Great for the US

On 1 June 2017, John R. Bolton received the Guardian of Zion Award from the Ingeborg Rennert Center for Jerusalem Studies in Jerusalem. At the time, he was Chairman of the think-tank “Gatestone Institute”, whose self-chosen Mission is to spread Muslim hatred worldwide in 16 different languages – even if “Gatestone” of course does not put it that way. Less than a year later, John Bolton became Donald Trump’s security adviser. The “Gatestone Institute”, which had to let him go with it, commented so:

“The Gatestone Institute is extremely pleased and proud that its chairman, Ambassador John R. Bolton, will lead the United States National Security Council. We warmly congratulate him and President Donald J. Trump on a vocation that is great for America, its allies and the free world.”

The NZZ also commented on John Bolton’s appointment as security advisor at the time. Her USA correspondent Peter Winkler wrote: “Bolton, 69, likes to write analyses on security policy issues, including for the conservative"Wall Street Journal”. But his public saber-rattling always suited best to the Fox News channel, where he was a welcome guest. He embodies what Americans like to call" red meat": provocative statements that stir up the spirits, especially among conservatives and nationalists. And NZZ foreign editor Andreas Rüesch noted that John Bolton’s appointment as security advisor was of “particular urgency”: “Bolton has never concealed what he believes would be the best solution to the problem of Iran: not an agreement full of rotten compromises, but the bombing of Iran’s nuclear facilities. No doubt, the Wind from Washington has become rougher, and it will become even rougher.”

A year and a half later, in September 2019, John R. Bolton was already away from the window as a security advisor: Donald Trump, like many other former close confidants before him, fired him again after a short time.

Two-million-Dollar fee for a book about Trump

Now this John R. Bolton has written a book about his time with Donald Trump: “the Room where it happened”, “the room in which it happened”. It officially arrives in the US bookstores next Tuesday. Individual passages from it have already been announced by the publisher – a clever advertisement for the book. And of course it is already written about the book. Andreas Rüesch in his commentary in the NZZ of 19.6.2020: “Bolton’s portrayal, which is denied by the White House but seems credible, is debunking.”

In the meantime, the White House tries to prevent the sale of the book by legal means. The argument: it was the betrayal of secrets. Trump, for his part, tweets that what Bolton writes is simply lies and Fake Stories. “An ill-tempered, boring madman who always wanted to start a war. Had no idea of anything, was therefore ostracized and fortunately dumped. What a fool!“So secret betrayal or just lies? Does not really fit together.

John R. Bolton is certainly not stupid. With some probability smarter and at least more educated than Trump. But also honest, straightforward, a” credible " man, as he was now called? Or rather a money-hungry careerist, far from any morality? As an Advance Fee for his book, which will undoubtedly be a Bestseller, he is said to have already collected two million dollars.

The book reviewers should think of Gatestone

Even when he was appointed security adviser in March 2018, few commentators mentioned the Gatestone Institute, of which Bolton was chairman at the time. A mistake; because what “Gatestone” spreads almost daily and often in 16 different languages is pure racism: hatred against Muslims. And “Gatestone” writes about all the countries of the world, including Switzerland. For example, in June 2018, “Gatestone” published an article by Judith Bergman, an “analyst” living in Israel, with the Headline: “Switzerland welcomes Muslim terrorism.“And to the horror of the authorities of Baden in Aargau, she added a beautiful picture of Baden’s Old Town. The Baden authorities wanted the beautiful picture on the article of “Gatestone” gone. On advice, they turned to Josef Bollag, a lawyer living in Baden, who is one of the founders of the Swiss platform “Audiatur online”. Bollag probably had close relations with “Gatestone” and lo and behold: the picture of the city of Baden above the “Gatestone"article by Judith Bergman actually disappeared and was replaced by a picture of a snow mountain with a Swiss flag. Josef Bollag had obviously done a good job.

Perfect " Swiss-Connections”

Why the tip with Josef Bollag? The aforementioned Swiss platform “Audiatur online” was founded several years ago by the same Baden-Baden lawyer Josef Bollag, supported by Zurich PR consultant Sacha wigdorovits. And attention: in recent years “Audiatur online “has taken over about 500 articles from” Gatestone”! Hatred against Muslims and again hatred against Muslims – and of course only good things about Israel. The Zurich IT man Daniel Heiniger acts as a translator from English into German.

Those who have now taken a look at “Audiatur online”, for example, found an article on May 22 in which a Michel Calvo argues why the planned annexation of the Jordan land by Israel does not violate international law. 3,500 years ago God gave this land to the Jews. So the Jews are the” indigenous " owners of this land. And the property of the indigenous people of this world is protected by internationally recognized international law. Literally: “according to international law, the Jews are the natives of the countries designated as Judea, Samaria, Palestine, Israel and Holy Land and therefore meet the criteria required by international law. The Jews are the ethnic group that were the original settlers of Judea and Samaria 3500 years ago, when the land was given to the Jews by the Almighty. World leaders who have chosen to water down history wrongly refer to Judea and Samaria as the” West Bank, “the” West Bank, “or the"Occupied Palestinian Territories.““Where did this article by Michel Calvo first appear? Three days before, on May 19th, on “Gatestone” of course.

Another little monster of “Gatestone”, this time from The Last Days (June 6, 2020):“Killing Free Speech in Switzerland”. Or in German, on June 13, translated again by Daniel Heiniger: “stalling freedom of speech in Switzerland”. Once again by Judith Bergman, the “political analyst"living in Israel.

Also about the political misdeeds during Bolton’s tenure as security adviser under Donald Trump info Sperber has informed a number of times. See the Links at the end of the text.

John R. Bolton: predestined to write about Donald Trump?

As mentioned above, John Bolton was chairman of the Gatestone Institute for five years before his appointment as security advisor by Donald Trump. Especially in Switzerland, where we have a publication “Audiatur online”, which even belongs to the “verband Schweizer Medien” and de facto operates as a Swiss offshoot of the “Gatestone Institute”, such political “Connections” should be looked at closely. There are good reasons to be critical of Donald Trump: a man with the political past of a John R. Bolton – however-as chairman of the Gatestone Institute as well as as a security advisor under Trump – is far from qualified and legitimate to point the finger at Donald Trump in a book. In " Schwiizertütsch “they call such a thing"Säuhäfeli, Säudeckeli”.

One is well advised not to forget the attitude of the author when reading this book, which will be published on Tuesday – or to spare oneself the reading altogether.