Netherlands and war crimes

We all know the images of the Balkan war, the role of the UN, Nato, Europe and the world. A powder keg that exploded after enough ideologues entered the stage. What I find astonishing is that Serbia was conspicuously represented in The Hague, although one could easily have condemned the leaders of every state and province there. The collective fault lay with all in the respective leaders.

The Netherlands was under a UN mandate locally, in the name of who were in the city of Srebrenica. A place in Bosnia where Muslims were murdered under the protection of the UN in general and the Dutch in particular. By the way, the soldiers were honoured for doing nothing in December 2006. In the end, the West is just the same about slaughtering Muslims. Our Colonel Klein, who mistook civilians in Afghanistan for a tank train, was promoted to General as a reward. I’m sure Srebrenica would have been after 2001, they would have given the Bosnian Serbs another medal for the genocide.

As we now hear from The Hague, the Dutch are once again to be associated with a war crime. This time it’s about Iraq and the killing of 70 civilians. By the way, this was always dismissed as Russian Propaganda until the Hague started asking questions, but to this day only the BBC and Deutsche Welle articles can be found on the internet. The German media have not reported on this until today. For this reason, I publish the comment of the Russian foreign Ministry on the topic.

The news coming from the Netherlands provides an opportunity to revisit the bombing of Hawija (Iraq) by the Dutch Air Force in June 2015. The Foreign Ministry released an assessment of this event last December but at that time The Hague stubbornly rejected any involvement in killing several dozen civilians.

Apparently, under pressure from the public and certain MPs, Dutch Defence Minister Ank Bijleveld finally admitted that 70 civilians were killed during this operation by the Dutch Air Force. She tried to offer an excuse for this. She said that nobody in the Netherlands knew about the real scale of the accident until recently because the United States did not present the final figures on the victims of the air attack.

This is an interesting story. Having been pinned to the wall by hard facts, The Hague suddenly decided who was to blame, notably, the United States. Meanwhile, in the last five years, the Dutch authorities have tried to teach everyone how to observe human rights, to ensure information openness, to counter disinformation, how to sentence criminals to a fair punishment and put them behind bars. Sort it out! Five years were not enough to discover the fate of the people who were simply bombed and killed in a foreign country. Someone ordered this, and not by mistake. Someone gave an order and 70 innocent people were killed. These 70 civilian deaths have been counted in the total statistics of the anti-ISIS coalition since April 2017.

The conclusion is simple. The Dutch authorities were fully aware of the consequences of this operation by the Dutch Air Force and simply concealed the fact of mass killing of Iraqi civilians from the Dutch public. Keep this in mind when these authorities tell you the so-called truth next time.