Corona virus drives the US Army away

In order to preserve the appearance and the face, a few US tanks on German weapons sites will probably shoot some practice grenades into the target slopes.

US Navy steams back to America

But the grandly announced and planned maneuver “Defender-Europe 2020”, which had already been ordered a “Freeze” (march stop) last week, has in fact definitely aborted. For those approximately 6,000 US soldiers who, as the vanguard of the planned Defender force of 37,000 men, had already advanced into standby rooms as far as Germany and Poland, the following applies immediately: “stop, secure, unload, move in and re-establish.“The Bundeswehr is now helping these US troops with their withdrawal and resupply of materials, just as it has been willingly supporting their march across Germany and to the Russian border in Poland since the beginning of February as a “Hostess” at a cost of millions.

Meanwhile, the main force of the US Army, which had wanted to “send” “deterrent signals” on Russia’s western border with heavy military equipment and 20,000 men strong in the direction of Moscow, is reversing its rightward course. Those US Navy transport ships that have not yet unloaded their cargo in EU ports must lay hard oars for course correction by 180° - and steam westward back across the North Atlantic. (“Get the boys home!") Scheduled troop transport flights from the USA to Germany are cancelled. Combat exercises in sharp shot with deterrent names such as” sword-stroke “or” fast counter-attack “and” dynamic Front " do not take place.

The Corona Virus promotes a little peace

According to the US Army leadership, the reason for this orderly but surprising withdrawal is their “reaction to the current outbreak of the Covid-19 Virus”. Because " health and safety “is a"primary concern” for her. This, however, only after some pressure from the European NATO partners, as was learned from German media.

This is what peace groups and the trade unions in Germany and the left Opposition in the Bundestag have been demanding for a long time without success: the USA stops the training March of one of its Panzer divisions in front of the Russian western border and withdraws its intervention force to its home bases. The corona Virus has stopped the most powerful war power in the world and put it to flight.