Arte serves Western enemy image

The Corona Virus covers all other topics at the moment, which is partly understandable. On the one hand, it is important to resist this media dynamic – after all, the Virus is also allegedly used to cloud uncomfortable tendencies in other areas, which should not be allowed. On the other hand, setting a topic apart from Corona is currently not easy and it requires a conscious decision: namely, not to focus on the tension between medical prevention and limited freedom rights that moves people above all. The TV channel Arte has made this decision – it has decided that yesterday, Tuesday, it was more important to provide its viewers with the concentrated load of anti-Russian “reporting”.

Putin’s" Propaganda 3.0." and the" democratic Revolution" in Syria

The Franco-German TV channel accordingly presented a theme evening on Tuesday on Russian President Vladimir Putin. For this hour – long exercise in distorting opinion-making, various documentaries were broadcast-on the Situation in Syrian Idlib, on the relationship between US President Donald Trump and Putin, on Putin’s beginnings as a formative politician and on the “Propaganda 3.0” that Russia would unfold towards the West.

The consideration should begin with the Arte report on Syria, which can only be described as scandalous. The embattled Idlib is transfigured as the" last Bastion of resistance". According to the report, the war (like a force of nature) just “broke out” – naturally after a “democratic Revolution”. And also" nine years after the beginning of the Revolution in Syria “Idlib is the last heavily contested region” of the rebels.“These “rebels” are the good ones, the bad ones are “the Regime”, Russia and Iran. “Places of public life” regularly target “the Regime”":

Anyone who can flee flees from the bombs of the regime, which is supported by Russia and Iran.

The interviewed “civilians” support this clear (but false) view of the war against Syria: “we will hold out until the fall of the regime,” one hears here. And” with the help of God", “the Revolution” will prevail. As a counterpoint, the report does not say a word about the background of the jihadists fighting in Idlib, their Western supporters and the war guilt of these Islamist fighters: if these “oppositionists” and the “rebels” in their “last Bastion” would finally lay down their arms and end their Western – fueled Islamist, yet somehow “Democratic Revolution” - then this war would be over.

Documentary indirectly calls for renewed invasion of Syria

But an end to the war is not the goal of the documentary-on the contrary, in a revelation of total irresponsibility, the filmmakers indirectly call for (further) Intervention in Syria:

500,000 deaths, millions of refugees, the use of outlawed weapons by the Regime with the support of the Russians and the Iranians – all no reason for an international Intervention.

The presentation of the documentary is once again radically shortened – thus the defending forces of the Syrian army, which liberate their own territory from militant occupiers, are reassigned to aggressors. This misrepresentation is flanked by images of misery and suffering: as in the current and dubious Cinema"Documentary" on Syria, “Sama”, however, this undeniable suffering is taken away by consistently concealing it: this lies in the regime Change attempt of the West and its allies and the rearmament of Islamists practised for it. The attempts of many media outlets to maintain their own story of the “popular uprising” in Syria, as well as the media’s ignorance of the total exposure of this campaign, have been described in this article recently by the reflection pages.

“Oppositionists are shot in Russia”

In connection with the machinations of opinion discussed here, the Scandalization of Russian Propaganda by Arte must of course appear hypocritical – because the Arte theme evening fulfills exactly the facts he accuses the Russian side of. But that does not stop the broadcaster from broadcasting the documentary “Propaganda 3.0. - Putin and the West”. According to this, “the Kremlin” is trying to divide “Europe and the USA” with a media war":

The Kremlin’s main weapons are two international state media: RT (Russia Today) and the Sputnik News portal.

After all, Margarita Simonyan, the editor – in-chief of the Russian news agency “Rossiya Sevodnya”, also has her say in the article-sometimes she opposes it with clever answers, but she does not always make a perfect figure. The bizarre mismatch between the fiery commitment to oppressed Russian journalists and the cold ignorance of the fate of Julian Assange, for example, has been examined and questioned several times. The accusation that RT seeks contact with right-wing populists in Europe may not be concretely correct, but little concretely is also a lie. Lies such as:

Oppositionists are shot in Russia


Journalists simply disappear

Of course, there is no evidence for the claims, nor is there any. In Malta also a journalist was shot, in Ukraine The Daily Business of imbecile nationalists and how many journalists disappear daily from the picture surface that nobody cares about, unless it fits into the world view of enemy building!

“Who is behind RT?”

The film also asks with a murmur: “who is behind RT?“As if this Information was in some way clouded. Furthermore, the well-known, but nevertheless not adequately documented accusations against Russia sound: interference in election campaigns in the USA and France, Russian online provocateurs and of course the legendary “troll factory”. By the way, in this Text Russian Propaganda is not to be denied – of course, as everywhere in the world, it is also practiced there. Compared to the monumental Western Propaganda structures, however, the Russian counterparts appear to be considerably more harmless-especially since the Western audience is exposed above all to Western Propaganda. In the article “the Propaganda of others: the Russian foreign broadcasters and the ‘media-NATO’”, for example, the reflection pages have written about this aspect:

According to official Russian data, RT’s annual budget in 2016 was around 300 million US dollars, which is below that of “Deutsche Welle” (DW). It should also be noted that in the case of doubt or “alliance"DW enters into an ideological symbiosis with other western state media such as the British BBC (Budget: 524 million euros), the French RFI (Budget: 380 million euros) and US channels such as Voice of America, Radio Liberty or radio Swoboda (for Eastern Europe).

Together with DW, this “media NATO” equates well over a billion euros for foreign propaganda that is largely in harmony with the good wars of the West and the inexcusable “annexation” of Crimea. These state organs are flanked by countless private media blowing the same Horn as well as (semi-)private or (semi-)state news agencies such as Reuters, dpa, AP and AFP. "

“Probably Putin may have been involved in Terror”

For reasons of capacity, we were not able to view all the contributions of the Arte theme evening in full. The Portal " t-Online “brought to the theme evening for example a much-quoted dpa contribution under the title"Putin for eternity”. Arte writes that the Film “Putin’s witnesses “offers” intimate insights “into the events surrounding Putin’s"assumption of power”. And the " Tagesspiegel “even accuses the Russian president under the heading” facets of an autocrat " of having supported terrorist mass murder for this seizure of power. After Boris Yeltsin’s resignation, Putin was still largely unknown, but:

This changes when 367 people die in a series of explosive attacks on residential buildings in which, as is now suspected, Putin may have been involved. At that time, the popularity of the apparatchiks rose abruptly.

The editor-in-chief of the Russian news agency “Rossiya Sevodnya”, Margarita Simonyan, rejects the notion of an “information war”. In the documentary, however, she asks – and this question could also be addressed to the editor of the “Tagesspiegel” quoted here:

But if we are in an information war – which side are you fighting on?