Deutschlandfunk accuses SPD of being a terrorist

Deutschlandfunk has accused the SPD of providing indirect Terror support because the party wants to end the Tornado flights in Iraq. The event is another low point in public reporting. And he warns of the crimes that continue even in the shadow of the Virus.

A new low in public-law coverage of western wars and interference was reached on Tuesday by the “Deutschlandfunk” (DLF). In the program “information at noon” (Audio only) the questionable plan to leave the Bundeswehr in Iraq was discussed, although this is in clear contradiction to the will of the Iraqi parliament and the will of many German citizens.

The fact that the decision of the Iraqi parliament was not mentioned in the report is no longer surprising in the Iraq and Syria reports. Instead, in Ruden’s words, the change in the Bundeswehr mission-which must actually be interpreted as an extension – was described as Sabotage of the IS operation and as a weakening of the “Anti – Terror fight”. The entire contribution can be booked under the keyword disinformation by shortening. In addition, the SPD’s insistence on the (agreed) termination of the Tornado flights over Iraq and Syria was described as desertion-in inappropriate words. Moderator Martin Zagatta said that this attitude of the SPD was a weakening of the"fight against IS”. And added :

Has the IS already written a letter of thanks to the SPD?

Social Democrats as terror supporters because they want to withdraw German soldiers from Iraq and an illegal operation? Zagatta’s colleague at the DLF did not move this failure straight, but treated it as a normal and even accurate analysis:

In fact, the political accusation – not only of the opposition party FDP, but also of the coalition partner – is that the opponent gets an advantage here.

Presumably in order not to put the listeners in a position to interpret the situation themselves, the DLF had already thrown fog candles before – in the form of the procedure known from the Syria coverage to describe a conflict as “too complicated” for the media consumers:

The surveillance flights over Syria and Iraq are part of the Anti-IS operation, which is confusing. I can’t blame anyone if you lose track. The root of this confusion lies in a dispute between the SPD and the union parties.

No attempt is made to shed light on this “confusion”. On the contrary, Zagatta agrees with:

You really easily lose the overview.

The fact that the end of the tornado flights does not mean the end of the Bundeswehr deployment at all, but rather goes hand in hand with an expansion of the tasks, the reflection pages have just described in this article. And – despite the ostensible and contrary message, here an important deployment would be stalled by the SPD-the DLF confirmed this on Tuesday:

The Bundeswehr will continue training, air refuelling will continue, additional components for airspace monitoring will be introduced, and air transport capacities will be introduced.

The federal government’s plans contradict not only the will of the Iraqi parliament, but also the wishes of many German citizens and announcements by SPD politicians. That is why the party is once again making a tragic figure through the extension of the Bundeswehr mandate. However, the DLF does not criticise this, but scandalises that the Social Democrats are not moving far enough away from their Position.

In the article, the broadcaster also still conveys the long-unmasked media myth of the just “anti-Terror fight”-because of this unmasking and wear, the DLF must also use the exaggerated sharp words in order to achieve an effect (with less informed citizens) at all. Against the accusation that one would support terrorists by insisting (at least half-heartedly) on a military way out of a war contrary to international law, one can also defend the SPD.

The process is also a reminder that even in the shadow of the Virus, western wars and sanctions continue to do their worst work in the world.