtual, and self-proclaimed transitional President Juan Guaidó (a puppet of Washington) showed. We are dealing here with the re-enactment of the most antediluvian pirate Tradition of the old Albion … the United Kingdom is a notorious source of rags. Big landowners, racists, Pirates, exploiters and looters: they maintain an old tradition of criminal acts. If we only consider that they still hold several colonies in our Region – Anguilla Islands, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, Falkland Islands, Pitcairn Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands, British Virgin Islands, British Antarctic Territory-it becomes clear that this piracy will continue. What can one expect from a thalassocratic empire (a state whose rule extends mainly to maritime areas), which consisted of looting, piracy, booty, foul Tricks and slavery, and whose Vanguard was the Corsairs of yesterday and the globalist privateers of today?“says Aharonian.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza agreed with the historical comparison between Edwards, Garcia and Aharonians. “There is only one (legitimate) government here that has been legitimately elected and constituted and is in office. It is a robbery, that is why in the 18th century the most famous pirates were the English Corsairs, who all acted for the British Crown (…). The United Kingdom is violating international law and intends to steal resources from Venezuela,” was its first reaction to the court order.

The Foreign Ministry announced that it would file an objection, appeal in all international forums. As a parallel measure, the Venezuelan prosecutor’s office issued arrest warrants against those allegedly involved in the British gold coup. Among the accused, Ricardo Adolfo Villamil, Giacoma Cudish Cortesia, Manuel Rodríguez Armesta, Nelson Andres Lugo and Carlos Andrés Suárez – all of them members of the Juan Guaidó named, illegal “Ad-hoc-Board of Directors” of the Central Bank of Venezuela. In addition, Jose Gregorio Hernández, Irene de Lourdes Loreto and Geraldin Afiuni – members of the “parallel” prosecutor’s office, which does not exist in Venezuelan law – are also being prosecuted. Finally, the “diplomatic representatives” involved in the gold appropriation and appointed by Juan Guaidó, including Julio Andrés Borges, Carlos Beccio and Vanessa Neumann, are also co-accused. They are accused of treason, the Usurpation of functions and the formation of a criminal association, said Attorney General William Saab.

Mick Jagger’s " Ex “and the” Venezuela Reconstruction Unit " as Trojan Horse of the British in Caracas

A prominent role in the maneuvers to prepare for the British gold coup is played by the native Venezuelan and simultaneous US citizen Vanessa Neumann. She has been serving as Juan Guaidó’s “ambassador of Venezuela to the United Kingdom"for several months.

The Dr. Phil. An entrepreneur and multi - millionaire, she is the granddaughter of the Jewish entrepreneur Hans Neumann, who fled Czechoslovakia but cooperated with the Nazis in Berlin and emigrated to Venezuela. Together with the chemical company Corimon, migrant Neumann and brother Robert founded a powerful empire for the production, distribution and sale of paints, resins and packaging materials, which operates in Venezuela as well as Trinidad and Tobago. However, the Neumanns also had a weakness for Culture and politics. They founded the Instituto Neumann for design education, co-founded the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Sofia Imber and worked as publishers of two daily newspapers – the English – language The Daily Journal and the Spanish-language Tal Cual-both of which were used as opposition media against the government of Hugo Chávez.

Although of Czech origin, one could ponder, Hans Neumann’s ventures fit like a fist on the eye of Aram Aharonianís description of the British pirates. In 1976, he acquired 60 percent of the shares of the Mustique Company, which the British Colin Tennant had built on the Caribbean island of the same name.

For geographical and historical orientation, it should be said that the island, which is barely five kilometres long, was used for centuries as a hiding place for British pirates before and after their raids on Spanish gold freighters. Like all neighbouring archipelagos, the island’s history is marked by the brutal murder and expulsion of the Native American population and the subsequent mass enslavement of Africans transported there. European planters distributed in the 17th century. In the 19th century, the native Caribs moved north along the island chain of the Lesser Antilles and established sugar cane plantations with West African slaves.

After the decline of the sugar industry in the mid-19th century, about 500 Africans survived through subsistence farming and fishing until the island was “rediscovered” in the late 1950s and this time expanded into a luxury Resort for British nobles and millionaires. His magnificent villas could serve as a backdrop for Heiner Müller’s Caribbean theater Fragment “der Auftrag”, in which the character Dubuisson utters that evil sentence that once again illustrates the brutal contrasts in this world like a fist to the eye: “in times of betrayal, the landscapes are beautiful”.

Hans Neumann died in 2001, when the Mustique Company and the island became the property of the family clan. Here, Vanessa Neumann, who has since married the conservative British publicist William Cash, seems to have started an affair with Stones frontman Mick Jagger, which culminated in divorce and her “escape” to the USA in 2009.

A year later, Vanessa Neumann founded the consulting firm Asymmetrica, which officially advises governments on the investigation of corruption and illegal financial practices, but has long relied on “advice” from the US State Dept. and the Pentagon. Within the framework of these semi-public, semi-secret convents with US military and civilian NeoCons, Neumann was the author of the book Blood Profits, whose narrative seeks to convince readers “how American consumers unconsciously finance terrorists”. Neumann thus put multiple conspiracy theories on the Agenda of the State Dept. such as the legend that the Venezuelan government has been involved in drug trafficking and international money laundering since Hugo Chávez’s presidency, or that the border triangle between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay is a Bastion of the Lebanese Hezbollah; a film-ready but useful haunt of US geopolitics, about which the reflection pages reported in detail.

In May 2019, the otherwise barely noticeable New York Post revealed that Vanessa Neumann had been hired by the British government. The lady is also Juan Guaidó’s” ambassador " and agent of the Boris Johnson government. It was her dream job, but also a very strange Job, she explained her mission: the seizure of assets of the Venezuelan government, including three properties in London. Neumann also mentioned the removal and expulsion of Maduro’s ambassador Rocio Maneiro as a short-term goal.

But there is another crucial point. “Unlike the US, the British still have an embassy in Caracas. And they have a long tradition of helping upstarts in Venezuela, including Simón Bolívar and Francisco de Miranda, who ousted the Spanish in 1811,” the NYP recalled.

What at First Sight might be regarded as the schizophrenic Status of British diplomacy towards Venezuela, however, has method according to Polonius‘ theorem in Hamlet. Neumann is the liaison to the British Regime Change attempt in Caracas. And it goes like this.

John McEvoy, an independent Journalist – who writes for International History Review, The Canary, Tribune Magazine, Jacobin, Declassified UK and Brasil Wire among others – had access to classified documents from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO). There he discovered a department codenamed " Venezuela Reconstruction Unit”, which is not admitted by the government, diplomats involved, or Guaidó’s Opposition, but is handled by John Saville, the former British ambassador to Venezuela from 2014 to 2017. McEvoy also managed to establish that Guaidó’s “ambassador” Vanessa Neumann had negotiated with representatives of the FCO to safeguard British business interests in the “reconstruction” of Venezuela.

Given that Venezuela has the world’s largest proven oil reserves and that Neumann has been active for international oil companies in the past, these negotiations could point to British and US moves. In an eavesdropping telephone call, Neumann allegedly promised the British and Exxon Oil itself the concession of the Equesibo territory claimed by Venezuela to the former British colony and neighboring country Guyana; a kind of treason in the understanding of the government of Nicolás Maduro. In response, the FCO has spoken out with humanitarian aid. Britain is trying to help Venezuelans “resolve their appalling political and economic crisis.”

McEvoy’s conclusion: even with a superficial observation of British Foreign Policy and the history of British interventions abroad, one should immediately distrust this explanation. Mention should be made of the numerous sanctions with which the British government has participated in the economic stranglehold against Venezuela over the past 16 months – in particular the freezing of Venezuelan Gold worth over one billion US dollars.