The failure of political movement

The country is standing still, it seems. Most people are given strict conditions that prohibit much that otherwise belongs to everyday life. Political action also seems frozen. But appearances are deceptive. Even though much of what otherwise shapes the processes is actually resting – from football Saturday to culture and large parts of economic life-there are not only the much described, rightly praised, but often poorly paid, vital areas of work that are being maintained, but also some that are being strengthened right now. But this is more likely to happen in silence or as an adjunct to the hysterically charged debate about the Virus, in which attention is directed in other directions and political Protest is of course silenced. It is quite obvious that some of those who shape social events in these days and weeks by means of ordinances and decrees are taking advantage of the situation. Some of them make a business out of necessity and sell what they can – toilet paper, newspapers with fear headlines, respirators. The others are raising a strong state. Corona does not end social events, but changes the processes, the relations of forces, discourses and distribution of potentials. The speed with which governments acting is impressive. Existing laws and even some court orders that have already been passed declaring measures illegal are simply disregarded. In some countries, empowerment laws are openly discussed - with good chances of implementation. That would be worrying enough. However, it could have a bad effect that all opinion polls produce the same result: the majority of people love these politicians for taking an authoritarian stance. There is a frightening longing for leaders. Those who announce tough measures in governments or do not care about law and order, but go through with it, get a few points on the popularity scale or a few percent in the next election survey. Those in power will remember that. Corona is also a field trial of how to subdue a population while still applauding. In such a Situation, the Opposition and the social movement must be very attentive. But what happens: they too are largely subject to the general Trend of finding everything good that comes from above. “The Left faction will support all measures that promote solidarity, avert damage from our country, people and the economy”, the leader of the faction in the Bundestag issues a personal license for the government. Other groups, including non-parliamentary groups, praise governments for their extensive measures – and some openly want this authoritarian style for their subject. Politics from above has suddenly become socially acceptable again. Very few, rather small groups sound the Alarm or organise assistance to fill the large gaps created by the withdrawal of social services for the poor, the lonely and the excluded. Where does the Great Silence of the otherwise vociferous NGOs and movement agencies come from? Passivity is no coincidence, because neither formally nor in terms of content is the renunciation of activity justified. It follows the interests of Profit and organization. If, for example, the organizers of the pier write online Demo: “we can’t take to the streets together”, then they are mistaken. Corona sets special rules, but the withdrawal from the public would not be necessary. Forms of action with appropriate intervals between the participants or other conditions would be very conceivable. But if you looked more closely, you could already see outside of times of crisis that the large organizations with their expensive full-time apparatuses and attention-grabbing labels are hardly interested in concrete and creative Protest going on in the country. The current fixation on online Protest even suits you. Their main interest in campaigns has long been to collect Email addresses and dominate internet forums. This creates your capital: distributor for fundraising and membership advertising. It is shameful how brazenly people are kept in passivity and pure online activity-and the charitable and attention-grabbing NGOs try to profile themselves with it. But it is also depressing how few grassroots groups currently dare to continue working at all. That just nothing works is self-inflicted, the supposed impossibility Pure Imagination. Free yourself from self-made solidification, otherwise the most worrying consequence of the corona pandemic will be the learning effect among rulers that utoritarian politics works.