Finally storm Venezuela

Less than two months before the Republican Party Congress, which will nominate the official conservative GOP party candidate (“Grand Old Party”) for the presidential election on November 3, 2020, between August 24 and 27, the incumbent US President Donald Trump, who is running for re-election, is both the Protagonist and the target of two book publications with enormous fuel. On the one hand, in the White House memoirs of his security adviser John R., who was fired in 2019. Bolton, the Room Where it Happened, on the other hand, in the family-political account of his niece Mary L. Trump, Too much and Never Enough: how my family Created the world’s most Dangerous man; both published by the renowned publishing house Simon & Schuster, now owned by the media company ViacomCBS Inc., for its part majority controlled by Investment funds such as the Vanguard Group and BlackRock.

After excerpts of Bolton’s book had been deliberately leaked to the media long before the official publication date, Donald Trump did not hesitate to file a lawsuit for alleged betrayal of state secrets. Although the lawsuit was rejected by New York District Judge Royce Lamberth as shirt-sleeved, Bolton was warned of possible criminal law follow-up lawsuits.

With similar arguments, such as securing the right to freedom of expression, another judge had rejected Trump’s brother Robert’s lawsuit against their niece’s book, but Judge Hal B. Greenwald of the New York state Supreme Court ordered the temporary ban on book distribution. Just as Robert Trump appealed, Mary L. Trump’s prominent lawyer Ted Boutrous – who has represented the TV channel CNN in the past, among other things-promised to appeal, because the judge’s order “roundly against the First Amendment” – the 1. Additional article of the bill of Rights catalogue of the US Constitution-violations.

Donald trump’s conservative base melts

The book polemic could now be seen simplistically as a shadow play staging of high animals by the US establishment for the media opening of the presidential campaign. Bolton connoisseurs, who accuse him of character weaknesses such as the instinct for retaliation, ponder that the timing of the memoir’s publication could be a revenge of the Author against his immediate dismissal and pursue the goal of torpedoing Trump’s election chances.

However, the current president and billionaire who wants to continue to govern is being confronted with serious accusations these days on the streets of the USA as well as by the Mainstream and media to his left, which are not in the Bolton memoirs. New noisy citizen protests against trump’s disastrous handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. The death Clock on New York’s Broadway and a truck of the same name, which was built on the national holiday of the 4th century. The ultraconservative head of State’s irresponsible and inhumane behavior is blasted every day in front of the White House on the morning of July 20 with pandemic figures that, as of July 4, add up to nearly 3 million people infected and more than 130,000 Virus deaths.

The battle cry #NoMoreTrump is now widespread. With the same call, a campaign in Venezuela had collected a staggering 13 million signatures against the US sanctions by mid-September 2019.

Trumps Ausgangslage ist vier Monate vor der Wahl alles andere als günstig. Was im November passiert, steht auf einem anderen Blatt. Seine Zustimmungsrate sank jedenfalls am 20. Juni auf den bisher niedrigsten Stand von 36 Prozent und in den ersten Meinungsumfragen liegt Trump 17 Prozentpunkte hinter Barack Obamas ehemaligem Vize und Herausforderer Joe Biden.

John Bolton denied that he would vote for Biden, but also explained why he doesn’t want to vote for Trump: “I don’t think he’s fit for office, that he has the competence.“and” I don’t think he’s a conservative Republican. I will not vote for him in November. I certainly won’t vote for Joe Biden either. I will find another conservative Republican whose name I can tick.“Sticking to the conservative course again did not prevent hundreds of former officials of the George W. Bush Administration from defecting to Joe Biden. “They are alarmed by President Trump’s behavior in office,” noted internet magazine Hill.

Construction of wall to Mexico financed with 600 million dollars from confiscated Venezuelan accounts

In the worldwide outcry against the re-election of Donald Trump, the call for the political and humane recovery of the planet seems to mix with the commandment of morality, especially in financial matters. And indeed, in the many and varied accusations against the specific dishonesty and political insolence of the president, a common thread runs from New York across the border with Mexico to Caracas.

In her book announcement, Trump’s niece already claimed in a Pulitzer Prize-winning report in the New York Times that the president had used “fraudulent” tax tricks to steal more than $ 400 million from his father’s real estate empire, thereby defrauding the entire family clan in the distribution of inheritance. When from supporters of the president the book account of the New York PhD, psychologist and"Black Lives Matter” activist Mary L. Trump being dismissed as a mere " family gossip, “what do you think of Donald Trump forcing the US Treasury Department in 2019 to” deduct " $ 601 million from Venezuela’s frozen US accounts read: to usurp-in order to finance the construction of the border wall against migrants?

“Bad cop” Bolton, the global warmonger

But who is John R. Bolton? The Lutheran lawyer served as Deputy Attorney General of the United States from 1985 to 1989 during the Ronald Reagan administration. From 1989 to 1993 he was Deputy Under-Secretary of State for international affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and from 2001 to 2005 he was under-secretary of State for Arms Control and international security affairs. Bolton was a hot-blooded advocate of the Iraq War and director of the “projects for the new American Century” think tank, which advocated the war against Iraq. Following the Interregnum of the Democratic Party-led US governments, Bolton returned to the White House as a security adviser following his nomination by President Donald Trump in 2018, but was dismissed early in 2019 due to insurmountable controversy by Trump.

Among the most embarrassing revelations in the Bolton-memoirs about Trump and his “obsession with re-election”, his assistance to China, which secure re-election, the allegation that the President was helping dictators (including Recep T. Erdoğan from Turkey and North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un) and his enthusiasm for an Invasion of Venezuela – “that would be cool!”, Donald Trump is said to have raved. In the memoirs, A 35-page Chronicle “Venezuela Libre” is dedicated to the disastrous intervention policy of the US government against Chavismo and describes Juan Guaidó’s disastrous construction on"our man in Caracas”.

But is everything Bolton wrote down here true? The attentive reader does not miss the fact that this is an all-round blow against the failure of the entire US government in the case of Venezuela. Above all, however, the voice of an inveterate “warmonger”, that is, a cold-blooded war driver, tells Here. The investigative platform The Intercept recently recalled one of the early verbal failures of the neocon Falcon when, in 2005, in the role of UN ambassador to the George W. Bush administration, he uttered the hateful irony that it “makes no difference if the headquarters of the United Nations were to shrink by 10 floors.” Fifteen years later, in any case, Bolton’s contempt for the UN and international institutions became the Donald Trump administration’s foreign policy doctrine, as illustrated by its actions against the World Trade Organization (WTO), UNESCO, the International Criminal Court in The Hague and, more recently, the World Health Organization (WHO).

It was Bolton who, barely appointed as a security adviser, persuaded the US government to cancel the nuclear deal with Iran in May 2018 and advised the State Department plus Pentagon to escalate. The termination of the laboriously worked out contract over the years was apparently so significant to him as a trophy that he hung a framed copy of the “Executive Order” in his office. Bolton’s strategy in office is defined as the continuous torpedoing of diplomacy with a highly aggressive international positioning of the United States, regardless of any outcome.

An example of the bellicist course advised was Bolton’s early recommendation to bomb Iran; undoubtedly a wish of Israel that was not shared by all U.S. officials. “To Stop Iran’s Bomb, Bomb Iran,” the warmonger had titled an op-ed editorial in the New York Times on March 26, 2015.

Bolton estimated that the US opponents would capitulate to the tough stance of the US. But the calculation of the “bad cop” (the evil cop) to build the USA more intensively into a “world policeman” failed all along the line. Iran did not give in and, on the contrary, was urged to Renuclearize. Moreover, since the US imposed sanctions to bring Iranian oil exports to zero and cripple the economy, the Iranian government has neither collapsed nor given in to the US demands. After classifying the Islamic Revolutionary Guard as a “terrorist organization”, after new troop and carrier operations in the Middle East, after a U.S. cyberattack against Iran, after the U.S. shot down an Iranian drone, and even after Trump tweeted that the U.S. had “almost bombed” Iran, the Trump Administration’s aggressive foreign policy course at Bolton’s behest has not paid off.

“Venezuela really belongs to the USA”

Bolton’s regime change plans for Venezuela were no different. All attempts at military Intervention, led by the puppet Juan Guaidó built by Bolton, ended in a miserable fiasco.

In the chapter” Venezuela Libre " Bolton quotes with a subdued ironic undertone the sentence with which Donald Trump blurted out in the Oval Office: “storming Venezuela would be cool, after all, the country belongs to the USA…”.

The first reaction of the reader – far from any ideology, on the ground of history and geography – is the indignation at such flat and insolent imperialist arrogance. But those who do not know Bolton’s Vita are upset about the wrong person. The far-right Jurist strongly advocates the revival of the Monroe Doctrine of 1823. In doing so, then US President James Monroe raised the principle of Europe’s non-interference in the affairs of the new independent states throughout the American continent, but reserved the right for the US to invade any of these countries in the event of a threat to its security. Thus, in exchange for US aid in the war against Spain, Cuba was subsequently to accept the occupation of the island and so in 1888 Puerto Rico was invaded and declared a US territory.

The Monroe Doctrine, which has been described as colonialist and imperialist in Latin America as a whole, has hardly dared to speak to a US government in recent decades. But one did: John R. Bolton. In the Venezuela chapter of his memoirs and before that publicly. For example, during a speech in Miami in April 2019. The Economist happened to be present and recorded with strange Bolton’s words when he claimed that the “Monroe Doctrine is alive and well.” The reference to the two – hundred – year-old commitment of the white, imperialist founding fathers of the United States was this time understood as a warning to Russia and China not to interfere in the so-called “American backyard” - that is, in Latin America. “Mr. Bolton gave new life to the doctrine by announcing new economic sanctions against Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, which he likes to call the “Troika of tyranny,”” commented The British business magazine.

According to Bolton’s memoir narrative, Venezuela was not initially a national security priority for the United States. Perhaps not a “supreme” one, but back in March 2015, Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama declared that Venezuela was a “threat to US national security” and ordered the first US sanctions(. “When it comes to Venezuela, Trump is following in Obama’s footsteps,” concluded the Foreign Policy magazine three years ago; however, this is a conclusion that Bolton does not want to share with the belligerent competitors of the Democratic Party, but rather to see as his own Agenda.

With the closer relations of Nicolás Maduro’s government with Cuba, China, Russia and Iran, as a result of the US sanctions and the increasing Blockade, the assessment changed rapidly from 2019. in addition, Venezuela’s dispute with neighboring Guyana over the Esequibo border area with considerable oil resources, which according to US plans are to be exploited by Exxon Mobil. Which is why Bolton muses in the chapter " Venezuela Libre “that it is not only about democracy and Human Rights in Venezuela, but also about generating billions of dollars in profits, securing the energy supply of the USA in the Western Hemisphere and Trump’s motto” America First!" realize.

Juan Guaidó, the " tender little boy"

But it was different. Juan Guaidó turned out to be a big-mouthed, unreliable weakling, the Venezuelan military did not split and Nicolás Maduro is more firmly in the saddle than ever.

In his 35-page Venezuela chapter, Bolton blames the entire Trump Administration-from Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to State Department bureaucrats to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and, of course, President Trump-for this. Even Juan Guaidó is not spared harsh criticism, nor the conservative Colombian President Iván Duque. Except for the two" architects " of the disaster, the right-wing Cuban-American Mauricio Claver – Carone – at the time nominated by Bolton as principal director of the National Security Council for the Western Hemisphere-and author John R. Bolton himself.

In addition to inventions, half-truths, Propaganda and self-praise, Bolton’s note on Donald Trump’s description of Guaidó provides a well-tempered reader’s smile. Excerpts from Bolton’s book show that the US president wanted to withdraw his support for Juan Guaidó just 30 hours after he declared himself the “interim president” of Venezuela.

The fired security adviser complains that Trump has never taken Juan Guaidó very seriously. In the spring of 2019, Trump gave Guaidó the nickname"Beto O’rourke of Venezuela" in reference to the Democratic politician “beautiful"Beto O’rourke. In November 2019, Trump called O’rourke a” poor Bastard"; the sideshow was ambiguous and involved Caracas. Trump also doubted that Maduro would fall, calling him too smart and too hard. Guaidó, on the other hand, described him as a “tender little boy”.

However, Bolton also reports that Trump only became “largely convinced” after a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin in May 2019 that the overthrow of Nicolás Maduro was a hopeless undertaking; an occasion in which Putin ironically compared Guaidó to Trump’s rival Hillary Clinton, which Bolton, in turn, described as “brilliant Soviet-style Propaganda.”

Yes, Bolton describes Trump’s repeated consideration of meeting Nicolás Maduro in person with cool contempt. The president’s renewed offer last June may well have been an electoral trick and a signal to Latino Americans from the democratic camp. In any case, the willingness to dialogue with the elected and not self-proclaimed president of Venezuela seems to unite the Cold Warriors and warmongers across both parties of the establishment. Joe Biden immediately put on 21. On June 18, Trump sent a thunderous Tweet saying, “Trump chooses harsh words on the subject of Venezuela, but admires thugs and dictators like Nicolas Maduro. As president, I will stand up for the Venezuelan people and for democracy”. In the meantime, the acting president withdrew from his offer. If anything, he wanted to talk to Maduro about the date of his departure.

Lawsuit against John R. Bolton back, lawsuit forth. Donald Trump also did not want to spare himself a clear text about the memoirs of his ex-security advisor and tweeted on June 18 that “wacko (Nutter) John Bolton’s” extraordinarily boring book " (New York Times) consists of lies and false statements. In print, he always said all the best about me until the day I fired him. An angry, boring fool who just wanted to go to war. Never had a clue, was ostracized and joyfully unloaded. What a jerk!”.