Hypocrites, profiteers and other philanthropists

Merkel & Co call on the citizens: wait, hide in your privacy! No Meetings! But the opposite is necessary: the corona pandemic should be an occasion for a diverse collective self-organization.

No Reserves

In fact, it is clear that allergies and epidemics are increasing, especially with the neoliberal meat and agribusiness industry, with other global production and supply chains, with the frequent change between traditionally solidified ecological spaces (Fauna, Flora, weather, animals, food, medicines) and the change to other ecological spaces, even on other continents. This has all been known for a long time.

Nevertheless, the new SARS Virus Cov-2/Covid-19 is hitting sick health systems in the West. They do not have the necessary reserves. The System is designed for profitable major diseases and operations with the shortest possible hospital stays. For recurring flu waves, for births – no reserves. For example, recurrent epidemics lack the easiest, even the cheapest: breathing masks, protective clothing and test Kits that cost only a few euros. There are quite intensive beds around in the hospitals with breathing aids and some extracorporeal breathing machines. But the staff, which must also be qualified and resilient, is too scarce.

Even the “Normal” operation is a health catastrophe

The investor Lobby is pushing ahead with the closure and privatisation of hospitals. The larger and larger companies such as Asklepios, Ameos, Rhön-Kliniken, Fresenius with FMC and Helios will be upgraded technologically and staffed.

There is a lot happening that technology and privatization friend Spahn knows well, but does not talk about publicly: test laboratories, retirement homes, rehabilitation clinics are also being prepared by Locust investors for private profits. For example, London-based private Equity Investor Bridgepoint has acquired 340 dialysis centers with 10,000 employees in 20 countries and merged them into the Luxembourg Holding company Diaverum S. A. R. l. For example, the Dutch Private Equity Investor Waterland has bought 120 rehabilitation clinics since 2011 and formed the largest private rehabilitation chain under the name Median. The McKinsey-inspired managers can bring in low-cost caregivers from Albania, Montenegro, Serbia and Ukraine. The usual exit is planned for the year 2020: IPO or resale to the next Investor.

Even in the" normal " hospitals, as many activities as possible are outsourced: cleaning, Catering, laboratory tests, bed transport, transport services, medication supply, laundry, etc.subcontractor chains take over with low-wage workers, get staff from the agency. This is not a guarantee for consistent Hygiene, on the contrary. The inequalities between rich and poor and between sick are further exacerbated.

Dead and injured by car traffic

The federal government with Chancellor and CSU transport ministers act as lobbyists in an industry that is not only fraudulent but also extremely harmful to health, the car companies and their hyper-individualised mobility system. It is also an important pillar of fossil energy.

Sick through work

Everyone knows it: hot, stressful, well-paid and pointless work make you sick. Construction workers and nurses suffer from skeletal diseases and still continue to work. Especially part-time women are ordered around, bullied and exploited, they have to work especially many undocumented and unpaid overtime. Millions of entrepreneurs do not pay the already too low minimum wage, with impunity. Works councils fought by union-Busting law firms on behalf of the managing directors collapse in weariness after the seventh chain termination. Burnout became a mass phenomenon.

The health insurance companies have been documenting for years, apparently unheard of: the number of mental illnesses is increasing. The number of employees who are sick and contagious at work has increased. The number of fatal accidents – at least during construction, they are still documented, at least when the dead were properly insured. Construction workers from the road are not insured, are not counted, are taken away somewhere.

When Olaf Scholz (SPD) and Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) were Labour ministers, they gave the government’s supervision of occupational diseases the last push. The commercial and veterinary views are thinned out as not available. With highly endowed experts, the professional associations paid by the entrepreneurs push the number of recognised occupational diseases below 10 percent of the applications.

Customs are understaffed. He has never stopped by the meat loaders with factory contract status from Romania and Bulgaria. For example, Germany has been expanded to become Europe’s central pig slaughter location, also with EU subsidies, also because of the cheap, exploited migrant labour that is supported by the EU. 16-hour shifts-not uncommon. After two or three years sick sent back to the poor, by EU and Western investors impoverished homeland.

The hypocrites are destroying the health systems of poor EU states

The Caring Health hypocrites of the European Commission also promote cheap migration in the health system. On the one hand, the EU is using subsidies to promote outsourcing, especially for car, logistics and pharmaceutical companies, while the EU member states are adding tax benefits. Therefore, the public health systems of the Eastern European, Baltic and ex-Yugoslav states remain extremely underfunded, or they are privatized, expensive, not accessible to the majority, but only to the higher earners in the vicinity of the domestic, EU-sponsored oligarchs and the management of foreign investors.

Minister Spahn is lying when he claims that the federal government does not specifically bring personnel from the health system of Kosovo. It is true that the remaining specialist staff of the hospitals there are so poorly paid and scarce, even more so than in the Federal Republic, that more and more follow the promises of the German advertisers. The German Ministry of Health is on site with an advertising agency.

In Poland, in Croatia – everywhere doctors and nurses are constantly on strike against their poor pay and the underfunding of the state health system. Their strikes are seeping through, unheard of by the EU, the European Commission, the German government and their loud speakers. Headhunters are looking for low-paid doctors in Poland, Croatia, Romania, Spain and Greece for the privatised hospital groups in wealthy EU states such as Germany.

The ruling health hypocrites in Germany and the EU not only make the health system in Germany sick, but also the catastrophic health systems of poor countries even sicker, in the EU and far beyond – Mexico, the Philippines, for example.

Preparedness in South Korea, Taiwan, China-and additional capacities

In contrast to the Western states, states in Southeast Asia have learned from the SARS and MERS epidemics of 2003 and 2015. The governments there have developed contingency plans and maintained capacities for Tests and fever measurements. Camps for breathing masks, test centers that can be visited by car have been set up. Disinfectants hang on buses and street lights.

In a short period of time, China has built new hospitals and built up additional testing and treatment capacities. After the epidemic has subsided, China can now help other countries. The state and the foundation of Alibaba founder Jack Ma sends experts, protective and test material, above all, to the hardest – hit Italy-a state and its health system that has been particularly damaged by the EU under German leadership.

Hidden recession: now the rout experts are reaching out

When citizens and municipalities have repeatedly demanded that the debt brake must be suspended so that the infrastructure necessary for the majority population can be repaired, renewed and expanded – hospitals, schools, sewers and drinking water procurement, pipeline systems, local transport – Merkel, Schäuble, Scholz and the business lobby immediately slowed down.

But now, the debt brake is suddenly gone. Because the entrepreneurs are begging for rescue, the federal government immediately spreads a gigantic protective shield over their darlings: short-time work allowance, interest – free tax deferrals, reduction of tax prepayments, guarantees, loans, emergency funds-all without limit upwards.

But: job cuts have been underway for two years, especially in the car industry. Due to the switch to electric cars, tens of thousands of jobs at suppliers have been quietly cut, and even more are being relocated to Eastern Europe or relocated to China in the case of demanding new developments. Now with"Corona" justification, VW, Ford in Cologne and Daimler immediately publicly announce the closure of their plants in Germany and the EU.

Orders and tens of thousands of jobs have been lost as a result of US sanctions against Russia (suppliers in Ukraine) and Iran.

Since the" unbundling of Deutschland AG " with the federal government Schröder, the sale since the year 2000 of about 10,000 medium-sized companies and their profitable exploitation, the job cuts by BlackRock & Co in mergers such as Bayer and Monsanto: there, jobs have been and are being cut or outsourced to the impoverished states of the EU.

“Corona” serves as a welcome justification for whining and experienced carry-on effects.

Pay back Rescue money?

The companies - and three million small and medium – sized enterprises are now expected to benefit-submit their aid applications via state governments and banks to the state bank KfW. But there is not enough staff to quickly and “unbureaucratically” examine the many applications for their factual justification. There is allocated with the watering can and using the best relations – membership in the CDU economic Council, and in the CDU SME Association are sure to be useful, as then, money is a blessing of the Treuhand-Anstalt.

And what about after the crisis? Then we continue to complain routinely? But also hard reality: if the insolvency for Café and restaurant tenants does not occur in the next few weeks, sometime after the crisis it will probably be final for many. But above all for the larger companies: crisis losses – they are quickly on paper, even a little exaggerated. And who checks that? Even in the Handelsblatt business propaganda leaflet, one already knows: “the announced liquidity aid has a Problem: entrepreneurs could later find it difficult to repay the loans.”

This kind of borderline and quasi unconditional help demonstrates the state’s already mismanaged weakness in terms of design.

After Merkel’s and Steinbrück’s promises during the speculative collapse of the systemically important banks that “the savers are safe”, the bill came later: the savings assets remained, of course, uncollected. But: the savers in their other capacity as taxpayers were much more damaged.

At that time, however, only a dozen “systemically important” banks had to be rescued. The present promise to an incomparably larger number of the now somehow" systemically relevant " enterprises would mean the further assumption of the design power by the private investors: submit application, state indebtedness unlimited, collect.

“Corona” crisis on the stock exchanges?

The ECB – following the example of the US central bank Fed and the IMF-wants to strengthen crisis borrowing through the even wider purchase of government and corporate bonds. In reality, this means that BlackRock & Co will be granted even more interest-free loans. Then their large housing groups can buy even more apartments, whose rents are then increased, for example. Or the interest-free ECB loans will be used, as now planned, for the merger of No. 4 and 6 of the housing groups Ado Properties, Adler Real Estate and the purchase of the project developer Consus.

Due to production and order declines of individual companies, especially excited small shareholders sell their few shares. Wonderful! say the big shareholders like BlackRock, Vanguard and the hedge funds like Elliott and EQT: we are stepping up this crash! In the case of securities and shares, strengthening through the rapid back - and-forth selling of treasury shares, and reinforced by loan shares, is the preferred business area of the major capital organizers. Today, stock prices are also driven down and profits are made on the stock exchanges.

The logo"Corona" crisis is quickly plastered on it. With the help of loan shares and targeted purchases and sales, especially the big insiders such as BlackRock and Vanguard, as simultaneous multiple owners of banks and companies with their automated, robotized data processing capacities-larger than those of any state financial supervisory authority such as BaFin in Germany – can influence the price development, whether downwards or upwards, regardless. Every small difference in high-frequency trading is exploited. And with ECB loans, this can be done on a larger scale. BlackRock advises the European Commission and the ECB-how practical, right?

“Corona has captured the economy”: stock market news in the ARD – a complicit instrument of stupidity.

Alternatives, and collective self-organization

The authoritarian measures in favour of private companies are nothing new in principle, but the escalation of the practices that have already been in progress. It is not by chance that the most corrupt of the ruling parties, the CSU, now turns out to be the rising crisis manager with the most brutal measures, with Bavarian Prime Minister Söder.

The “Corona” case of systemic illness should be the reason why the already long-accumulated concern, dissatisfaction and damage in the majority of the population is now taken as the reason: we are now organizing our alternatives on a new level. Collective self-organisation of employees of all levels is the Motto. Admittedly, we are damned on the Defensive for now.

Cracks in the beams

But the neoliberal Dogma shows more clearly than before its cracks, its fragility, even at the very top. French President Macron, the ex-Banker who has modernised and further radicalised neoliberalism, now blared before the local elections: “we must not leave our health system to the market!”

“It is even more important, “it flutes in Germany,” to take direct action against the plague, as China did. There must be no lack of money. The capacity of the intensive care units of the hospitals must be dramatically expanded. New makeshift hospitals must be stamped out of the ground. Ventilators,protective suits and masks must be produced immediately under great use”, Prof. Sinn may now suddenly spread in the Handelsblatt. Sinn sensibly demands against the testless banishment of the population into its privacy: “large-scale virus tests must be introduced, which capture essential parts of the population and identify as many of the infected as possible. Every single identification can save many lives.”

But you don’t have to believe that such insights lead to real consequences for such people. None of this has reached the federal government’s crisis management.

Collective Measures, Demands, Concepts

“Corona”, if it runs according to this Pattern, Makes The Dependent and weak even more dependent and weaker. That is why completely new help is needed.

For example, a lot of things already happen spontaneously:

Neighborhood Assistance, care of children, shopping.

Small Business, Self-Employed, Self-Employed

Small self-employed, semi-self-employed, part-time employees work together and also demand help from the state.

Hospital reserves only with the Bundeswehr?

By the way, the question arises: Why can only the Bundeswehr keep so many free bed capacities in its hospitals? Not to mention the huge US military hospital in Rhineland-Palatinate?

Precarious and temporary Employees

They hit it particularly hard, they do not benefit at all or only briefly from the short-time work allowance.

Support for those who need or can continue to work

Support and solidarity applies to those who now have to or are allowed to continue working, in part, as in hospitals, with even more Stress and time.

Longer-term Alternatives in the economy

The crisis of employment relations and companies also covered by “Corona” must also be an occasion for the development of long-term alternatives:

Health is a human right!

Housing is a human right! See the UN Declaration of universal human rights. This had to be introduced to the rulers now because of the housing emergency also caused by them and their clientele.

And also: health is a human right! Therefore: if one wants to fight the susceptibility against “Corona” and other threats, the whole health system must be democratized. Health and health insurance are also human rights.

Articles 14 and 15 of the Basic Law: the obligation of private property to the Common Good had to be first recalled in the case of a housing emergency for the now catastrophically ruling.

This is as current as ever. This was concluded after the last war as a consequence. As our chancellor, rising from the ashes of neoliberalisation one last time, said in her Corona address on 18 March 2020: the Situation is as serious as it was after the war! I don’t think she understood anything, but it doesn’t matter to her either.