US hunt for the Maduro government

In less than a week, the United States became the epicenter of the global Corona pandemic. The main reason for the exponential spread of the COVID-19 was President Donald Trump’s erratic approach, from the initial trivialization to the much too late reversal and confused crisis Management.

The private TV channel CNN already accused Trump in March of 33 false statements on the domestic Corona crisis. Thus, between the end of March and the beginning of April, the number of people infected with the Virus shot up to more than 215,000 and the death toll to more than 4,500 people at an uncontrollable rate. But this is the official statistic that has not been trusted since the outbreak of the disease, as in most countries. The conservative Weekly The Atlantic warned in early March that the actual infection rate must be many times higher.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Centers for Disease Prevention and control) test method was criticized, which focused exclusively on travelers instead of carrying out horizontal mass Tests. The result: 50 percent more deaths than in China, a country with six times the population of the USA. Meanwhile, the United States accounts for appalling numbers in the spread of the pandemic. They account for about 22 percent of the world’s infected and 10 percent of deaths. President Donald Trump caused outrage when he unabashedly estimated the number of deaths to be 240,000 people-figuratively speaking, the extermination of a medium-sized city.

Bolsonaro, Trump’s knee-jerk Squire

Now that the global threat of the situation has been recognized and appropriate and effective measures taken to contain the pandemic in the light of international health regulations, Trump has irresponsibly neglected his crisis management, which in no time inspired the genocidal Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. Would" genocidal " be an exaggerated adjective? Not at all. Since the outbreak of the disease in Brazil, the head of state, suspected of being infected, has systematically violated health regulations, mingled with the people, made fun of the pandemic with the irresponsible designation of a “measly flu”, attacked the World Health Organization (WHO) and Indigenous scientists, and called on Brazilians to disobey the quarantine imposed by his own health minister.

While the pandemic in the US is expected to reach its critical peak on April 15 and the national state of emergency could be declared, the development prospects of the pandemic in Brazil are far from safe. According to the WHO report of 1 April, Brazil now accounts for around 26 percent of Corona-infected deaths and nearly 36 percent of Virus deaths in Latin America. However, an ideological Virus has been linked to the actual plague, namely that Bolsonaro has rocked the pandemic into a dangerous political and institutional crisis. The Democratic Opposition therefore demands his impeachment and even his imprisonment. Former president Luis Inácio Lula da Silva spoke Tacheles in a nationally broadcast press conference on April 1: “either he changes course or he takes his hat!”.

The Dinner to prepare for war against Venezuela

Despite the chaotic conditions that Trump and Bolsonaro have been working on in their countries, the US president is trying to distract from the negative headlines and the emerging Virus tragedy by threatening a new attack on Venezuela. And drew his submissive Squire Jair Bolsonaro aboard the war Armada. A term that is by no means meant metaphorically, after a squadron of the US Navy took demonstratively course to the coast of Venezuela on the afternoon of April 1. The ridiculous reason for this is the “fight against drug smuggling from Venezuela to the USA”. But fighting drugs with the Kriegsmarine?

The insinuation that Venezuelan Chavismo is in league with the Colombian Narco scene and “terrorists” has a long and long history, which is reheated for the time being. But in the middle of the Corona epidemic? No, boiled down: with the propagandistic exploitation of the catastrophe.

On March 5, Brazil recalled its diplomats from Venezuela, called on the government of Nicolás Maduro to withdraw its representatives from Brazil, and demanded that President Maduro resign. This was preceded in mid – November 2019 by an armed raid on the embassy of Venezuela in Brasilia with the participation of Bolsonaro’s son – the deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro-as a naked provocation.

Two days after the Brazilian diplomats withdrew from Caracas, Jair Bolsonaro arrived for Dinner on March 7 with a multitudinous Entourage at the luxurious Trump Resort Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, but also paid a visit to the headquarters of the Southern Command of the US Armed Forces. On that occasion, the governments of Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro signed a military agreement that was described by the daily Folha de S. Paulo as “unprecedented” because it could help open the world’s largest arms market to domestic industry. At the heart of the $ 96 billion agreement is Brazil’s access to the NATO RDT & E System (English acronym for research, development, testing and evaluation). With the additional prospect of a NATO Association of Brazil, for its acceptance, however, according to Trump, “a lot of people need to be talked about”.

As a Brazilian concession, Donald Trump on the sidelines of this dinner called on Bolsonaro to get on his war boat against Venezuela. ”There is a possibility that this will be the first completely free and democratic hemisphere in human history – it is part of the Trump doctrine," said a senior US official.

Of course, the Brazilian head of State was deeply impressed by the apparent honor and, after his return from the USA on March 16, ordered the border closure to Venezuela. Ten days later, the US government added: “the spread of the Corona Virus threatens the entire Region.” An insinuation ranging from ridiculous to cynical, Venezuela had only 100 infected people according to official data (as of 2 April: 144), while the real danger comes from Trump’S USA with its 1,300 times the number of infected compared to Venezuela.

Trump’s planned military strike against Venezuela was apparently to be ordered in the days after the Mar-a-Lago meeting with Bolsonaro. The date of the attack plan had to be postponed, however, in the USA the Coronavirus pandemic raged on an unprecedented scale. But the narrative of the Virus threat was seen as a charlatanry even by conservative US media. So it needed enrichment and so the CIA and State Department mixed a new cocktail of Covid-19 and cocaine on behalf of the White House.

The legend of the “Narco-Regime” and the hunt for Venezuela’s government

On March 26, the inedible Mix was prepared by the media. Accusing him of being a leader of “drug terrorism,” the US Department of Justice filed criminal charges against President Nicolás Maduro and thirteen other government officials. Mike Pompeo’s State Department hastened to suspend a reward of up to $ 15 million for “information” on the whereabouts of the defendants. The Washington legend says that leaders of the ruling Chavismo are not only involved in the global cocaine trade, but also cooperate with terrorists.

However, the" terrorism “and"drug trafficking” accusations are old hat. Nearly twenty years ago, they were charged against the then-ruling President Hugo Chávez, who allegedly devised a plan with the then FARC guerrilla to “flood the United States with drugs.” The notoriously chatty style of Chávez was certainly to be trusted with such a sentence, but there are mountains between the claim of the U.S. Attorney’s office and the real circumstances. The Wall Street Journal claimed to be in possession of evidence in September 2019.

However, these documents were prepared by the federal prosecutor’s Office of the district of New York South and are based on allegations of former high – ranking officials from Chávez’s reign-such as the exiled to Spain, but now fugitive, former intelligence chief and Maduro opponent general Hugo Carvajal. Carvajal, like other Venezuelan military officers exiled to the United States, had offered a leniency agreement in exchange for a reduction in sentences, but was not extradited from Spain and is considered “disappeared”.

However, serious research and Fact-Checking by the prestigious US Office for Human Rights in Latin America (Wola) attest to the US authorities ' cheeky forgery. The 20-page Wola report “Beyond the Narcostate Narrative: what U.S. Drug trade Monitoring data Says about Venezuela” criticizes political conditions from a liberal point of view. “Venezuela’s state institutions have deteriorated and the country lacks an impartial, transparent or even functioning judicial system. In this environment, armed groups and organized criminal structures, including drug trafficking groups, have developed well.”

However, the data on which the US government relies “suggest that despite these challenges, Venezuela is not a primary transit country for cocaine into the US. The US policy towards Venezuela should be based on a realistic understanding of the transnational drug trade,” the US lawyers demand and move on to the facts.

“Recent data from the US Interagency Consolidated Counterdrug Database (CCDB) indicates that 210 tonnes of cocaine passed through Venezuela in 2018. By way of comparison, the Foreign Ministry reports that more than six times as much cocaine (1,400 tons) passed through Guatemala in the same year. According to these US surveillance authorities, the amount of cocaine trafficked from Colombia through Venezuela is significant, but it is a fraction of the cocaine that passes through other transit countries. About 90 percent of all cocaine entering the United States is traded on the routes of the western Caribbean and the eastern Pacific, not across the eastern Caribbean seas of Venezuela,” the study warns, documenting revealing details.

“In the period from 2012 to 2017, there was an increase in cocaine flows through Venezuela, but this increase corresponds to an increase in cocaine production in Colombia during this time. CCDB data suggest that the volume of cocaine traded by Colombia has increased from 918 tons in 2012 to 2,478 tons in 2017 (an increase of 269 percent) and from 159 to 249 tons in Venezuela over the same period (an increase of 156 percent). When the cocaine trade in Colombia decreased slightly after 2017, the cocaine flows in Venezuela also decreased”.

“The US CCDB data also show that cocaine flows through Venezuela have declined since their peak in 2017. According to CCDB data, the amount of cocaine flowing through Venezuela decreased by 13 percent from 2017 to 2018 and seemed to continue to decline slightly by mid-2019, " the study confronts the U.S. government with its own data, calling for: “a peaceful, negotiated and orderly transition offers the best chance of allowing the necessary reforms to combat organized crime, drug trafficking and corruption in Venezuela. The 2009 military coup and the resulting turmoil in Honduras are a historical warning for US politicians who see intervention or collapse as the best way to return to democracy in Venezuela.”

Juan Guaidó and the favor of the Corona-hour: the preparation of terrorist militias

” It is time to form a national emergency government to save Venezuela from a humanitarian catastrophe, " the Guaidó announced in a video distributed via the internet about the alleged fight against the pandemic. In the Video, Guaidó repeated Donald Trump’s Chimera. “Venezuela can become the country with the highest number of infected and dead people in the Region,” the regime Changer, financed by the US with millions of US Dollars, manipulated his followers with panic-mongering. “The Covid-19 pandemic will significantly worsen the situation in Venezuela, and … the dictatorship will never recognize it, it will try to conceal the data of the contagion and distressed patients and continue to scarcity water, gasoline, food, Gas and electricity”.

This was announced by Guaidó on 13 March. Less than two weeks later, the actual Plan came up. In an exciting Interview with the Colombian radio station Radio W, the former Chávez confidante, exiled to Barranquilla, Colombia, since 2017, but Maduro enemy, General Cliver Alcalá, confirmed a contract with Juan Guaidó (original sound Alcalá: “I have the contract here in front of me!") on the million Dollar procurement of weapons of war and their smuggling into Venezuela for the establishment of armed overthrow commandos. However, because of the corona quarantine, the weapons transport happened to come up when the truck was stopped by the Colombian health and safety authorities.

General Alcalá – who also had a bounty on his head-turned himself in to the US authorities and was flown out to the US at the end of March and transferred to the Department of Justice. His dual role as a counterrevolution Agent-who had US mercenaries in his service for the raid on Venezuela – and alleged drug dealers will still have to be investigated, but the US will not allow anyone to see it.