Nato Troll Maas wants to kill nuclear

The Tagesschau subverts news about the US nuclear bomb camp in Büchel and about the fraud against German voters. The vast majority of German citizens are against the stationing of nuclear bombs on German soil. 86 percent of respondents are in favour of a ban on the storage of US weapons of mass destruction in this country. The Basic “No” of the people has existed for more than half a century. Accordingly, since 1990, the federal governments have also claimed that they want the withdrawal. In fact, however, they did not make a finger crooked, but only Bückling, if the USA wanted to expand its nuclear Arsenal in Germany. At the very front of the duplicitous: Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD). What does the Tagesschau bring about? Next to nothing.

Nato Troll Maas wants to kill nuclear

To remedy a legend:

The USA maintains an atomic bomb camp not only in Büchel in Rhineland-Palatinate. Rather, they have distributed nuclear weapons of mass destruction to a further two dozen special munitions storage facilities, missile positions and artillery garrisons - to locations in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein. They are warheads for missiles, mines and artillery projectiles. Even the federal government does not know exactly In what quantities they are being held in our republic.

Nevertheless, the political functionaries in the Reichstag are firmly loyal to the US Regime, although undignified. Example: when 122 states adopted the nuclear weapons prohibition treaty in the UN General Assembly in June 2017, Germany abstained. When the Left party requested in September of this year that Germany should join the treaty retrospectively, the majority of CDU/CSU, SPD and FDP rejected it. As usual, the government and the parliamentary majority were whistling at the will of the people. The Tagesschau was silent.

“The public service broadcasters have to give a comprehensive overview of international events in all essential areas of life, … “the Rundfunkstaatsvertrag expressly prescribes them in its §11. The broadcasting Councils shall ensure that this statutory mandate is fulfilled. However, they fail in their control function just as miserably as the program designers in their journalism profession.

SPD-leading politicians off the trail

The transatlantic-educated, pro-government Nachbeter in the Tagesschau editorial staff only saw themselves compelled to report when the new SPD Group Chairman Rolf Mützenich left the trample path of the ordinary US followers in the Bundestag: to the general surprise, he demanded in the Reichstag and by Interview with the Tagesspiegel that the USA should withdraw its nuclear weapons from Germany.

Nato Troll Maas wants to kill nuclear

Even the ARD Tagesschau couldn’t quite hold the water. Although, as her Name suggests, she is primarily committed to her millions of viewers and not to the internet readers, she nevertheless only let the important Information into her discreet and immeasurable niche tagesschau.de trickle through: “in the SPD, a dispute has flared up about Germany’s future participation in the nuclear deterrent of NATO, which threatens to spread to the grand coalition. SPD leader Rolf Mützenich had called for an end to the stationing of all US nuclear weapons in Germany.”

A sample case of trend journalism. Thanks to the poisoned formulations, the focus is no longer on Mützenich’s claim itself and its justification, but on shifting the accent and drawing the reader’s attention to the internal SPD dispute. The “threatens “to” encroach” on the GroKo, how terrible: quarrel in the GroKo! And troublemaker Mützenich, this NATO Deviator, even gets explicit support from his SPD party chairman Norbert Walter-Borjans: do the new SPD leaders even want to tie in with the goals of the peace movement, to which Social Democrats once felt connected?

It would have complied with journalistic duty of care if the ARD-aktuell-Redaktion had now sought an in-depth Interview with Mützenich and Walter-Borjans, asked them about their motives and quoted the core statements of both SPD leaders. But in order to avoid more trouble and to preserve its own pseudo-objectivity, it did what it otherwise fails to do: it looked for counter positions, of course quickly found what it wanted with the CDU and had Johann Wadephul klotzen, vice-chairman of the Union faction: “for the CDU/CSU parliamentary faction, the continuation of nuclear participation is beyond question, it is enshrined in the coalition agreement for good reason. This is non-negotiable.”

The resulting demand for the wording of this alleged contractual clause is of course not permitted by an ARD quality journalist. He doesn’t have time for an independent review in the document anyway. So he does not discover Wadephul’s purposeful lie. There is no word on” nuclear participation " in the coalition agreement. Rather, it says: ”We want to avoid a new conventional and nuclear arms race on our continent. We are committed to the worldwide verifiable disarmament of all weapons of mass destruction.”

The Opium of the electorate

Some contracts are not worth the paper they are written on. This applies in particular to coalition agreements. These are rather only cheap Opium for the electorate; a Tagesschau editor should therefore not fall for bogus arguments drawn from there and be loaded with brazen false statements.

Nato Troll Maas wants to kill nuclear

It is unlikely that Mützenich and Walter-Borjans will prevail and get a majority in the Bundestag against their transatlantic, standardized, war-willing colleagues. Russophobic to the point of silliness, the chairman of the Foreign Policy Committee of the Bundestag and CDU chair candidate Norbert Röttgen spie already as a precaution poison and bile: “such a policy isolates Germany, weakens Europe, divides the West and encourages Russia … It seems as if all the old diseases of the SPD are coming back.”

Cockchafers also pump when they want to fly off. However, Röttgen still finds his master in Heiko Maas in the development of anti-Russian obsessions. In this ricochet, we have a foreign minister who, in addition to diplomatic crushes and embarrassments, stands out at most because of his complete inability to criticize himself.

After Mützenich’s appearance as a peace activist, Maas was so interested in a loyalty address to Washington that he invited himself to an Interview for the ARD"report from Berlin". The Tagesschau reported obediently. The intention of the guest and host was clearly to talk up the now publicly discussed US obedience to the federal government and to drop the topic afterwards.

Let’s look at it again. Mützenich’s statement, shared by Walter-Borjans: “nuclear weapons on German territory do not increase our security, on the contrary … Trump’s administration has announced that nuclear weapons are no longer just a deterrent, but weapons that can be used to wage war. The risk of escalation had thus become unmanageable.”

Who could seriously deny this? In order to force Russia and China to continue their arms race and not allow them to continue to strengthen economically, the Trump Regime massively increased US arms spending and at the same time worsened the global security architecture. This can be seen by looking at the military budgets of the participating countries and Germany. 2019: USA 732 billion dollars, PRC 261 billion dollars, Russia 65 billion and Germany 49 billion dollars.

Well Maintained Enmity

For the US, any competitor on the world market is not just a trading partner or business competitor, but an “enemy” that they fight as a “rogue state” and threaten militarily when it comes to oil and other important resources or markets for food and advanced technology: Russia, the PRC, Iran, Venezuela, Syria – and North Korea, because they do not bow to the dictates of Washington, as Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya once did.

Whereas nuclear weapons used to be regarded as a deterrent to prevent another World War catastrophe, the US Administration now believes that it can continue to wage limited wars with nuclear weapons of less destructive power “baby-nukes” without a global Inferno. As a result of this crazy political understanding, the US has been producing a large number of W 76-2 nuclear warheads for two years. they have “only” half the destructive power of a Hiroshima bomb. The Pentagon equips the missiles of its submarines and aircraft carrier fleets, leaving them surrounded by Russia and China. They underline the readiness for nuclear war, supposedly limited to the enemy countries, far from their own territory.

The ARD-aktuell does not lose a word about it, although the averting of the nuclear war danger for Germany is about being or not being. Although this is very clear, it must not penetrate the public consciousness.

Ten years ago – what were those times? - the Bundestag demanded with an astonishing majority that the USA should withdraw its nuclear bombs stored in Germany. Today, we know that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision, brought about by the then foreign minister and vice chancellor Guido Westerwelle (FDP), was only supported in Form; in fact, she undermined its implementation from the very beginning. Perhaps many contemporaries still remember that a few months later, the WikiLeaks disclosure platform made public the scheming conversation between Merkel advisor Christoph Heusgen and US Ambassador Philip D. Murphy about Merkel’s cabal.

The state radio operator lobhudeln

But the Tagesschau also reported nothing about it. It was better in jubilant reports about the” peace friend “Barack Obama, although this US president was not prepared for a second to take the parliamentary decision of his Berlin NATO"partner” seriously.

The role assigned to Germany as a docile contract mass murderer in US Services operates under the euphemism “nuclear participation”. One who most often undertakes this linguistic fraud attempt: Heiko Maas, as scheming as he was as a former minister of Justice. His party superiors have been trying for a year to emancipate Germany from the self-imposed Status of a US Landsknecht.

But Maas prefers to keep it with Chancellor Merkel and the transatlantic club in the cabinet and parliament. This combo ensures that the intellectual claim of German peace policy developed on the level of woodlice and beyond. Germans and all Central Europeans are supposed to suppress the fact that the future nuclear war will be fought where the nuclear weapons are stored.

Nato Troll Maas wants to kill nuclear

It was in this submissive and self-destructive Spiritlessness that Secretary of war Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (AKK) announced the German interest in thirty F-18 fighter jets during her inaugural visit to Washington; this aircraft of the aircraft manufacturer McDonnell Douglas is already licensed as a carrier for US nuclear bombs. Completely overestimating her rather modest political skills and competence, “AKK” let it be known that she wanted to “unbroken ensure” that the “capabilities” of the Tornado could be taken over by another aircraft.

Of course, the Mützenich SPD in the Bundestag did not like this and went against it. This in turn prompted the SPD Foreign Minister Maas to stab his group in the back and publicly warn against a “German special route”.

Nato Troll Maas wants to kill nuclear

Heiko Maas just wants to stay in the warm back room of the US president, not unlike his predecessors in the Foreign Ministry, the former SPD chairmen Sigmar Gabriel and Frank-Walter Steinmeier. When the United Nations began negotiations on the treaty outlawing and abolishing weapons of mass destruction in New York in March 2017, Steinmeier had the project boycotted. The nuclear powers and almost all NATO states stayed away from the negotiations. Gabriel and later also Maas continued this destruction - a mockery of the German electorate.

When the Left faction reminded the governing parties of their promises in the coalition agreement and in later government declarations by a small question in the Bundestag,”… We set ourselves resolutely to the global verifiable disarmament of all weapons of mass destruction" was the reality-denying answer: “The Federal government remains the goal of a world without nuclear weapons committed to and is determined for the global, verifiable disarmament of all weapons of mass destruction.”

Unreal-or unscrupulous. What now?

In addition to the production of nuclear warheads for the Navy, the USA is also “modernizing” its Air Force with B61-12 nuclear bombs, which will go into series production this year. About 400 pieces of 25 million US dollars each are planned. They are intended to further increase the potential threat to Russia. The most important destination is the Büchel air base in Rhineland-Palatinate. Each of these weapons of mass destruction has the fourfold destructive power of the Hiroshima bomb.

Nato Troll Maas wants to kill nuclear

Maas and his transatlantic friends still pretend that “nuclear participation” means that the federal government has sole authority over the German tornadoes and, if necessary, can refuse to let them actually start with their US nuclear bomb load. This also applies after the multi-billion dollar purchase of the 30 F-18 machines. This is no more than showing off and asserting protection.

The US president decides on his atomic bombs, even if they dangle under German Wings. To this day, the Federal Chancellor is not even immune from the fact that the US Secret Service overhears her telephone conversations and controls her mail traffic. And not before the US ambassador in Berlin shows her and her ministers where the Hammer is hanging.

A real Co-decision about the use of American atomic bombs takes place at best in the wet dreams of sharpeners such as Röttgen and Wadephul. And that’s how the transatlantic whistles in the NATO coal cellar sound:”… the last decision on the use of American nuclear weapons from German soil is always up to the Federal Chancellor.”

Who believes.

Sanctions that violate international law, trade boycotts, breaches of treaties, murder, military blackmail, denunciation and lies: these are the instruments of imperial US policy. If in doubt, they would also be directed against Germany. Many nations have been so deceived and ruined.

Our politicians declassify themselves if they cultivate” friendship " with murderous scoundrels like President Trump and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and actually would have preferred former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to be US president, the initiator of the Libyan war and the assassination of President Muammar Gaddafi. Not only the interview Videos with Pompeo and Clinton are timeless image documents for the evil rabble at the top of the USA.

The German UN council presidency must continue to be used to fight for disarmament, Foreign Minister Maas rotzfrech demands in the ARD “report from Berlin”. A rather primitive attempt to conceal his cross-dressing at the level of the UN and against the withdrawal of nuclear weapons from Germany.

“To increase the benefit of the German people and to turn damage from them”? Of course. We see: you just have to be heedless enough, then you can become foreign minister, chairman of the “Atlantik-Brücke”, federal president or worse.