This broken self-view of the media

There are reports that one would like to dismiss as Satire at first: according to media reports, several German television stations will receive this year a special award of the German television award for their coverage of the Corona Episode. According to the reports, the Jury drew the ARD, the ZDF, RTL, ProSieben, Sat.1 and n - tv together with the responsible journalists for their news and special broadcasts about the Virus. Jury chairman Wolf Bauer stated that the Jury understands this special prize as a commitment to quality journalism in the digital media age and as an encouragement for responsible journalists. The corona pandemic had just become a test in the field of Information – it had been “mastered with flying colors”.

Do the big TV stations-indirectly – stand out themselves?

Criticism of the absurd process already begins with the formalities: since 1999, the German television prize has been awarded by the major TV providers ARD, ZDF, RTL and Sat.1 awarded. These are, among other things, exactly the stations that are now being awarded. So are the big German TV stations indirectly preparing themselves for a big stage at the German Television Awards? Do the journalists on this stage distinguish themselves indirectly? The organizers introduce themselves as follows:

“Since 1999, the German television prize has been awarded by ARD, RTL, Sat.1 and ZDF to recognize outstanding achievements for television. ( … ) To this day, the donors ' committee consists of the managing directors and directors of the participating broadcasters. The managing director or artistic director of the leading broadcaster, this year RTL, will take over the chair. Deutsche Telekom has been on board as a cooperation partner since 2020.”

Self-praise of the media should prevent coming criticism

The readers of the reflection pages have known for a long time that the statement with the bravura mastered reporting is a myth. The comments could be understood as part of a forward defense: the broadcasters in question know that in a possible review of the Corona Episode, devastating criticism will come to them. Should this be pre-built by excessive self-praise and assertions? And this criticism-if it were to come to an enlightening assessment of media behaviour in the corona crisis-would be only too justified.

“The deception by large media in the corona crisis is enormous: the shaky data base for the disturbing zigzag course is not questioned. Central debates do not find a media Forum. The GEO - and fiscal risks (and opportunities) lurking in the shadow of the Virus are not adequately considered. Instead: sentiment against Russia and alternative media.”

Aggressive against alternative media and " conspiracy theorists"

Albrecht Müller has described in this article that the recent demonstrations for fundamental rights are even worse defamed by the major media than the ' 68 Demos. This article deals with how, for example, the Stuttgart Demo of 2 May was distorted on TV. The fact that the media “rocking effect” is also currently taking effect is analysed in this article. And to the currently inflationary used fight term “conspiracy theory” the reflection pages have expressed themselves among other things in this article and in this article. There were also some good reports on TV, but these can not outweigh the impression of the campaigning.

The (incomplete) list of the most important accusations to the major German media and thus also to the now awarded TV stations contains the following points: a poisonous defamation of the lockdown critics, already questioners were sometimes aggressively dismissed as spinners. No adequate discussion of the strong contradictions in the daily announced Figures. No adequate problematization of the unscientific character of the “database” of the lockdown. No adequate balance between the benefits and the sometimes dramatic damage caused by a Lockdown. No appropriately sharp questions about the proportionality. Dubious and blanket slander of the alternative media.

Patronizing and scaremongering: reporting even more uniform than on the Maidan

In recent weeks-also in the relevant TV stations – there has been no appropriate and distant comparison of the different views, so that the citizens themselves could have formed a judgment. Instead, there were (once again) tendencies towards paternalism, Emotionalisation, scaremongering and education, and a strong Filter on the topics that are “allowed"to be discussed at all. In recent weeks, the German media landscape has even allegedly surpassed the uniformity experienced, for example, at Maidan 2014.

This uniformity is naturally not addressed in the large media themselves: one crow does not chop out an eye for the other. Criticism therefore comes only from the alternative media from the Internet – that is why, especially in recent weeks, attempts have been made to defame the alternative media so thoroughly that it no longer seems necessary to deal with their sometimes good arguments.