The world domination Gates

Many demonstrations rightly criticise the influence of “benefactor” Bill Gates on WHO and the research and marketing of new vaccines. But if at the same time crude conspiracy theories are put into the world, according to which Bill Gates wants to exterminate mankind (“population reduction”), then this harms the necessary discussion about the fact that today’s democracies are destroyed and the world is dominated by a corrupt oligarchy.

Our ancestors already knew that money rules the world. And if 26 billionaires own as much as half of the world’s population, then the proof has been provided that our economic system is perverse. In addition, it leads to war and environmental destruction due to the system. You can’t pin that on Bill Gates (estimated fortune 98 billion dollars) and his wife Melinda. Dwight D. Eisenhower (US president from 1953 to 1961) already warned of the “exaggerated influence of the military-industrial complex. There is a danger that uncontrolled power could have disastrous consequences. We must not allow this complex to threaten our freedom and democracy.”

Even today, the defense industry has a similar impact on politics as Bill Gates and the other US internet billionaires (Jeff Bezos (Amazon), estimated wealth 113 billion dollars; Marc Zuckerberg (Facebook), estimated wealth 55 billion dollars; Steve Ballmer (Microsoft), estimated wealth 53 billion dollars; Larry Page (Google), estimated wealth 51 billion dollars; Sergey Brin (Google), estimated wealth 49 billion dollars). In addition, there are the large energy companies, which are known to be behind the oil and gas wars in the USA.

The extent of the destructive actions of the internet billionaires is still not recognized today. Facebook, for example, controls the behavior of millions of people, making democracy more and more impossible, and leads to devastating changes in our minds and in our society. Even the" richest man in the world " Jeff Bezos (Amazon) is not only a pig employer (employee monitoring, wage suppression, pressure on trade unionists), but his increasing mail order monopoly destroys the inner cities because more and more retailers have to give up. And the cooperation of all internet companies with the NSA leads to the surveillance of large parts of humanity, to the expropriation of our private lives – to an extent that George Orwell would not have dreamed of.

But the influence of the sibling couple Quandt and Klatten (estimated wealth 29 billion dollars) on the income, wealth and inheritance tax in Germany, and the media ladies Mohn (Bertelsmann, estimated wealth 3 billion dollars) and Springer (estimated wealth 4 billion dollars) on public opinion formation, must not disappear from the discussion, despite all justified anger at the activities of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

As long as the unbearable power of a small minority on the development of the world community is not broken, Hunger, disease, exploitation, wars and environmental destruction will be the result. The old Marx already knew this: “with corresponding Profit capital becomes bold. Ten percent safe, and you can apply it anywhere; 20 per cent, it will be lively; 50 percent, positively reckless; for 100 percent, it stamps all human laws under foot; 300 percent, and there is no crime it will not risk, even at the risk of the gallows.”