Armor, school and caregiver

The economic stimulus package, which the federal government intends to bring through the Bundestag next week, provides for up to ten billion euros for new arms projects. I wanted to know from the Ministry of defense what the money needed and should be spent on. Answer: the federal government does not know!

For the last year and a half, we have been discussing a basic pension, which should cost about one tenth of the total armament, about 1.3 billion euros. To this day, financing is apparently the biggest problem with the basic pension. This topic will be back in the Bundestag next week. When it comes to armaments, the need obviously does not even have to be known and quantified, billions are made available by blank cheque. By way of comparison, only two billion euros are available for schools in the stimulus package, and nurses are running out of money.

The federal government also applauded during the lockdown, but there is no more money for permanently better pay.

This is an Affront to all those who kept the country running in the health and care system. So thanks turn into hypocrisy. We demand more money for schools and nurses instead of billions for new tanks and combat ships.