Taz the Springer branch office

The “taz” recently did not want to hide its joy at the cancelled Parade on May 9 in Moscow:

It should be big, pompous, a huge party. Even bigger, even more pompous, even bigger than ever. ( … ) All celebrations for the 75th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany in the Second World War have been cancelled. The march on Moscow’s Red Square in Moscow is part of patriotic education in the country, which celebrates victory as military heroism and underlines the strength of Soviet power.

Victims and violence recede into the background in this World War narrative. A narrative that knows only one “truth” and has written the defense of it into the changed constitution. Criticism becomes a violation of the Basic Law.

It hurts to read so much Häme, falsehood and arrogance in a German newspaper, which is also read by many leftists and friends of peace.

Do the # Russians first have to distance themselves from #Stalin before they can celebrate their victory? Should they finally draw a line and not remind us of the greatest war in human history, so that #Nato can continue with its #war preparations without moral scruples?

No, not “all parties cancelled”. The Russians are now celebrating at home, as they have done for decades. In addition, the Parade was only postponed. That is, it definitely comes.

There was also no #military parade on Red Square between 1948 and 1964. Because people had other things to do. The destroyed Land had to be rebuilt. Now the corona Virus has to be defeated. Isn’t that a very humane approach?

The May 9 Parade is not a" part of patriotic education", but an expression of legitimate pride in the victory achieved with the greatest sacrifices. In recent years, no one has forced millions of Russians to take part in the marches on May 9 with portraits of the war participants from their own families. The demonstrators who took part in the demonstrations of the “Immortal Regiment” could all have gone to the dacha. But they didn’t do that. Instead, they celebrated along with hundreds of thousands on the streets of Moscow and other cities and sang songs of the Red Army.

According to the" taz", the Russians can only celebrate their victory if they live in the" right System".