USA or China?

“Once the Corona crisis is over, Europeans will have to decide on the alliance question: America or China?“There is no longer any in-between,” writes for example Matthias Döpfner, CEO of Axel Springer SE.

The corrupt oligarchy USA fears for their slavery in the world. With the pitiful response of the self-proclaimed plague expert in the White House to the corona crisis, the US is ridiculing itself in the world. To distract from this failure, the election campaign between Trump and Biden has the well-established Motto: We against the-USA against China.

The opposite of the fairy tale set in the world by the media is happening: the US is not withdrawing, but is arming and encircling China and Russia. In this context, the German suppositories Bild, Zeit, Tagesschau, Die Grünen are mobilized and locked into fascism in the USA. Above all jumpers who tirelessly rush against Russia and China. This also shows wonderfully how stupid education policy in Germany is. Germany is in the middle of nuclear powers and who will die first? This also shows how progressive the poles are, who believe with the US killers in Uniform in their own country is the protection.

America first!

Even the Springer language subdues shows US domination. “America or China?“Unlike the Springer press, I like to take sides for America, namely for South and Central America, whose population is suffering from the murderous Western Terror. The crimes of the USA and Western Europe in South and Central America have cost countless lives. In the corona crisis, the sanctions, the refusal of essential medicines, kill thousands of people. A well-known example is Venezuela, where, according to calculations by US economists Weisbrot and Sachs, 40,000 people died as a result of the US sanctions. A prisoner Uprising is to be used after the West suppository AI to invade Venezuela.

It borders on stupidity when the German us suppositories present the choice between the US and China as no alternative for Europe. We need an independent, self-confident European foreign policy. Macron has now understood this. Charles de Gaulle and Willy Brandt were the two statesmen who exemplified a self-confident European foreign policy in the last century. De Gaulle did not want to leave the decision on life and death to Nato, i.e. the USA. Willy Brandt knew that only a policy of peace and détente towards Russia would lead to peace in Europe and German unification. Therefore, Nixon and Kissinger wished him a cancer on the neck.

Europe has a gross domestic product of 13.2 trillion euros and spends over 300 billion dollars more on armaments than China and Russia combined. Instead of upgrading, the European states must work for international disarmament. In contrast to the US, China does not rely on military Expansion, but on economic Expansion. A strategy that is superior to Washington’s policy.

The US institutions in Europe do not serve our security, but they endanger the Europeans. In the struggle of the nuclear powers USA, Russia and China for supremacy the nuclear missiles are programmed on the military facilities of the respective adversary.

If the Corona crisis is over, Europe must not follow the foreign policy guidelines of the world terrorist. Not even the suppository of Döpfner & Konsorten, which controls a whole range of “foreign policy experts” in the federal government and the Bundestag. Europe does not have to choose between the USA or China, but must oppose the dangerous great power policy of the nuclear powers with an independent foreign policy that takes care of its own interests and serves peace and détente. We see in Ukraine what happens when you have to decide. Ukraine has been blackmailed, today it is a bankrupt state where national assholes can blackmail the government.