Clearing is unforgivable

The headline sounds very much like Merkel in South Africa. But if we are honest, we must recognize that with Merkel, only the tip of the iceberg has risen above the crest of the stormy seas of a new understanding of democracy.

Was ist das Roden eines Waldes?

Das Roden eines Waldes ist das Roden eines Waldes. Nicht mehr und nicht weniger. Im Ergebnis sind Bäume weg und anders nutzbare Flächen da.What is clearing a forest?

The clearing of a forest is the clearing of a forest. No more and no less. As a result, trees are gone and other usable areas are there.

Deforestation is unforgivable

In Germany, the ancestral home of forest romanticism, the forest itself is already a “Frame” within which all thought and action is automatically subjected to a value judgment.

The forest is home to Rotkäppchen’s grandmother, the Bad Wolf and the brave hunter. Bambi, although socialized in the USA, steps out of the dense fir tree onto the clear clearing and conquers hearts by storm. Eichendorff has sealed the German forest into the ground and made it a bewitched area with his perception of the Loreley:

Forest discussion

“It’s already late, it’s already getting cold, What do you ride lonely through the forest? The forest is long, you are alone, You beautiful bride! I’ll take you home!”

“Great is the men’s deceit and cunning, My heart is broken with pain, Probably the Horn of the forest errs here and there, O flee! You don’t know who I am.”

So richly adorned is horse and woman, So beautiful the young body, “Now I know you – God help me! You are the witch Lorelei.”

“You know me well - of high stone Quietly look my castle deep into the Rhine. It’s already late, it’s getting cold, Never come out of this forest!”

Joseph von eichendorff

And it is also like Bewitched!

Where the clearing of a forest has long been planned and no doubt approved and confirmed by the courts, tree houses are growing in the forest, with activists inside throwing feces at police from high above, because the people in this place think of them as pigs, bull pigs, and want to drive them away.

Deforestation is unforgivable

Politically, the Hambach forest is a minefield in which the left and the greens, including the SPD, move as freely as if they had a mine-evading App on their Smartphone, while the unionists, fearing to step on a Mine, plead with them not to be taken too seriously. They will sort this out somehow, with the clearing: “I am already keeping an eye on the preservation of trees and forests in the interest of my re - election, a well-disposed environmentalist and conservationist together with w and D!”

Where the clearing of a forest is also planned and authorized, but where the activists do not protect the forest from the tree, but a court, following a lawsuit, has issued a temporary prohibition of clearing, there arises among the unionists and their close circles What can only be aptly described as “diametrically opposed”, namely a retrograde grubbing-mad mood, with which the soul of the people is to be brought to a boil. Peter Altmaier (CDU) warns of the loss of Germany’s competitiveness (this is brainwashed! Since when are Musk and Tesla “Germany”?) and thinks that putting this factory in the forest is of great importance for climate protection.

Deforestation is unforgivable

Carsten Linnemann (CDU), the mouthpiece of the return interests of capital disguised as a representative of the middle class, calls for the rigorous restriction of citizen participation, above all the obstruction of the way of complaint, so as no longer to have to embarrass oneself in the spirit of the brothers on the international globalist stage. The message can be found here.

Let us examine together the question of what might have prompted Elon Musk to set an automobile factory of gigantic proportions in the Sand of Brandenburg?

There are a total of three arguments that speak for it from his point of view:

  1. nowhere else in the world is there so much automotive expertise among the workers as in Germany. So if the Showroom Teslas are to eventually become truly reliable, durable, TÜV-safe and roadworthy cars, then it will be best done with the help of those who are looking for a safe haven at Daimler, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and OPEL with daily growing fear of losing their jobs.

  2. The creation of a quality production in Germany automatically the still shiny stamp “Made in Germany”, which is a truly priceless competitive advantage over all the Asians.

  3. And, last but not least, when German policy, out of sheer fear of the commissioners and councillors in Brussels, is already so stupid as to steadfastly not to promote or even at least protect its own automotive industry, and instead pushes at least three, if not four-digit millions of dollars into the buttocks of foreign investors of all people, and removes all conceivable legal-bureaucratic buttocks from their free development in hasty obedience, then, as a human being, tears can come when you look at the suffering of the Germans who are governed in this way, but as an entrepreneur, you must not let yourself be carried away by it, but must seize your Chance ice-cold.

To the" social " rule of the foreign investor, (Social is what creates work!) which creates jobs, to put in the right light, I remind here once again what the meaning and purpose of an investment is.

The investment must make it possible to extract as many profits as possible so that the originally invested capital is withdrawn as soon as possible (this is called payback) and then, without further capital investment, yields high profits for as long as reasonably possible (this is called Return).

In concrete terms, this means that if automobiles are built for the European market in the Brandenburg desert that emerged after the grubbing-up, then part of the purchasing power of European customers will disappear from the EU’s Economic Area as Elon Musk’s profit and find themselves in banks on secretive Islands.

Deforestation is unforgivable

Foreign investment is the contemporary form of colonialism.

Foreign investment bleeds out the economy of the country in which it is made. The revival of the labour market and the increase in employment is only an acceptable side effect, which, however, is never sufficient to compensate for the outflow of liquidity into the investor’s coffers, i.e. into a foreign, usually competing Economic Area.

You have to be a Globalist and look at the world as a collection of locations where notions of Nation or people simply do not occur to draw the conclusion: foreign investors contribute to increasing prosperity worldwide.

The opposite is the case: foreign investors slow down the development of the wealth of national economies because they deprive them of liquidity and thus create the need for growing new debt or further foreign investments, which amounts to the same thing.

For a while it could be assumed that this knowledge from the beginnings of the economic policy activities of the Union, from the reverence for the father of the social market economy, Ludwig Erhard, has at least been preserved in the ranks of the Union of values and that at some point it could win another victory against the globalist conspiracy dominating in the government (perhaps it is not even a conspiracy, but only a collective mental aberration).

Unfortunately, the" conspirators against people and Nation " have now succeeded in knocking off the heads of the Union of values in a concerted action, even without the guillotines of modern times operating unmanned in the canopy of heaven, with nothing but words and empty threatening gestures, which sheds a significant light on how withered the Union as a whole must be when even its most conservative representatives can be flattened by the slightest breeze.