Döpfner calls for a new Cold War

“Crises have something clarifying. So is the corona crisis. When therapy against the Virus has been found, the shutdown and easing debates have faded and the recession has shown its ugly face, nothing less needs to be clarified than the world order. More specifically: the alliance question. Where does Europe stand? On the side of America or on the side of China?”

Mathias Döpfner is the CEO and co-owner of the German media group Axel Springer SE, which publishes the German “BILD"newspaper and “Die Welt”, among others. And who, according to his own words and official announcement on his Website, wants to become “world market leader in digital journalism”. Mathias Döpfner’s word has weight.

Just a few days before May 8, the Commemoration Day “75 years end of the Second World War”, and in the midst of the worldwide Corona crisis, this German media Manager addressed the readers of the “Welt” with his own appeal. And what does he have to say to “his” Germans?

  1. There is only one world power, which is democratically: the United States.

  2. There is only one world power that is not democratic: China. So there are “only” two world powers.

  3. since China’s entry into the WTO, the World Trade Organization, on 11 December 2001 – “perhaps the biggest mistake of Western market economies in recent history” – the share of the US in the world gross national product has fallen from 20.18 to 15.03 percent today, the share of the EU from 23.5 to 16.05 percent. However, China’s share of the world gross national product has risen from 7.84 percent to 19.24 percent in the same period.

  4. literally: “Europe likes itself as a bloc between the world powers, but cannot be Everybody’s Darling. After the crisis, we have to decide: do we want to continue to stand by America’s side or by China’s side? Both are not possible.”

  5. The USA has opted for a decoupling of China. And, literally: “Europe must finally decide, too, if it does not want to increasingly let its freedom be undermined by Beijing.”

For Mathias Döpfner, Donald Trump is a US president “with a pronounced narcissistic personality disorder”, but he has made “a few right decisions”: tax cuts in favor of the US economy, the cancellation of the “nuclear deal” with Iran, the decisive support of Israel, the increased pressure on Europeans to finance NATO and the stop of the support of the World Health Organization WHO.

Döpfner explains in detail why – in his eyes-any cooperation with China is extremely dangerous. Above all, he sees the transatlantic alliance in danger. Even the “intelligence cooperation” with the USA is in danger. Döpfner literally: “if Washington were to abandon close intelligence cooperation with Europe, the consequences for our security and our economy would be devastating.“In other words, Europe is totally dependent on intelligence cooperation with the USA.

Finally: “in this situation there are two alliance options for the Europeans. They can deepen the traditional transatlantic alliance despite Trump, with the explicit and closer inclusion of a post-Brexit Britain and associated countries such as Canada, Australia, Switzerland and the Democratic part of Asia. Or they opt for a closer economic bond with China, which is always also a political bond. Then you might wake up one day and find yourself in a creepy society: on the side of China and with it non-binding associated states such as Russia, Iran and other autocracies.”

Döpfner closes his loud call for a divided world and thus for a new Cold War, this time with China, with German Pathos: “it’s about more than money. It is about our freedom, about Article 1, the most beautiful term that has ever stood in a legal text: the dignity of man.”

Döpfner’s appeal for a divided world is based on the concealment of important facts

Critical thinkers know it: not only what is mentioned in a comment is relevant. Even what is not mentioned influences an argument.

If Mathias Döpfner were a normal Journalist, he might even be fired for actively inciting a new Cold War. But Mathias Döpfner, chairman of the board of media group Axel Springer SE, president of the BDZV (German Association of digital publishers and newspaper publishers), multiple Bilderberg conference participant and active co-speaker at the Munich security conferences MSC, can afford to publish such a call on his behalf. And now thousands of journalists in his company will write what their boss has given them with his call, because in these economically difficult times they are even more afraid to be among the dismissed in the next round of austerity. Journalistic freedom in the West is not threatened by state censorship. Corporate guidelines and the scissors in the heads of journalists lead to self-censorship-with the same effect.