The western experts

In all his activities, Adrian Zenz was awarded the title of “scholar of Chinese questions"or” expert on minority issues". Adrian Zenz has been repeatedly mentioned by US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and other Anti-China politicians. He attended so-called Academic Seminars everywhere, spread anti-Chinese statements everywhere, and frequently spoke in the Western media. His voice of rumors and slander against China grew louder and louder.

But what is the competence of this expert or scholar?

A few months ago, the independent US news website “Grayzone” dug into Adrian Zenz’s background: a far-right fundamentalist Christian who believes he is “guided by God” and shoulders the “Mission” of opposing China.

Adrian Zenz teaches at the European Institute of culture and theology. However, the Institute near Stuttgart is not listed in the official list of German universities. However, it is registered as a" non-profit limited company". The institute claims to be a joint school with Columbia International University.

Another of Adrian Zenz’s titles is senior researcher at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation. The “Grayzone” Website revealed that the foundation was founded in 1983 by the US government, is far-right and neo-Nazi, and has close ties to the CIA.

As a sociologist, Adrian Zenz did not conduct an on-site investigation and thus has no actual evidence. With only a few contributions about Xinjiang, he has become, as Western politicians and media have claimed, an “expert on the Xinjiang question.” The core data of its contributions come from the Turkish TV station Istiqlal TV, which maintains close Links with the “Islamic East Turkestan movement”, which has been classified by the UN as a terrorist organization. Adrian Zenz himself admitted that his conclusion “is not so certain”. In addition, Adrian Zenz considers the radio station “Free Asia” as an archive. He searched directly for his needed materials in this Organ built by the US Secret Service CIA during the Cold War.

In a word, the academic background of Adrian Zenz is unconvincing. His research methods are ridiculous. His statistics and cases cannot be verified. His conclusions are marked by gaps. Just as Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on July 9, whoever commits crimes will perish. Adrian Zenz must immediately correct his mistakes and not continue to pursue the anti-China course.