Tagesschau spreads hostile arrogance

The Tagesschau is an extremely effective instrument of indoctrination. Affinities with the USA, NATO and the EU, on top of being obscenely pro-government, she only portrays their politics without criticism or distance. That’s enough for ordinary opinion-making. When it comes to reporting on the people’s Republic of China, however, there is often an Extra feature: the editorial staff sounds its up to 11 million German-speaking customers with aggressive side tones. The arrogance behind it seems to be inspired by the “Hun speech” of Kaiser Wilhelm II (1900): " Pardon is not given. Prisoners are not made. Carry your weapons in such a way that no Chinese man dares to look at a German Sheel for a thousand years. Keeps Man Breeding. The blessing of God be with you..]!"

Respect and sympathies for the Far Eastern billionaire people, Germany’s most important trading partners, are being deliberately desolated. Regional elections will soon take place in Hong Kong; we can prepare for a Daily Show Festival of anti-communist and anti-Chinese Propaganda.

Since the “Umbrella protests” began, Hong Kong has once again become a popular topic in the media of the self-proclaimed “Western community of values”: complaints about the government’s influence in Beijing on its Hong Kong Special Administrative Region have dominated the coverage for months. The film reports on the clashes between violent “demonstrators” and the police forces are also highly partisan. However, the rioters have already devastated airport halls, metro stations and countless local transport installations and repeatedly block important transport routes. The police use tear gas in return and try to capture the ringleaders. At times, Hong Kong seems like a battlefield.

Tagesschau spreads hostile arrogance

As a result, productivity fell rapidly, retail sales slumped, the tourism industry shrank, trade fairs fell – all this long before the corona pandemic. Effect: gross domestic product fell by 4.82 percent in 2019. Exports of goods fell by 4.1 percent, the largest decline since the world financial crisis of 2008/2009.

However, the connection between the loss of importance of the island as an international trading center and the violent activities of the “umbrella revolutionaries”, partially financed and occasionally led by the West, is generously ignored in our television news. Instead, Tagesschau & co.allow themselves what would be absolutely unthinkable with comparable violent excesses in Germany: lively, sympathetic tones about the remote-controlled authors of the street battles under their oh-so-peaceful umbrellas.

Tagesschau spreads hostile arrogance

The propaganda method is well known: turn aggressive rioters into democracy-seeking opponents; call the intervention of the security forces an unjustified use of force by state bureaucrats. The call of our politicians and pro-government journalists for “more democracy” and “respect for Human Rights” is a self-justifying form of interference in the internal affairs of other countries. However, our grail Guardians of freedom never go so far as to endanger the economic interests of their moneyed nobility.

The Repertoire of anti-Chinese Agitation includes inappropriate public criticism, schoolmaster teachings, and rebukes. At best, they do nothing at all for the addressee. But they benefit his legitimate domestic Opposition. Chinese dissidents supported by abroad, who threaten the stability of the country from the point of view of the ruling communists, are courted in Western reporting. If there are rallies against the government in China (as in the unrest in Tibet before the 2008 Olympics) or if it fights internal jihadist dangers (in Xinjiang), then Germany reflexively takes sides against Beijing.

Tagesschau spreads hostile arrogance

Astonishingly, the Heinrich Böll Foundation, which serves the Greens as a collection agency for state donations, has critically examined how this is going to happen and has already published more than 3000 reports in German mainstream media in 2010. Excerpts:

“…in the analysis of all identified contributions to China (are) in a variety of media contributions … certain apparently socially inherent notions and clichés about the country unreflected. Normatively derogatory images of China … shape the discourse, all in all … one can speak here of a continuous dissemination of existing stereotypes by the media … there is a danger of a consolidation of these mostly extremely versimplified and shortening clichés in the German public through the amount of contributions that these impressions spread.”

The authors advised to refrain from” denouncing the image of Chinese society “and to” gain more respect in reporting on others.“This does not mean that Chinese positions should be exempt from criticism.

The sociologist Jörg Kronauer, author of the blog, German Foreign Policy, summed up: “criticism is something other than denunciation. Years after the publication of the study, however, as the reading of the relevant media shows, one must state: their recommendations have been good, but they have not been fruitful.”

The current international campaigns against China focus on two issues: the goings-on in Hong Kong and Beijing’s alleged “blame” for the outbreak of the corona pandemic. The latter was” allegedly " due to errors at a high-security biolab in Wuhan, Hubei province. What to say about this, the Chinese Embassy in Berlin has written to the editor-in-chief of the BILD-Zeitung.

The Tagesschau could have confidently referred to the accusation of a lack of objectivity and objectivity. ARD maintains a “Hauptstadtstudio” in Berlin with no less than 75 employees. That the ambassador of the people’s Republic of China had ever been a guest there in Germany or had been asked by the ARD people in his official residence for the view of his government is, however, not remembered. Probably, however, that the Tagesschau is always limited to spreading the absurd accusations of US President Trump like BILD.

“For weeks now, US President Donald Trump has been conducting his very own discussion with the Chinese leadership about the origin of the Coronavirus. While Trump may also have his own motives, he is not alone in calling for more transparency. The federal government has now also joined in this Position.”


The Hong Kong invective has wider political implications: it is directed against the decision of the National People’s Congress to instruct its Standing Committee to draft a “Hong Kong security law”. Tenor of the relevant reports: Beijing wants to gain a basis for its interference in Hong Kong’s self-government outside of valid international agreements. However, the actual motives and intentions of the Chinese government were not asked. The treaty foundation on which the new law will rest was also ignored. Instead, this insult: “even in the run-up to the vote, the Communist leadership forbade any interference.”

The proposed law is intended to allow Beijing’s state organs to prosecute terrorism, Subversion and separatism, as well as the activities of foreign forces, if they interfere in Hong Kong. Western campaign journalism passed over in its reports that the law aims at transgressions and political crimes, which are also persecuted and punished according to German criminal law and all over the world quite naturally: high treason, treason, breach of the peace, formation of a terrorist association, coercion of constitutional organs, hate crime, sedition, etc.

One would think that an ARD correspondent in the people’s Republic of China is able and willing to report this matter-of-factly. But Steffen Wurzel, a radio journalist working for ARD and Deutschlandfunk, could no longer hold his anti-Chinese water bottle six days before the decision of the National People’s Congress in Beijing:

“Hong Kong security law shows the character of the leadership in China,” he said, letting the German-speaking audience know how evil these Chinese Communists have been, still are, and will be in the future. Well then, his audio contribution was shown as a commentary; we have freedom of speech, and therefore the Root was allowed to expose the roots of his thinking. It is unnecessary to examine here to what extent he crossed the border to the Forbidden incitement with his derogatory and hateful sayings.

Two weeks later, ARD-aktuell published a root article on tagesschau.de which, however, can be classified at least partially as agit-Prop: “they also protested against the “security law” for Hong Kong planned by China’s leadership, which according to most constitutional lawyers outside China further erodes the autonomy of the city.”

“Most constitutional lawyers outside of China”: dear daily showers, at least two or three names from the thousands and thousands of international constitutional lawyers, concrete information as well as competence and source, have already adorned here. However, we assume that Wurzel’s assessment does not come from well-known constitutional lawyers at all, but has grown on his own crap. A very common journalistic antics: simply issue a mere statement as an expert report by anonymous experts and thus lend it undeserved weight.

It is remarkable that the ARD-aktuell editorial board let him get away with it. After all, it proved his oblique assertion at least indirectly correct. In an article worth reading, she quotes a Hong Kong “activist” named Joseph Cheng in text:

“For many other members of the pro-democracy camp in Hong Kong, the matter is clear: China’s plan is a series of measures intended to herald the end of the ‘one country, two systems’ principle. But, says Cheng: ‘We have to admit that this is legal.'”

For the simple reading in the Treaty on the autonomy of Hong Kong after the change from British colonial rule to Chinese self-government and for a referring, consistent reporting, it is simply not enough at ARD-currently. “The Basic Law” is the name of the document in question deposited with the United Nations, issued in 1997. :

“In the event that the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress decides that due to unrest in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region that endangers national unity or security and lies outside the control of the government of the Region … the Central People’s government may issue an order applying the relevant national laws in the Region.”

The self-destructive riots in Hong Kong, fueled from the outside with the intention of harming Beijing and bringing about an overthrow, are a fact. The response of the National People’s Congress to authorize Beijing to intervene in Hong Kong if the island’s authorities do not deal with the violations there themselves is in conformity with the treaty and the law, also from an international point of view. However, the Tagesschau conceals this. She prefers the anti-Chinese opinion-making.

Journalistic vigilance is always and everywhere required, even towards China, no question. But on the one hand to denounce violent Rowdies and their criminal activities arson and grievous bodily harm included as “political Opposition” and “democracy movement” and on the other hand to hysterically denounce the legitimate counter-reactions of the responsible government as violating freedom, even though Beijing is only just targeting a bill, that is more than dishonest.

Far more journalistic attention would have to be paid to the possibility of Beijing suspending the Hong Kong treaty with Great Britain. For prime minister Boris Johnson has announced that about 3 million citizens of Hong Kong will be recognised as “foreign Britons” and that they will be provided with appropriate passports and entry permits to the UK, including the Option of acquiring full citizenship in their new home country. If he did that, one in twenty Britons would be ethnic Chinese.

Tagesschau spreads hostile arrogance

The danger is that those responsible in Beijing will regard Johnson’s Publicity drive as a breach of the treaty and end Hong Kong’s autonomy even now, although the treaty may not actually happen until 2047. Until then, Hong Kong is formally part of the people’s Republic of China, but can largely manage itself according to the principle of “one country, two systems”.

Instead of organizing a critical, but objective reporting, ARD-aktuell maintains a very special understanding of the Rundfunkstaatsvertrag, which clearly states in Paragraph 11: “… the shipments should … serve the understanding among the peoples and work towards a non-discriminatory cooperation”

This does not stop the ARD-currently from drawing contemptuously and disinformatively about Beijing. In addition to the Shanghai correspondent root, the Beijing ARD correspondent Tamara Anthony also shines with the spread of hateful stereotypes and improper insinuations:

“China is bursting with self-confidence after the corona pandemic … the EU’s response to previous attacks by China: many words, no deeds … The EU-China summit in September will take place under the German presidency of the council. This will show whether Germany has a clear edge … In the long term, the West can have no interest in a World Order of Chinese character.”

Emperor Willem Zwo sends his regards. By the way, Tagesschau, like much of Berlin’s government and parliament operations, ignores a “[German - Chinese agreement on exchange and cooperation in the field of law](/static/downloads/Deutsch_Chinesische _Vereinbarung_zu_dem_Austausch_und_der_Zusammenarbeit_im_Rechtsbereich.pdf “Deutsch-Chinesische Vereinbarung zu dem Austausch und der Zusammenarbeit im Rechtsbereich “)” that has been valid for 20 years. In it, the two states agreed “to study the useful experiences of the other side through mutual exchange and to make use of them”.

Those who conclude such contracts act indecently if they still loudly go public afterwards and discredit the Partner without first contacting him. In this sense also inexcusable are the improper and occasionally foolish speeches in the Bundestag debate about the decision of the Chinese National People’s Congress.

Stefan Liebich, Die Linke: “we should react as the Bundestag. One can expect that the federal government will push for compliance with treaties that are binding under international law. Economic interests should not let Angela Merkel and Heiko Maas fall silent.”

What does he mean, this"opposition” politician of the Left party?

He mulls around when the Heiko for once keeps his mouth shut?

Isn’t it enough that Maas just left out the excesses of violence in the USA?

His two-sentence commentary, inimitable in content, style and conciseness: “Covid-19 threatens not only life, health and prosperity, especially of the weakest. The Virus also feeds racism and anti-Semitism worldwide”.

And yet Liebich still demands something from this guy about Hong Kong?

Anyway, we hope that soon a combined vaccine against Corona, racism, anti-Semitism and attempted folly will come on the market. However, he will not protect us from ministerial, parliamentary and journalistic nonsense. No herb is known to have grown against them.