Police violence in the United States

On Russian television the racial unrest in the USA was also an issue. As reported, I would like to translate for you once.

In American Minneapolis is war on the streets. A police station was burned down and the police had to be rescued by helicopter from the roof of the besieged building. They are race riots. Racist in the sense that the subject was a brutal murder, recorded with cameras from mobile phones.

The victim is a young black man named George Floyd. He worked as a security guard, was known as a supporter of nonviolence, but pleaded guilty because his $ 20 bill turned out to be false in a store. There are many of them in America. George Floyd was arrested. He did not resist. Nevertheless, he was handcuffed.

Then a policeman named Derek Chauvin pushed George to the ground and pressed his knee to his neck.

For three minutes, George begged to take the knee away, said he couldn’t breathe, asked not to kill him, but police veteran Derek Chauvin pressed the knee even harder on his neck. At the same time, passersby streamed the Video onto the Internet.

Probably the policeman broke George’s neck or simply suffocated the victim. Anyway, George gave rest. But Derek Chauvin put his knee on his neck for another four minutes until an ambulance arrived. The police handed him over to the paramedics with the message that the prisoner was fine. He was artificially ventilated in the ambulance, but without success. His death was determined in the hospital.

Imagine what would have happened if something like this had happened in Russia.New sanctions would have already been imposed on us, America would have already convened a special session of the UN Security Council on the human rights situation in Russia, and the European Union would again do something unpleasant. But since it happened in America, where such an attitude toward blacks is the accepted practice, no one in the world even shrugs.

If a hundred thousand people had died of the Coronavirus in Russia, as is the case now in America, the Western press would no longer know any other headlines. Now they only regret that so few Russians were victims of the epidemic.

In America, presidential candidate Biden, with his glassy stare, can afford to shake off the scandal that has been taped about him giving Petro Poroshenko a billion for the dismissal of the attorney general, who is uncomfortable for Biden. And in America, Trump calls the governor of Minnesota a “weakling” because he doesn’t use the National Guard hard enough against the protests. In addition, 30 million new unemployed people and a sea of homeless people complete today’s life in the United States. Is this normal? And this America is always trying to teach the planet how to live? On what basis?

And one more Detail. Once Upon a time there was Omar Jimenez, an American television journalist. A highly praised CNN Reporter. He reported on the Notre Dame fire in Paris, reported on the shooting with many victims in Las Vegas, reported during the Hurricanes in Texas and Florida, some of his reports were nominated for the Emmy Award. In total, he has done about a thousand reports for CNN. And now he was assigned to report on the riots in Minneapolis. But the police arrested him, which was broadcast live. Despite his statements, Omar Jimenez was handcuffed. The entire film crew was arrested.

A question: If Omar Jimenez were white, would that happen? The question is rhetorical. All this is done in accordance with the culture prevailing in America.