The United States plans to withdraw troops

“Democracy, freedom, respect for Human Rights and dignity [..] On the Basis of these values, I offer the future President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, a close cooperation.“So instructive and condescending did Chancellor Merkel congratulate the US president on his election four years ago. Since then, he has shown what he himself values: that the chancellor and her federal government are snubbing and paying.

His latest thing: because the federal cabinet does not think about replenishing the NATO war chest with an absurd 2 percent of the gross domestic product, 9,500 of the total 35,000 US murderers are to leave Germany. Western-value-oriented, such as the Merkel Cabinet, and the ARD-Tagesschau are, blow tribulation, and complain about the crummy tone of the Alliance’s heads of, “[..] because a deep in NATO benefits Russia above all.”

The usual German obedience to demands from Washington-think of the spineless and foolish participation in the sanctions against Russia - certainly benefits the American business of the German export industry. However, it causes losses elsewhere and costs the German taxpayer many billions of euros. In addition, our so-called defense budget has been increasing continuously since Trump took office. Last year it reached 41 billion euros, this year 45.2 billion, that is 1.4 percent of the gross domestic product, GDP. Germany is thus one of the 15 countries with the world’s highest military expenditure. If even 2.0 percent of GDP were to be achieved, this would result in additional expenditure of at least 22 billion euros.

However, in its reports on Trump’s troop withdrawal plans, Tagesschau did not make it clear that his 2 percent demand was based solely on vague agreements and not on contractual obligations. With silence, the editorial ARD-aktuell also ignored the contemporary historical background of this aggressive NATO formula: the internationally illegal and murderous activities of US President Obama, his launching and financing of the coup in Ukraine in 2014, the referendum in Crimea, their accession to the Russian Federation and the US threat policy towards Moscow based on it.

Olle kamellen sucking

None of this in the main broadcasts of the Tagesschau. A part of this information can only be read in a neat, but well hidden Tagesschau article in the category “domestic”. Written last year, when the NATO Warriors once again sucked on the old 2 percent camel. This, however, dates back to the time when the SPD politician Peter Struck was still minister of defence in Gerhard Schröder’s red-green government and wanted to “defend Germany’s independence in the Hindu Kush”.

Although almost two decades have passed since then and “the Russian” has still not invaded our country, although the size of the German military budget still does not reach 1.5 percent of GDP, the new defense minister Kramp-Karrenbauer found that at least this intermediate goal must now finally be addressed. Tagesschau.de reported this with the following sentences:

“SPD criticism that Trump should not prescribe anything now, Kramp-Karrenbauer counters:' to put it clearly, it is not about wishes from outside. It’s not about upgrading. It’s about equipment and personnel, it’s about our Bundeswehr.'”

However, the Kramp-Karrenbauer was not helped by the veiling rhetoric, as the magazine Der SPIEGEL reported. The current “Weir” budget did not initially exceed the 1.4 percent of GDP limit. (This could look very different at the end of the 2020 pandemic year, because GDP is expected to be hundreds of billions of euros lower, but the military budget remains at full scale). However, even after the Trump"threat” with now due troop withdrawal, the Tagesschau did not get the curve to factual reporting and appropriate classification. Daily News presenter Ingo Zamperoni, himself a member of the “Atlantik-Brücke”, proved this in a panel discussion with Washington correspondent Jan Philipp Burgard, also a “Atlantik-Brücke"disciple.

Burgard: “[..] but Trump’s threat to withdraw troops from Germany has been around for some time [..] and the reasons for this: President Trump is extremely dissatisfied that Germany has far from fulfilled its commitment to NATO to spend 2 percent of GDP on defense. [..]”

Same brothers, same caps. Zamperoni left it like that. Price question: how much journalistic self-denial – if you don’t want to ask about lack of character-is part of spending the withdrawal of foreign troops from our country as a “threat”?

In this choice of words lies the total lack of dignity with which the public broadcaster shares with the transatlantic policy and loyalty of the federal government-despite all superficial ARD criticism of President Trump.

Stupid chatter instead of journalism

Year after year Germany pays millions-tribute for the stay of the “friends” with us. They and their families enjoy special rights here, pay no taxes at all, if they do not exceptionally shop in German shops instead of in their garrison-related “PX"stores (PostExchange), do not have to register their civilian vehicles with German offices and have them inspected by the TÜV, are protected even after criminal offences from German prosecution as far as possible.

But these are Peanuts. It has long been clear that the US uses its satellite technology in the “Air Base Ramstein” to commit mass murders by drones in Africa and the Near East, and the federal government, because it tolerates this, is guilty of international law violations and crimes against humanity. Equally indisputably, an overwhelming majority of German citizens do not want US nuclear weapons on German soil. But the Tagesschau quality journalists don’t care. They blatantly rave about a withdrawal"threat” and “NATO payment obligation” in order to make the suicidal absurdity of the German “defence policy” seem inevitable and not to provoke any fundamental protests against it.

Another hazy sedative is the reference to the economic interest in the US garrisons remaining in Germany and to the jobs for German citizens dependent on it. Even when administering this Dröhnung the ARD-currently not a bit embarrassed and let the Tagesthemen on 16. June titeln:

“What the withdrawal of US soldiers means for German communities”

Of course,” first comes the eating, then comes the morality”; Bertolt Brecht admittedly opposed this sentence to a well-situated Bourgeoisie, which moralises and revolts over military expenditure. But this is not about bourgeois morals, but about journalistic professional ethos, when the ARD-currently war criminals-conceals headquarters such as Ramstein as a “hub to Africa and the Middle East”. Just as writers do, who, although they make derogatory remarks about US President Trump’s abstruse, education-free and mendacious slogans, do not take up his countless crimes in Syria, Iraq, Africa and South America and the foreign policy support of Germany in these mass murderous scams.

Broken Ratio

The fact that the German political Elite looks like a bunch of idiots-they had neither been informed by Trump about his withdrawal announcement nor even asked for their opinion – was indirectly expressed in the contributions of the Tagesschau. But the editors did not probe the chancellor or the Foreign Minister for what an appropriate German response to the US Affront might look like. The Tagesschau editors did not even have to venture out themselves to fulfil their information mandate. There was no lack of critical comments from proven experts.

Michael Staack, Professor at the Bundeswehr-Universität Hamburg and lecturer at the Generalsakademie in Hamburg-Blankenese, argues for a review of relations between Germany and the USA, reports the Internet magazine German Foreign Policy. In view of the increasing disputes between Washington and Berlin, he concludes that “German and American interests” today “diverged on all important issues”. If, until a few years ago, existing conflicts of interest could have been “kept under control in a broader spectrum of commonalities”, this is now less and less the case.

Staack explains: unlike all previous US governments, the Trump administration is " prepared to use means against the Federal Republic that are normally used against opponents and not against allies.“So far, however, the federal government has only pursued “partial Opposition and, essentially, appeasement policies towards Washington.“But the conflicts of interest are now so great that it is hardly possible to continue this policy. However, there are currently

“a great reluctance to formulate a clear Position towards the USA: one is always afraid of retaliation.”

No, nothing came of Staack’s assessment in the Tagesschau. Instead, it offered us the flat stuff of NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg and the transatlantic warped Russian hater Norbert Röttgen, CDU, just to name a few favorite interlocutors for Tagesschau conformism and boredom.

Trump’s big mouth

Little comfort is offered by the thought that Trump has so far made hardly anything true of his contradictory pretensions and “threats”. He has neither reduced the US troop contingent in South Korea, nor withdrawn his occupation troops from Syria, nor reduced the number of his insidious drone killings. He rages not only with big-mouthed sayings, but also with the stalling of peace-securing international treaties.

Heiko Maas, who miraculously still appears to be a respectable foreign minister, and Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, who has no chance but is obedient to the US, confirm and confirm the self-glorified creep in his contempt for the federal government. Maas, by driving last with the ostentatious attempt against the wall, without Placet of the USA to persuade the warring parties in Libya to a cease-fire and to start negotiations. Kramp-Karrenbauer with its backbone and unthinkable intention to buy 30 US fighter jets of the type F-18 Hornet of the company McDonnell-Douglas, so that the Federal Air Force is still able to fly the US nuclear bombs stored in Germany towards Russia, if the last suitable “Tornado"aircraft is scrapped.

Kramp Karrenbauer does everything to make Germany the nuclear battlefield of the future World War of the USA. The Girl Scout simply does not understand: where atomic bombs are stored, atomic bombs also fall, the first ones. The Tagesschau reported on the German purchase intentions, but proved with its accentuation that it does not understand this either:

“Violation of the basic law when buying a fighter jet?”

The ARD-aktuell also carefully concealed the latest Klops in its television editions: Kramp-Karrenbauer had the order for the multi-purpose combat ship MKS 180 released, a frigate equipped with missiles. A few reports only appeared in the internet niche Tagesschau.de. four examples of this so far most expensive attack weapon of the Bundeswehr are to be built initially, for 5.5 billion euros. There are further contracts for armament and Training Systems, reported the Neue Deutschland:

“…so that you end up with (current) costs of almost six billion euros. The Option for two more ships of this type has been secured.”

The Twins MKS 180 and FREMM

Although the MKS 180 only exists on paper, it resembles like an egg the other of the Italian frigate FREMM, which is considered a state-of-the-art non-plus-ultra of this type of warship. The MKS, which has yet to be developed, is expected to cost 1.3 billion euros apiece, with the contract awarded to a German-Dutch shipyard network. However, every semi-knowledgeable person suspects that the tender winner does not stick to his price offer, but that in the end up up to 1.8 billion euros per ship can be due. The breakdown aircraft Airbus A400M, the new Bundeswehr transport aircraft, has shown how such price explosions arise and are justified.

What is the stair joke about the story? Short Formula: Germany has a ship planned for X-billion euros and then built in the next few years, which is already on the market today in absolutely the same quality, has already proven itself, which the Americans also consider to be top, want to have and even build themselves – in the USA and at half price of a MKS-180! However, the Tagesschau does not refer to this at all.

Well then, Kramp-Karrenbauer, gifted imaginative as she is, wanted to buy an aircraft carrier for the federal Navy.

Why the insane waste of money for the MKS 180? If one of the regular staff of the ARD-Hauptstadt-studio ever came up with this obvious question, he would probably provide the answer: because of the jobs in the German shipyard industry. The AKK does not let us degenerate.