Russia has Humor

European Union foreign minister Josep Borell spoke of the approaching end of global Western dominance. Something that especially in Germany like to be suppressed although there are corresponding traces that no one can deny.

In history there has always been an end to the ages, from the Middle Ages, Roman Empire, discoveries of America, Industrial Revolution, 1000 years of Empire and Cold War. People are developing worldwide and the West has failed to work together, to share, to take, to enslave and to wage wars. There are other systems, other thoughts and alternative ways that can be contested.

Maria Zakharova, the spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry took up the issue and responded with Russian Humor.

Josep Borrell’s statements on the “end of the American-led system”

We noted a number of recent statements by High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell made via a video link with a meeting of ambassadors and permanent representatives of Germany. The statements were covered by the media. He said that the novel coronavirus turned out to be “a great accelerator of history.” As Mr Borrell said, “Analysts have long talked about the end of the American-led system and the arrival of the Asian century. This is now happening in front of our eyes.” This is an interesting observation from the point of view of what analysts our European partners are referring to.

We did a little analysing ourselves, delved into recent history and looked into which analysts made similar forecasts a couple of years ago. I will note a couple of very interesting quotes.

January 15, 2015. “While the United States and the rest of the so-called historical West are losing the dominant positions they have held for at least five centuries, […] new centres of economic growth, financial power and political influence are emerging in the course of objective historical development […], the United States has resorted, regrettably, to illegitimate methods in an attempt to stop the curtailment of its relative role in global politics.”

March 29, 2017. “…it would certainly be necessary to recognise that the world is different, compared to past centuries when the West was leading.” “It’s a polycentric world. Call it multipolar, call it polycentric, call it more democratic—but it is happening.”

August 24, 2015. “We see the end to a long period of historical, economic, financial and political domination by the West. It lasted hundreds of years. This period involves an intrinsic contradiction, considering the evolution of new centres of power, including in Asia Pacific.” […] “It is probably not easy to admit that one’s domination, which lasted many centuries and was nearly absolute, is coming to an end.”

October 20, 2014. We are dealing not just with the beginning of another historical phase, but, it would seem, with a change of eras.” […] “That’s a totally new picture of the world that does not fit into the centuries-old notion of Western dominance in the global economy, finance and politics.”

Who foresaw what our European Union partners are talking about, as indicated by his statements of two, three and five year ago? You won’t believe it, but this is Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.