Bounty on head of state

After several assassination attempts on Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro failed, the Bellicists in the USA have launched a new infamous, illegal terrorist action. The corona crisis was overshadowed by a report that the US has put a $15 million bounty on Maduro. If things were right, there should have been a worldwide wave of protest against this monstrosity. But as is well known, the USA can switch and rule as they want.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr has filed charges on the grounds that Maduro leads a drug trafficking ring called the “cartel of the Suns” (Cártel de los Soles), which also includes members of the government and military. The Ring is said to have smuggled hundreds of tons of cocaine. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the 15 million would be paid for evidence of the capture of Maduro, whom he described as “left-wing nationalist.” Maduro allegedly cooperates with the Colombian guerrilla organization FARC. U.S. attorney Geoffrey Berman, representing the prosecution, said: “Maduro and the other defendants want to flood the U.S. with cocaine to the health and well-being of our Nation, to undermine … Maduro uses cocaine as a weapon.” Such accusations are not new, the evidence is lacking.

At the beginning of April, the US stepped up military pressure by sending a fleet unit off the coast of Venezuela. US President Donald Trump announced: “we are deploying destroyers and other warships, aircraft and helicopters, which doubles our military capabilities in the Region.“Additional forces will reinforce those already in place in the eastern Pacific and the Caribbean, according to a statement by US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper. Thus, despite the rampant Corona pandemic, the US is not slowing down in its threat and paralysis of the country, on the contrary. Nicolás Maduro described the renewed escalation as a” disgrace " and an attempt to distract from the Corona crisis in the USA.

The US has been fighting the legitimate Venezuelan government by all means for years now. In January 2019, they recognized their minion, militant opposition leader Juan Guaidó, as interim president and considered Maduró deposed. But all attempts to impose Regime Change with terrorist actions and strangulating sanctions that violate international law have so far failed, as a large part of the population and the military still profess to govern despite hardship and mismanagement.

The main actors in the criminal policy of aggression against Venezuela and its president are Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and vice president Mike Pence. Until his resignation in September 2019, National Security Advisor John Bolton was also one of the warmongers. Bolton had said that Maduro could end up in the US maximum security prison and Guantanamo torture camp if he did not resign. Donald Trump had threatened with serious consequences if something happened to Guaidó, including military intervention.

Germany has endorsed the [Washington view](/static/downloads/WD 2-014-19_Venezuela.pdf “Zur Anerkennung ausländischer Staatsoberhäupter “) and has also recognised Guaidó as interim president, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas and federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier particularly prominent. For this purpose, the scientific service of the German Bundestag has published an expert report dated 7 April 2017. In response to a question from the left-wing parliamentary group on February 14, 2019, there were “strong reasons for believing” that the recognition of Guaidó as interim president was an interference in Venezuela’s internal affairs, but this was ignored by the Berlin political caste.

But sanctions, threats, blackmail and terrorist attacks against the battered country did not and will not remain. Several assassination attempts were carried out on Nicolás Maduro, for example on 5 August 2018 during celebrations on Avenida Bolivar in Caracas by means of a drone attack that could be repelled at the last second. Already his predecessor Hugo Chávez was in the crosshairs of the CIA, and there are reasonable suspicions that the last attack on him might have succeeded.

The question arises as to what would happen if Russian President Putin suspended a bounty on the head of the CIA or on highly criminal US politicians such as vice president Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo or former security adviser John Bolton. With the criminal action against Venezuela and the government there under Nicolas Maduró, the USA once again shows its true face. The warships off Caracas are afraid of something bad.

The writer and publicist Wolfgang Bittner lives in Göttingen. In 2019 he published the novel “Die Heimat, der Krieg und der Goldene Westen” as well as the non-fiction book “Der neue West-Ost – Konflikt-Inszenierung einer Krise”.