An ongoing mess


Until now, it was usually the case that after a certain time I had an opinion on a subject. It was not incontrovertible, it was debatable, but I had a Position, an attitude.

At Corona, this changed almost hourly at first. That has me, which I unsettled. Almost every day I received contradictory information, also from people who all call themselves “experts” (may). I myself am neither a virologist nor a physician nor a natural scientist. Which in a way makes me dependent on the experts. Unfortunately, the experts also changed their assessments almost daily.

For a long time, the focus in the reporting was exclusively on Natural Sciences, neither social scientists nor humanities scholars have been heard. Only late constitutional lawyers, economists, sociologists and psychologists spoke out.

Who is or may be heard as an expert will probably be decided by Mr. Spahn or the Chancellor. In any case, I initially only perceived divergent opinions in alternative media, in cultural formats (aspects, TTT) and, surprisingly, in Markus Lanz. But not in the heute Journal or the Tagesschau. At the moment I see a little movement in the latter. “Be good” after seven weeks!

Even health minister Spahn does not seem to consider everything that " his " experts suggest to him to be at face value: recently, he was spotted in the hospital elevator, densely packed, although equipped with a mouthguard, which in turn is not intended to protect against infection. So does he know more than we do? His cryptic statement recently in the Bundestag: “we will have to forgive each other a lot” leaves some room for speculation. Mrs. Kramp-Karrenbauer does not seem to be a fearful Person either. At least not if she needs media attention in the personal reception of masks at the airport.


I confess, I have not seen every special show about Corona and I have not done every talk show and not read every newspaper article about it. Nevertheless, I dare say that a topic that deserves several special broadcasts has hardly taken place: our immune system. Every reasonable family doctor will preach to his patients under normal circumstances: take care of enough fresh air, sun, sufficient exercise, healthy nutrition, and if possible mental balance. The new Virus does not seem to be impressed by a good immune system. Or is it? And we just don’t hear about it, because it would be a Problem for those who want to earn something from our illness and not from our health?

Confusion with Numbers and measurement data and statistics

What I have learned from the reporting is that facts are only today, because they can be outdated tomorrow. I therefore struggle with fact finders and fact checkers. Even facts are often only snapshots, interpretations of moments. Scientific findings are also not set in stone, but also change almost daily. Gerd Bosbach once formulated a catchy statement about statistics and their credibility: “statistics are a lamp post for politicians as well as for the drunken: they do not serve enlightenment, but to hold on to it.“They give me no support, they make me waver, they confuse me more than they give me clarity.

It is not serious to determine the mortality of people who have tested positive without mentioning that we do not know the number of people who are actually infected. It is also not serious to look at an increase in the number of people infected without putting the number of Tests carried out in Relation. It is also not serious if you first underestimate the number of people recovered or compare the death numbers of the individual countries as an absolute number and not relativize them with the number of inhabitants. A journalist needs to notice something like this and not just a statistician like Gerd Bosbach.

The philosopher Markus Gabriel States the following in an N-tv Interview:

“If we only ever listen to the Robert Koch Institute, then at some point we cannot go back. The RKI will always see possible risks of a new wave of infection. We already live in a computer simulation. Not because reality isn’t real – people are actually dying every day and the economy is shot. These are hard realities. But these realities are generated by reading probabilities from computer simulations. And these can only be as good as the assumptions that underlie them.”

What completely irritated me was the various terms used to justify, extend or, if necessary, loosen the measures. At first,” flatten the curve " was heard 100 times a day. This was not about the danger to the lives of those affected, but about the danger to the health system, its possible overload. At some point this term disappeared from the coverage and the focus was on the doubling time. This should be increased from two days to 10 days … or 14 …. or 20 … or … Justification by the way largely misrepresents. If a value was reached, the next higher value was announced as the target. Next was juggling with the reproduction number R. That must be below 1.0, then the pandemic can be controlled and loosening of the Lockdown conceivable. After some loosening, we were confronted with the dangers of a second wave and looked like the rabbit in front of the snake at the number of newly infected. If I feel under - challenged by the prayer-mill-like repetitions of the Hygiene and distance rules and treated like a stupid, underage child, I feel really overwhelmed by this kind of change in the key figures and their variable boundaries.

RKI or Johns Hopkins University / USA or Euromomo

It is disturbing that nowhere has the question been asked why an American private university can apparently determine and present the current figures from Germany earlier and more comprehensively than the Robert Koch Institute responsible for this in Germany. The fact that one comes across EU-wide statistics on death rates only by detours and not via the news programmes in ARD and ZDF also makes one think: www.euromomo.com. Euromomo is a monitoring program of 24 European countries that records weekly whether more deaths than would normally be expected occur. A corresponding request by a citizen under the freedom of Information Act, to what extent the RKI takes these data into account, has so far remained unanswered.

Bill Gates is courted and introduced as a health expert

That an American multi-billionaire receives almost 9 minutes of Interview Time in a news program on German television (12.4. Tagesschau), I consider a unique and also outrageous process. Critics of the measures are silenced by the defamation as “conspiracy theorists” and are dependent on avoiding alternative media, which in turn receive this label as well. But Bill Gates, who is neither a biologist, nor a physician, nor a virologist, gets a lot of space with his theories and ideas. Find the bug!

Autopsies would be illuminating. Especially when it comes to a new Virus, the scientific claim should be to learn as much as possible and as quickly as possible about its effects in the human body. So why did the RKI advise against this? Because they would have brought the results that the Hamburg pathologist Püschel presented to Markus Lanz and others at an early stage: no dying in and with Corona without pre-existing diseases, the affected persons would have died sooner or later anyway. This may sound cynical to one or the other, but it should take away the fear of the majority!

The objection that the Hamburg results are not representative could be countered with just such representative autopsies. The results of Dr. Püschel could be confirmed or simply not.

Further representative investigations could also be carried out. For example, in the way that the virologist Streeck and his Team did in Heinsberg. Instead of accusing it of not working properly scientifically, the RKI would have to set the Standards for such representative Tests. Why doesn’t it?

And Where are the antibody tests? They would be so urgently needed. Especially in the care sector and other system-relevant professions. Where is the employers demand for these Tests?

They are now being carried out in Spain and Italy. This can be used to find out whether a person has already been infected with Sars-CoV-2 and has formed antibodies in the blood. In this way, contact with the Virus can also be detected in those who had little or no symptoms of the disease and often knew nothing about its infection. In Germany, the Test must first be validated, which is understandable. However, the virus test developed by the virologist Drosten has not been validated to my knowledge. Strange.

Label distribution

I have a different opinion than the given discussion corridor currently allows. Therefore, I will optionally be labeled “conspiracy theorist”, “Corona-Trivializer” or “corona-denier”. I find that hurtful. Especially the term Corona-denier. Firstly, because I do not deny the Virus and its partial dangerousness, and secondly, because those who use the term know that it is also used in other contexts (“Holocaust deniers” and “climate deniers”), which immediately puts the labelled person in a chain of association with right-wing radicals. One may gladly deal with me in terms of content, try to dissuade me from my mistaken beliefs with arguments and facts. But whoever attaches a label to me shows me that he does not consider me worthy of dealing with me or worse: he shows me that he puts his evaluation of the Situation above mine or, worst of all, that he has understood nothing at all about the nature of a democracy, about the necessity of a lively discussion in the struggle for the right path. This not only saddens me, but also frightens me of a future in which such debates should no longer be possible if only the goal is classified as high enough and thus finds a general consensus. And no: I don’t think you should discuss all this until after it’s all over.

Desolate situation in nursing homes – lack of staff in the health system

The vast majority of infected persons and deaths can be found in nursing homes. Except for the ban on visits, the general Lockdown could not make itself felt there and nevertheless, above average many people died there. So when the message of our rulers to us is: “this is about human lives. It’s about life and death!“wouldn’t this government have to ensure that where life and death are particularly significant, protection for staff and residents is guaranteed? Through protective clothing, through disinfectants, through FFP2 masks, through Tests on residents and staff? No one can explain to me why she doesn’t. Claim and reality are miles apart here.

That older people could also die of loneliness before they become infected with the Virus, I do not dare to discuss any more, because with this admission I am assumed that I do not attach sufficient importance to human life as a value in itself. But does a human life have only one Dimension: length or duration? We should urgently have an ethically accompanied discussion about whether the quality of a life does not also represent a value. In some retirement and nursing homes, this question would have been asked even before Corona. “Minute care” cannot be an answer to quality of life. I therefore recommend this contribution to care ethics for reading.

Block maintenance mentality and longing for a strong, controlling Hand

Rolf Gössner describes in Ossietzky what I find sad and both Heribert Prantl (SZ) and Jakob Augstein (der Freitag) find alarming:

“Twelfth: in the fear-filled Times of the “corona crisis” and the politically and mass-medially strongly fueled insecurity, only a few ask about the high price of rigid state interventions, is understandable at first glance in view of the health hazards, but in the long run short-sighted. Because in the long term, defensive measures of this kind could have a more destructive effect on society than the defensive reasons themselves. “Corona is contagious and the fear of it is contagious,” writes Heribert Prantl (“Süddeutsche Zeitung”) in mid-March 2020: “fear makes you addicted to everything that promises to alleviate fear.“But one has to ask” what will be done if fundamental rights and fundamental freedoms are shut down and social interaction is suspended.“And one must “not only fight resolutely against the Virus, but also against a mood that regards basic and civil rights as a burden, a burden or a luxury in times of crisis.”

However, if danger and uncertainty appear to be only large enough, then the majority of the population apparently accepts social and individual restrictions and The Associated “collateral damage” in a consenting, resigned or willing manner, partly also in a hasty obedience. It seems that the longing for authoritarian leadership and authoritarian “solutions”, for clear announcements and orders gets a considerable boost in times of terror as well as in times of Corona – in times of crises, catastrophes and insecurity in general. The helpless cry for the strong, authoritarian state is unmistakable. And denunciations have economic. “The fear of illness has eaten up democracy, “says the journalist Jakob Augstein (“Der Freitag”).

Laws in progress and fines in outrageous dimensions

The easing of the measures of “social distancing” decided in no time at all took place in a telephone conference between the chancellor and the prime ministers. Without participation of any parliaments. The government and the minister of Health in particular had already been granted the most extensive powers of regulation before, past Parliament. The list of all laws and regulations adopted so far is long. A great regulatory rage seems to be breaking ground. Also evident in the respective fines catalogues, which in my opinion are beyond good and evil. Take a picture for yourself under the following Links. Here, and here.

Almost unnoticed by the public (because almost unnoticed by the leading media), for example, the Working Time Act was amended on 7 April 1920 with regard to the legally permissible maximum working time, rest periods and Sunday and holiday employment for the so - called “systemically relevant” professions. These are, according to the regulation, among others. Professions from the health and care sector including pharmacies, retail and logistics for daily necessities, police, emergency services and fire services, agriculture, packaging, waste collection, money transport, energy and water suppliers as well as professions for maintaining the functionality of data networks and computer systems. This regulation gives employers the opportunity to extend their daily working hours to up to 12 hours. This regulation is initially limited to the period from 10.04.2020 to 30.06.2020. However, it is not excluded that the validity of the regulation will be extended depending on the current situation of the Corona epidemic.

Fear is a strong Emotion

“Never judge a person until you have walked 1000 steps in his moccasins,” says a much-quoted Indian proverb. I try to make it my maxim, because I don’t know why people are very afraid or let themselves be very afraid. Therefore, I do not want to judge anyone and certainly do not want to judge him or her if he thinks differently about this Virus than I do in the meantime. For me, too, my opinion today is the result of a process that was also connected with the concern for people very close to me, who are counted among the “risk group”. That means: I accept that people are afraid, I don’t have to understand it. And conversely, I expect other people to accept that I come to a different result.

What I am afraid of is that, according to Corona, there will be many, hard-to-cure injuries between people who were once close to each other, probably also many definitive fractures.

Actually, we should all know that there is not only black and white, that is, one or the other view, but that the truth often lies in between. Can we no longer stand the fact that other people in a new Situation, which we have not been able to practice, about which we get a lot of, but also contradictory information, do not think as we do? Is tolerance no longer modern? In our leading media, there are few statements that deviate from the government’s or the RKI’s view, the Opposition in Berlin seems to be largely in shock, the parliament has been largely paralysed for the government’s regulatory rights. Maybe that’s the reason why you’re so hard on other “reviews”? Because we do not (anymore) get the argument, the struggle for the right direction lived? I have heard of deleted Videos on Youtube and Facebook and of (temporarily) “non-accessibility” of Homepages. If this had no technical causes, but the fact that it was not reported “on line”, it reminds me very much of the future novels of George Orwell (1984) and Aldous Huxley (brave new world) and not of a quarrelsome democracy.

Adult children patronize their parents and grandparents-wrong world

The restrictions imposed by the state sometimes create bizarre situations. (Adults)children measure their parents and grandparents and sometimes admonish them with clear words to adhere to the guidelines. The tiny celebration on the occasion of a round birthday of a cancer-stricken granny (exactly 1.5 hours in the smallest family circle) is stigmatized as reprehensible. Others do not understand when you meet up with friends for a walk (at a distance) in the open field or drink a glass of wine together in the garden.

Thus, the Generation(s) who are mostly active in the Fridays-For-future Movement and accuse the state of inaction in this regard tend to express their full solidarity with its rigid and undifferentiated measures. An author of the reflection pages – Norbert Wiersbin-analyzed this in a Facebook comment on 23.4.:

“I spoke to the psychiatrist and Dealer of my trust today. In personal Union, of course, we have known each other for a long time.

I need professional advice to assess what is going on in our societies these weeks. Not just in these weeks. But now it has become so blatant that I absolutely need other medicines. This has all become so unreal that it would be sober no longer bearable.

There are some clever, invariably older minds who publicly ask the question of where to find the critical Potential. Who speaks of the younger, well-educated. Since it is about their future, those in their twenties, thirties or forties. Those with academic degrees, the offspring of the much-vaunted educated bourgeoisie. Who should be forced to ask themselves what is being played here. This question at least, we would still be far from an answer. Not to mention contradiction or even resistance!

I would like to break a lance for these younger ones with these lines: they can not help that, as a result of the so-called Bologna Process, only functional and perfectly usable specialist idiots are trained at the universities. To say it, admittedly, disrespectfully. Far from a once so highly esteemed, Humboldt educational ideal, to which it was almost a sanctuary to prepare critical and universally educated young people for real life.

This is withheld from young people today, for which they bear no responsibility. They are clearly the victims of a political class that has been failing for decades and of apathy in society as a whole.

These young people are being poured with media garbage that clouds their minds. They are held in fear from childhood, over precarious employment relationships for example, which rob them of any confidence and life perspective. Who literally cannot afford to revolt and take the notebook into their own hands.

And yet I would also like to call: don’t let your future be taken away, you younger ones! You have the spiritual and also psychic Potential for it. Use your mind and your possibilities. Inform yourself, Research away from the mainstream, question and uncover all these obvious contradictions. Organize yourselves, resist!

Also (and certainly not least) we old people are in demand these days, probably more than ever. We have already allowed far too much, now we have to pull ourselves together in one last effort! We owe this to these young people, our children and children’s children. We must now move forward in order to arouse as many of them as possible and motivate them to shape their future in a self-determined way.

We ancients have a damned duty to lead by example! Without dazed medication, very sober and rational. My psychiatrist recommended this to me. And it cost me 130 Euronen. Old Administrator.”

Minister for women not on the crisis staff of the family in general and of women in particular

We can see a multiple affliction in this Corona period and its limitations in families and especially in women. They are single parents, Minijobbers, systemically important (and therefore often poorly paid) labour force, child carers, substitute teachers, domestic carers and those affected by domestic violence. A minister of family affairs in the crisis unit is nevertheless sought in vain, where otherwise the Article 6 of our basic law is placed so in the foreground, as also this commentator of the BR, Kirstin Girschick, from Minute 08:20 notes.

Most of us no longer take note of what else happens

The Amazon rainforest is being deforested to an unimaginable extent, millions of people are starving in Africa, also because of drought and locust plague and now also because of Corona, the situation in the refugee camps in Greece and Turkey is catastrophic, the secretary of war orders warplanes that can transport US nuclear weapons, our military spending is skyrocketing, the consequences of climate change are minimally reduced by the Lockdown, if, however, an impending catastrophe of certainly greater magnitude than the current pandemic remains… Can we please turn away from the navel-gazing and see what is silenced or at least trivialized beyond our navel?

Class society and modern slave trade

Office workers have disappeared ratzfatz in the Home Office. Sellers in the food trade are available from the beginning with their labor power and thus under virus fire. And this for many weeks without additional protective measures. Not to mention dealing with e.g. truck drivers, unprotected nurses in clinics, doctors ' offices, nursing homes and seasonal agricultural workers from poorer European countries. Some continue to receive their salary, others fight for their bare existence. Some are protected in the Home Office, others are constantly moving close to the Virus. In this respect, it is also a class Virus, which does not seem to make any distinction between rich and poor in the choice of its hosts, but the measures taken to protect against this Virus do so all the more.

Rain of money and pat on the back

The Dogma of the “Black Zero” probably did not contribute to the life extension of many people. The basic pension law, which could have brought a little relief to some pensioners, was further marginalized by the CDU for fiscal reasons. The Hartz IV rates were not increased either. Many other measures that improve the quality of life have been omitted with reference to this Dogma. Our “rotten” infrastructure speaks volumes. And now there should be no limits from one day to the next? Either we were lied to before the crisis or we will now. The contradiction could not be greater. And in view of the sums placed in the room, I feel dizzy. But I get even more dizzy when I think about who were the (paying) victims of the last crises, e.g. the bank rescue, and who it will probably be again.

Incidentally, the occasionally quoted fictitious “Swabian housewife” would regard it as a complete Misinvestment if the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau “KfW” placed full-page advertisements in presumably all major German newspapers in order to draw attention to their offers in the context of the Corona crisis, and not only once. In view of the sheer flood of information and the vice chancellor and Finance Minister Olaf Scholz constantly patting himself on the shoulder (whether all “his” benefits), this information had certainly long since arrived in the smallest village in the Bavarian Forest. But somehow, the revenue losses complained of by the publishers due to lower advertising must eventually be compensated.

The (My)oath: for the benefit of the German people

The popularity values of the” crisis managers " take on astonishing proportions. Here, too, the desire (at least of the respondents) for the man/woman described by Westerwelle is obviously reflected: “on every ship that steams and sails, it needs a man/woman to regulate it”.

One wishes that these surveys may not be representative. Because the same Söder, who on Monday n A C H the local elections proclaimed the disaster case, has run all carnival events, all election advertising events for the local elections and all strong beer festivals, when the Virus and its danger of infection was already known. A rogue who thinks evil of himself. I have doubts that the basis of the decision is the well-being of the German or German citizen. the Bavarian people was or if not the overwhelming impulse was their own career or the good of their own party. Strangely enough, one gets close to blasphemy with such conjectures. If already school children crochet masks to the Lord Söder (joke!) and write to him to extend the measures, yes, then this can only be one of the good ones, who is exclusively concerned with us and our health. Marketing at least he can, the Söder.

The Virus-A Cleaver

We still don’t know enough about how dangerous and how deadly the new Corona-Virus. What we know is that it affects certain “groups” more than others. But what I know for sure is that this Virus is a “cleaver” or at least abused for cleavage (Divide et impera!).

Therefore, I wish that we continue to discuss passionately, gladly emotionally, but not devaluing each other’s Position. Only in retrospect will we know what was wrong, what was right, what was too late, too early, too exaggerated or insufficient enough. Let us not allow ourselves to be persuaded that now is not the time for discussion, but the time for actions, laws and prohibitions. The right to life is a fundamental right and a high good. But also the way of protecting this life must be debatable and questionable. Any time.