The bogus Saint Meuse

The Tagesschau conceals crimes of the Western " coalition"

“Caesar, Act?“Ever heard of it? If so, then certainly not in a daytime show. The name of this latest US-American crime against the Syrians appears in the news offer of the ARD-aktuell only once: at the end of a bottomless demagogic, remotely written internet treatise tagesschau.de. the Caesar Act is another law of sanctions by which Washington now wants to force the Syrian population to revolt against hunger against the Assad government. Authors and users of this work belong to the International Criminal Court as accused of a crime against humanity. But the Tagesschau carefully conceals this. As it often does not report from Syria for weeks, because the murderous activities of the Western allies there cannot be portrayed in a positive light.

The military and economic intervention policy of the Western coalition under the leadership of the USA and with the participation of Germany operates in the mass media as a struggle for democratic change in Syria. However, it is based on fundamental disregard of the UN Charter and has led to countless war crimes for nine years.

The Tagesschau has always refrained from attempts to analyse and publish this in a clean manner. The ARD-aktuell editorial team did not even note on the sidelines that the European Union extended its own sanctions against Syria at the end of May, which were also illegal under international law. Thus all the misery of German Foreign Policy and the news journalistic decline of Public Service Broadcasting are revealed.

With the passage of its” Caesar law”, the US is now trying to strangle the economic life in Syria completely, without regard to the vital needs of the Syrian population. “Individuals, groups, companies and countries that enter into business relations with the government in Damascus"will be prosecuted with a bundle of punitive measures. They will be prevented from contributing to the reconstruction, investment and supply of spare parts for the energy and aviation sectors in Syria. Financial access to the markets for food and medical goods is blocked for Syria.

Contrary to international law, because …

The sanctions are already formally incompatible with international law: unilateral actions, although according to the principles of the UN Charter such methods may only be decided by the world Security Council and applied collectively, by the entire international community.

Moreover, the Caesar Act is absolutely disproportionate and therefore also in terms of its content contrary to international law.

In a similar case, the International Court of justice in The Hague has condemned the US Embargo against Nicaragua as contrary to international law: using an economic embargo as a means of pressure to achieve something to which the issuing state has no legal claim is and remains inadmissible.

In the case of Syria, too, the West has no right to force a change in the presidency. Further destroying the economically already ruined country and accepting countless fatalities is incompatible with all international legal norms. Our parliament and the federal government should be well aware of this. A legal opinion of the scientific services of the Bundestag allows no doubts. But our representatives don’t give a damn.

The high representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and security policy, Josep Borrell, also lies about the legal situation and the facts and takes up the means of pure demagogy in a statement:

“The Syrian people had to resort to extraordinary reserves of resilience in the course of the conflict. The EU sanctions are aimed at those responsible for their suffering, members of the Syrian regime, their supporters and businessmen who finance the Regime and benefit from the war economy. The EU is determined to continue its support for the Syrian people …”

In addition to the bombing war, partial occupation and theft of Syrian oil resources now also this US-EU"support for the Syrian people”: it is forced to starve; the people are barred the escape routes to Europe; NATO member Turkey is allowed to expel Syrians from their home provinces Idlib and Afrin in violation of international law and the convention on human rights; the US supports with the help of the Europeans the murder Distillery of jihadists and mercenaries from all over the world with money, weapons and “military advisers”. All of them try to cover up and justify the criminal nature of their own policies with absurd accusations against Assad (“poison gas attacks”, “barrel bombs on their own people”).

We Abusers

We Germans are contributing to these atrocities with our own political maneuvers. Our Federal Air Force provided the target data for Allied bombing raids on Syrian territory and thus supported undisputed war crimes. In March of this year, the German UN Diplomat Jürgen Schulz rejected an appeal by Russia for the lifting of the sanctions - with similar mendacious justification as the EU representative Borrell: the sanctions were “not directed against the population” but

“… against the leadership in Damascus [ … ], which is guilty of the worst human rights crimes imaginable … the humanitarian Situation in Syria is solely the result of the policy of Damascus.”

“Anyone who drills others in the nose has something in it,” says the vernacular. That is why Tagesschau generously ignores the disgust of German diplomacy. ARD-currently is at the service of our government and spends it as a “helper in need”, first of all the Foreign Minister Maas. She regularly polishes the hypocrisy of a total failure on the geopolitical stage. This was also the case at the last Syria “donor conference”. The editorial staff almost spasmodically avoids any reference to the fact that collecting money is not an expression of benevolence to suffering people, but rather hard-hitting interest policy. In the EU sense, the investments should guarantee that the impoverished remain where they are: far from the European borders. As far as possible, asylum seekers should no longer enter hallowed European soil.

Supplies for terrorists

The recent dispute in the UN Security Council makes it clear that the billions of euros in aid provided by the west on the basis of a UN Resolution, which is limited to 10 July, also serve as a weapon in the geopolitical power struggle. The Resolution regulated the extensive transport via two Turkish border crossings to Idlib. The province is the most important remaining safe haven for terrorists. The Viceroy warriors of the West and their Clans lead a reign of terror here, de facto holding the remaining locals as well as hundreds of thousands of Syrian internally displaced persons hostage and preparing hell for them on Earth.

Head cutter, Al-Qaeda, Syrian and other Salafists, the “white helmets” of course, jihadists and mercenaries from all over the world is to Say: the “armed Opposition”, as one of the vile euphemisms for the criminal gang. Under their eyes, the international aid programmes should continue to be distributed; under no circumstances should the Syrian government control or even dispose of the programmes. This is what the UN Security Council is all about.

But ARD-aktuell carefully avoided any reference in its reports to the fact that Germany currently holds the rotating presidency of the UN body and that the Super-diplomat Maas has just negotiated the next political bankruptcy after his botched Libya Initiative.

The Tagesschau, on the other hand, continues to report undaunted about Idlib as the “last rebel stronghold” and does not say a word that the aid supplies of the West spent there practically secure the rule of a murderous terrorist gang over almost three million civilians.

Russia, on the other hand, tired of the constant acts of sabotage by the Western alliance and its tactics in the UN Security Council, now insists that the transport of aid is reduced and only managed through a border crossing. The aid should no longer serve to stabilize the reign of terror in Idlib and benefit all those in need, including those on the other side of the Idlib front lines.

Instead of analysing it critically, however, Tagesschau also disregards the striking contradiction between misanthropic US-EU sanctions policy and the use of huge sums of aid money. He is the epitome of the lack of an independent German Foreign Policy and the parliament’s aberrant inability to create remedy.

The Tagesschau certainly does not inform about the fact that the Syrian oppositionists, who were raised and cared for by the West, have far less to do with democracy and human rights than the Syrian President Assad, who was released to shoot down. They represent only fundamentalist concepts; their Regime under Sharia law would be a humanitarian catastrophe for the multi-denominational and multi-ethnic population of Syria.

Our memory-deficient representatives of the people

Blind and deaf to the murderous character of the Western sanctions regime, the German representation continues to submit to the imperial power USA and supports its goal of subjugating Syria – even at the cost of starving and leaving the civilian population to suffer. There is need throughout Syria, not only in Idlib. The precursor to the practice of inhumanity is well known: the Iraq sanctions cost the lives of half a Million children between 1996 and 2003. But Madelaine Albright, then jointly responsible as US Secretary of state, now patron of the green guru Josef “Joschka” Fischer, thought that was fine: “we think the price is worth it.”

Such US-American political scoundrels are always followed by spineless German MPs! As representatives of the whole people “not bound by orders and instructions and only subject to their conscience” - and not to the will of their constituents, is it? In the literal sense, democracy means “people’s rule”, but it is not effective in everyday political life.

Even with collective memory, it is not far off in our Parliament. The representatives of the people have successfully suppressed the fact that they and their predecessors had no objection to “Syrian torture cellars” until 2010. Wolfgang Schäuble, today President of the Bundestag, then Minister of the Interior, declared himself explicitly willing to let the German police authorities evaluate confessions even under Syrian torture forced confessions year and day ago. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, now president of the Federal Republic of Germany, then responsible minister of the chancellery, had no objections that officials of the Federal Intelligence Service were present at torture in Syria.

German politicians and bureaucrats did not care what happened to deported asylum seekers in Syria. In 2008, the German government concluded a “return agreement” with the Assad government in order to be able to deport Syrian asylum seekers without any problems.

Advanced " Experts"

Idleness, self-deception and hypocrisy are part of the tools of German politicians. When one hears this scoundrel talking about human rights, which are to be demanded in other countries, one’s stomach turns. No less, if one has to experience how the publicly-legally constructed and popularly financed ARD-currently narrow-minded “experts” like Kristin Helberg offers a Forum for incitement. Helberg was allowed to encourage unabashedly and unopposed to use donations for needy Syrian citizens as a means of pressure to harm the “Regime”.

ARD-aktuell allows such “opportune witnesses” to speak in preference, because their positions fit the transatlantic tendency of the shop. Their partiality conceals the ignorance and bias of the editorial staff. On the other hand, proven experts without missionary zeal – Karin Leukefeld, Jürgen Todenhöfer, Michael Lüders etc. – are of course taboo for the Volksverdummungsbeiträge of the Tagesschau on Syria. And although the Catholic Church even has a number of Representatives on the radio councils, not even their information about Syria comes into its own in the Tagesschau.

For example, Tagesschau’s coverage of Syria remains fiercely opinionated, embezzling news and demonstrative ignorance of the crimes of the US-led alliance. ARD-aktuell only faithfully reproduces what the federal government and the transatlantic colored news agencies dictate to it.

Unencumbered by expertise

The discrepancy between the factual performance of the Tagesschau and its self-image is undeniable. ARD-currently does not (anymore) create independent journalism. Otherwise, she would not use the government-official deceptive term “Syria aid” without Interpretation, but would speak correctly about “Idlib aid”. In any report on Syria, it would include the phrase “US coalition’s violation of international law” and the word “war crimes”. Because the starvation of the Syrian civilian population, so that they revolt against their government in Damascus, is nothing but criminal.

To understand this, however, one must have read the “rules of war” in international humanitarian law at least once. And one should know the legal doctrine about “the Syrian sieges and the practice of starvation”.

The average daily news editor of today has presumably never heard of Donald Rumsfeld’s “Plan for the Middle East” and that Washington has been trying to reshape North Africa and the Middle East at its own discretion for decades. And consequently, he does not report that the USA and Turkey have decided in the most beautiful self-glorification to merge parts of Syria and Iraq and to declare them as a new state of Kurdistan – in violation of all relevant international legal norms, of course.

Meanwhile, the war in Syria continues with lively German participation, fueled by unscrupulous politicians and equally out-of-character journalists. “We” are just “partners” and “friends” of the USA, obliged to them for boot – licking and ready to do so at all times-even if not only our dignity flutes, but considerable economic damage arises.

You can’t expect caviar from a pig, no professional foreign policy from a Meuse, and at least not from the ARD-currently no relevant news – if you have to report on US-controlled geostrategic conflicts.