The Amys go home

I think this is a chatter of Trump, who has already threatened several times, especially Germany, so that Nato will finally be pumped full of taxpayers ' money.

That troops are stationed in Poland, even if the poles like to prostitute themselves because they are not educated, I think for the time being a rumor. There are treaties that prohibit such a thing. Well, of course, the US has been known for a long time that contracts are worth nothing as long as they are not canonized by Trump, Pompeo & co.

The Russian Foreign Ministry actually gets to the point very well, which is why I am happy to publish the corresponding Text here.

The americans go home

Statements by US leadership on the withdrawal of a part of the US contingent from Germany

We noted the statement by US President Donald Trump about his intention to reduce the US troop contingent in Germany by one third.

For our part, we would welcome any steps by Washington to reduce its military presence in Europe. Such steps would certainly help ease the confrontation potential and military-political tensions in the Euro-Atlantic region. Let me point out that Moscow has always said that the preservation of a large US troop contingent in Germany after the country’s unification in 1990 is a Cold War relic.

We are convinced that in the current geostrategic realities, all European countries, especially a country as powerful as Germany, are certainly able to ensure their security independently, without the obtrusive patronage of the United States. Moreover, this patronage is not at all selfless. Washington regularly “instructs” its European allies, including Berlin, to increase their contribution to the NATO budget. It does this without much regard for appearances, to put it mildly.

It is important to understand that for the most part, the US announcements regarding its intention to withdraw its troops from other countries remain just declarations. They are not followed by practical steps. Thus, despite the US President’s repeated statements on the final withdrawal from Syria, Pentagon retains its units and bases in violation of international norms and against common sense. It does not bother to explain why.

As for the current US initiative, it causes apprehension, also because it was immediately followed by the invitation to US soldiers in Germany to move to neighbouring Poland. I’d like to emphasise that reconfiguration of the US military presence in Europe will not only escalate the already high tensions in European security but also complicate the prospects of a constructive Russia-NATO dialogue in the military-political sphere. Obviously, many politicians in Warsaw would like to wreck the commitments fixed in the Russia-NATO Founding Act. But this line is unacceptable for us.

In any event, if Washington is really going to withdraw its troops from Germany, it must also take along US non-strategic nuclear weapons that are deployed there. This is particularly important since the Americans continue to actively polish practical methods of their potential use during “joint nuclear missions” with non-nuclear NATO members, which is an obvious violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. We have repeatedly drawn their attention to this incongruity.