Green fascism

Now the Green member of Parliament Franziska Brantner has presented Green answers to the geopolitical New Times.

“Revisionist forces like China and Russia are trying to rearrange the world … The withdrawal of the US forces us Europeans to become power… we must … optimize our military capabilities and become an independent actor who, despite being independent, remains closely connected to the USA and, where possible, pulls together.”

These are greens, not surprising, they were Greens who helped organize the first illegal war of the Germans after 1945. If you ask yourself, the Greens, the good greens, well in the end a look at the development of the Green Movement in Germany is enough to explain everything.

For decades, the German media has been telling the joke that the USA is on the “retreat”. That is why, as Sipri has just reported, they are increasing their war budgets from year to year; China and Russia are encircling and have missiles and troops on the Russian and Chinese borders.

Since Joschka Fischer, who with the belligerent former US Secretary of State Madelaine Albright (justified 500,000 Iraqi children who lost their lives due to US sanctions, with the words: “it is worth this price.") the green US lobbyists in the Bundestag get on your nerves. Although Green leaders, among others Cem Özdemir, Katrin Göring-Eckardt and Claudia Roth, have withdrawn from the lobby organizations, so that it is not so noticeable. But when it comes to business, the Greens are reliable from the point of view of the USA, which terrorizes half the world with sanctions, trade wars, drone wars and bomb wars, even in the corona crisis. As a former sympathizer of the greens at the time of the peace movement, I have not understood to this day how rearmament, arms exports and bomb Wars improve the world climate. I am probably still too green for such realpolitik insights.